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RE_Utils.h File Reference
#include "RE_API.h"
#include "RE_Types.h"
#include <UT/UT_Array.h>
#include <UT/UT_Rect.h>
#include <UT/UT_VectorTypes.h>
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typedef void(* RE_TextureHDAResolverCB )(const char *optable_optype, const char *pattern, UT_StringArray &files)


RE_API bool RE_Utils::isUDIMTexture (const UT_StringHolder &map_name)
RE_API bool RE_Utils::determineUDIMBounds (const UT_StringHolder &filepath, UT_DimRect &udim_area, int &max_tile, UT_Array< std::pair< UT_StringHolder, UT_Vector2i >> &tiles, int tile_stride, RE_TextureHDAResolverCB hda_resolver)
RE_API bool RE_Utils::createRampFromParm (const UT_StringHolder &parm_path, const UT_StringHolder &rel_path, UT_Vector4FArray &ramp_data, int &op_id, int &op_version, bool &is_rgb)
RE_API bool RE_Utils::createSphereMap (const PXL_Raster *polar_image, int cube_size, void *output_pixels, RE_GPUType dest_type)
RE_API void RE_Utils::scalePolarFromRaster (PXL_Raster *dest, const PXL_Raster *src, bool wrap_y)
RE_API bool RE_Utils::loadCubeMap (IMG_File *fp, int w, int h, RE_GPUType type, int vsize, void *output_pixels)
RE_API UT_Matrix4D RE_Utils::getPerspectiveProjection (fpreal l, fpreal r, fpreal b, fpreal t, fpreal n, fpreal f)
RE_API UT_Matrix4D RE_Utils::getOrthoProjection (fpreal l, fpreal r, fpreal b, fpreal t, fpreal n, fpreal f)
RE_API UT_Matrix4D RE_Utils::getLookatTransform (const UT_Vector3D &eye, const UT_Vector3D &target, const UT_Vector3D &up)

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* RE_TextureHDAResolverCB)(const char *optable_optype, const char *pattern, UT_StringArray &files)

Definition at line 25 of file RE_Utils.h.