Add multiple shapes and layers to an agent with the new 2.0 version of the Agent Layer SOP node.

Import crowds directly into Solaris with the new SOP Crowd Import LOP node.

Agent definition support for custom metadata and dictionary editing with the new Agent Metadata SOP and Attribute Adjust Dictionary SOP nodes.

  • See motion blur only on the moving areas of your LOP agent model (for example, not on a planted foot) instead of blurring the whole geometry uniformly with the new UsdSkel deformation blur for agents in Hydra/Karma. To enable deformation blur, set the Geometry Time Samples Karma parameter to a value greater than 1. If you want a more exaggerated deformation blur effect, increase the Shutter Open and Shutter Close parameter values on your LOP camera.

    Deformation motion blur enabled / Deformation motion blur disabled

Create random combinations of layers to produce geometry variations with the new Crowd Assign Layers SOP node. Agent primitives can now be assigned multiple current layers and collision layers.

Improved Agent Vellum Unpack SOP node and associated workflow, which supports using a separate agent layer to assign the Vellum shapes.

  • View crowd agent blend shape deformations in the viewport without having to unpack or render your agents with the new Optimize > Crowd Agents > Enable Blend Shapes option in the 3D viewer Display Options window.

What’s new in Houdini 19