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Unreal plug-in

  • Compatible with Unreal Engine 5.0.

  • You can now import Skeletal Meshes/Skeletal Mesh components using Geometry/World inputs.

  • (Beta) New reference counted input system that allows you to reproduce the exact Unreal Engine hierarchy in the content browser and World/Level of the Assets and Actors.

  • (Beta) Node Sync feature that makes it simpler to exchange data between Houdini and Unreal Engine when using Session sync without using HDAs.

  • Added support for UE5-specific Geometry Collections attributes.

  • Added compatibility option for older HDAs that relied on the curve 1.0 node.

  • Control Nanite settings via attributes when creating a mesh.

  • Added support for Unreal Engine 4.26, 4.27, and 5.0 on macOS.

Unity plug-in

  • Basic visual scripting nodes: InstantiateHDA and ModifyHDA, which allows you to instantiate and modify HDAs from Unity VisualScripting.

  • Added support for the “Unity_material” attribute when using point cloud instancers.

  • You can now split instancers using attribute values.

  • You can now use collider inputs on a box, sphere, capsule, and mesh colliders. (and their isTrigger/convex equivalent).


  • Improvements to the HAPI PDG API.

  • Cook option to control whether HAPI cooks display or output nodes by default.

  • New options to configure HAPI logging that includes an option to output logs to a file.

Maya plug-in

3Ds Max plug-in

  • New public compilation instructions and CMake file.

  • Improve methods to locate the Houdini installation. This includes an option to override the HFS location.

What’s new in Houdini 19.5