Houdini 19.5 Compositing

Position, resize, rotate, and crop image layers

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Move, resize, or rotate an image

  • Use the Transform operator to move, rotate, or scale an image without changing the canvas size. (If you scale the image outside the current canvas size, it will be cropped. If you scale it down, the canvas will have empty pixels around the resized image.)

  • Use the Scale operator to resize an image and change the canvas size.

Crop an image

Crop an image to a shape

Increase the size of the image canvas

  • Use the Border operator to add empty pixels around the edges of an image. The border can also write a border over existing pixels inside an image.

Do simple perspective and shearing

  • Use the Pin operator to stretch an image into an arbitrary quadrilateral shape.

    The Unpin operator performs the opposite function: it extracts an arbitrary quadrilateral shape from an image and stretches it into a regular rectangular shape.

Distort the image

See how to work with mattes for additional ways to resize mattes .




Camera effects


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