• Added support for automatically sending peak usage information to SideFX when when using peak usage logging.

  • Added support for starting/stopping local sesinetds and hservers directly from hkey.

  • Introduced a new file format for installing/disabling licenses offline through hkey/sesictrl. This file format replaces the manual install feature.

  • Introduced a panel for information about the running hserver in hkey.

  • Numerous other internal changes to allow for better user experience, performance, and lay the ground work for future features.

Supported Versions

Some clients require a certain minimum server version, and some servers only support a certain minimum client version. The following chart shows what client version can talk to what server version. HTTP is the protocol introduced in 18.0 and is the default protocol for h19.0. The non-http protocol is the original protocol used by licensing and has been deprecated since 18.5.


It is strongly recommended to upgrade both hserver and sesinetd to a minimum version of 19.0.


Min version (http)

Min version (non http)

hserver (client)

sesinetd 18.5

sesinetd 18.0.287


hserver (server) 18.5

hserver (server) 18.0.287

Houdini License Administrator (hkey)

hserver/sesinetd 18.5

hserver/sesinetd 18.0.287


hserver/sesinetd 18.0.287 (18.5 recommended)

hserver/sesinetd 18.0.287

What’s new in Houdini 19.5