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GU_PolyBridge.h File Reference
#include "GU_API.h"
#include <UT/UT_Array.h>
#include <UT/UT_Ramp.h>
#include <GA/GA_Types.h>
#include <GA/GA_Edge.h>
#include <GA/GA_ElementGroup.h>
#include <GA/GA_Handle.h>
#include <GA/GA_ElementWrangler.h>
#include <GEO/GEO_Face.h>
#include <GEO/GEO_PolyCounts.h>
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class  GU_Spine
class  GU_PolyBridge


GU_API void GUbatchBuildBridges (GU_Detail *gdp, GU_PolyBridge **bridges, int num_bridges, const GA_Offset *src_rep_vtxs=nullptr, const GA_Offset *dst_rep_vtxs=nullptr, GA_PrimitiveGroup *mesh_prims=nullptr, GA_OffsetArray *user_link_grp=nullptr, GA_OffsetArray *auto_link_grp=nullptr, GA_OffsetArray *boundary_link_grp=nullptr, GA_OffsetArray *src_chain_grp=nullptr, GA_OffsetArray *dst_chain_grp=nullptr, int num_twists=0, bool wrangle_pt_attribs=true, bool wrangle_prim_attribs=true, bool wrangle_vtx_attribs=true, GU_PolyBridge::TextureMode uv_style=GU_PolyBridge::INTERPOLATE, GU_PolyBridge::TextureScaling uv_scaling=GU_PolyBridge::FIT_UNIT_SQUARE)
GU_API UT_Vector3 guRMFSlideFrame (UT_Vector3 x0, UT_Vector3 t0, UT_Vector3 n0, UT_Vector3 x1, UT_Vector3 t1)

Function Documentation

GU_API void GUbatchBuildBridges ( GU_Detail gdp,
GU_PolyBridge **  bridges,
int  num_bridges,
const GA_Offset src_rep_vtxs = nullptr,
const GA_Offset dst_rep_vtxs = nullptr,
GA_PrimitiveGroup mesh_prims = nullptr,
GA_OffsetArray user_link_grp = nullptr,
GA_OffsetArray auto_link_grp = nullptr,
GA_OffsetArray boundary_link_grp = nullptr,
GA_OffsetArray src_chain_grp = nullptr,
GA_OffsetArray dst_chain_grp = nullptr,
int  num_twists = 0,
bool  wrangle_pt_attribs = true,
bool  wrangle_prim_attribs = true,
bool  wrangle_vtx_attribs = true,
GU_PolyBridge::TextureMode  uv_style = GU_PolyBridge::INTERPOLATE,
GU_PolyBridge::TextureScaling  uv_scaling = GU_PolyBridge::FIT_UNIT_SQUARE 
GU_API UT_Vector3 guRMFSlideFrame ( UT_Vector3  x0,
UT_Vector3  t0,
UT_Vector3  n0,
UT_Vector3  x1,
UT_Vector3  t1 

This is a very useful tool to find the Minimum Rotation Frame for a movement from x0 to x1 along a curve with tangent and normal t0 and n0 at x0 and tangent t1 and x1. It is based on the double-reflection method of Wang, Juttler, Zheng, and Liu described in a paper titled "Computation of Rotation Minimizing Frames", from ACM Transactions on Graphics 2008.