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New and improved nodes

  • Significant improvements to the TopoTransfer node.

    • The geometry is now colored in the view state to guide landmarking.

    • Added support for coincident landmark points.

    • No longer require each mesh component to have 8 or more vertices.

    • Snapping and pre-selection highlighting.

    • Can preserve display of shading attributes on the input geometry.

    • Support for externally-defined landmarks created by the new Topo Landmark node.

    • Improved stylus-based interaction.

  • New Topo Landmark node supports specifying landmarks for the TopoTransfer node:

    • Allows for operations on point data in geometry networks either before or after landmark pairing. For example, mirroring points, merging points, and projection/subdivision (reuse of landmark data with LOD).

    • Supports geometry abstractions. For example, use “sub-mesh” such as occluded components in landmarking, reverse landmarking from target to source.

    • Re-use of point data. For example, using source points for multiple transfers, matching source and target point data, reuse of points in applications where you want coincident landmarks.

  • Significant improvements to the Curve node.

    • You can now add orientation attributes to the points on the curve.

    • You can now drag existing points while in “draw” mode.

    • New keyboard shortcuts to move selection.

    • Improved interaction with order 2 Bézier curves.

    • You can now require curvature continuity on Bézier curve points.

    • Rounded corners automatically expand or collapse as necessary.

    • Adjustments of multiple selected rounded corners are now relative.

    • The radial menu now includes commands for rounded corners.

  • The Convert Line can now create a free-standing curve copy from a set of selected edges. You can use the new Curve from Edges shelf tool to access this feature.

  • New Spiral node creates 2D spirals and 3D helices.

  • New “heat geodesic” distance metric in Distance Along Geometry/Mask Along Geometry computes the spread of attribute values across a surface using a physical heat distribution model.

  • Attribute Transfer node is now faster.

  • Point Deform node now supports a deformation mask.

  • Delete node now supports deleting at random.

  • Group node now supports creating random groups.

Import and export

  • In the glTF render node you can now force include or exclude objects for export, ignoring their display flags, with the new Force Objects and Exclude Objects parameters.

  • Updated Alembic support to version 1.8.3.

  • LIDAR Import node added support for LAS 1.4 and LAZ files.

What’s new in Houdini 19.5