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BM_SimpleState Class Referenceabstract

#include <BM_SimpleState.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for BM_SimpleState:

Public Types

enum  BM_EntryType { BM_FULLTIME_ENTRY = 0x01, BM_OVERLAY_ENTRY = 0x02 }

Public Member Functions

 BM_SimpleState (BM_SceneManager &app, const char *cursor, const char *name=0, const char *const *vnames=0, UI_EventMethod const *vmethods=0)
 ~BM_SimpleState () override
virtual const char * getIconName () const
virtual const char * getLabel () const
virtual const char * getDescription () const
virtual const char * getHotkeyString () const
virtual UI_Menu * getStateMenu (int ortho=0)
virtual UI_Menu * getSelectorMenu ()
virtual UI_Menu * getExtraStateMenu ()
virtual void onBeginRMBMenu (UI_Event *)
virtual bool canShowStateMenu () const
virtual int enter (BM_EntryType how=BM_SimpleState::BM_OVERLAY_ENTRY)=0
virtual void exit ()=0
virtual void interrupt (BM_SimpleState *=0)
virtual void resume (BM_SimpleState *=0)
virtual int handleMouseEvent (UI_Event *event)=0
virtual int handleKeyEvent (int key, UI_Event *event) final
virtual int handleParameterEvent (UI_Event *event)
virtual void render (RE_Render *r, int x, int y)
virtual void overlayRender (RE_Render *r, int x, int y)
virtual int getToolboxCount () const
virtual UI_Feel * getToolbox (int index) const
virtual bool isOverlay () const
virtual int getVolatileToolboxCount () const
virtual UI_Feel * getVolatileToolbox (int index) const
const char * className () const override
virtual int isHandle () const =0
void setVolatileViewport (BM_Viewport *view)
BM_Viewport * getVolatileViewport () const
virtual int isModifier () const
BM_SceneManager & sceneManager ()
const BM_SceneManager & sceneManager () const
void setSavedState (BM_SimpleState *state)
BM_SimpleStategetSavedState ()
const BM_SimpleStategetSavedState () const
virtual const char * replaceCursor (const char *newcursor)
const char * getCurrentCursor () const
unsigned int getViewportMask () const
const UT_UndoWorkerFinder
< BM_SimpleState > & 
undoWorkerFinder () const
void beginDistributedUndoBlock (const char *operation, UT_UndoBlockType blocktype, bool ignore_log=false)
void endDistributedUndoBlock (bool ignore_log=false)
bool inDistributedUndoBlock ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AP_Interface
 AP_Interface ()
 AP_Interface (const char *myname, const char *const *names, UI_EventMethod const *methods)
 ~AP_Interface () override
const char * className () const override
const UT_StringgetName () const
 Return the name passed in the constructor. More...
void wireInterface (UI_Manager *uims)
void unwireInterface (UI_Manager *uims)
bool readUIFile (const char *ui_filename, bool quiet=false)
bool readPreferenceFile (const char *pref_filename, bool quiet=false)
void setValueSymbol (const char *symbol, UI_Value *value, bool warn=true)
UI_ValuefindValueSymbol (const char *symbol) const
 Find the UI_Value for the given named value symbol. More...
UI_ValuegetValueSymbol (const char *symbol, int create=1)
int getValueSymbols (UT_StringArray &symbols, UT_Array< UI_Value * > &values) const
void setObjectSymbol (const char *symbol, UI_Object *who, int warn=1)
UI_ObjectgetObjectSymbol (const char *symbol) const
UI_Feel * getFeelSymbol (const char *symbol) const
UI_Feel * findValueFeel (UI_Value *value) const
int getFeelSymbols (UT_StringArray &symbols, UT_Array< UI_Feel * > &feels) const
void setKeyDelegateSymbol (const char *symbol, UI_KeyDelegateSPtr delegate, bool warn=true)
bool hasKeyDelegateSymbol (const char *symbol) const
 Returns whether the current key delegate symbol is defined. More...
UI_KeyDelegateSPtr findKeyDelegateSymbol (const char *symbol) const
 Find the UI_KeyDelegate for the given named key delegate symbol. More...
UI_KeyDelegateSPtr getKeyDelegateSymbol (const char *symbol, int create=1)
void removeObjectSymbol (const char *symbol)
 Delete the entry for the given object symbol name. More...
void removeValueSymbol (const char *symbol)
 Delete the entry for the given value symbol name. More...
template<typename T >
TfindObject (const char *name) const
template<typename T >
TfindValue (const char *name) const
virtual void outputUsage (int argc, const char **argv) const
void resetApplication ()
void handleEvent (UI_Event *event) override
virtual int saveAppData (const char *filename)
virtual int loadAppState ()
virtual int saveAppState ()
virtual void saveOnCoreDump ()
virtual bool getCoreDumpFileName (UT_WorkBuffer &name)
bool loadUIInitPrefs ()
void saveUIInitPrefs (const char *layout_level, fpreal uiscale, int playbarui)
bool restoreUIInitPrefs ()
bool getFunctionKeyScript (int key, UI_Event *event, UT_String &script)
void setKeyBindingProxySrc (const char *symbol, UI_Feel *src, bool warn=true)
void addKeyBindingProxyRef (const char *symbol, UI_Feel *ref, bool warn=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UI_Object
 UI_Object ()
virtual ~UI_Object ()
 UI_Object (const UI_Object &)=delete
UI_Objectoperator= (const UI_Object &)=delete
virtual int interestingEvent (UI_EventType t, UI_DeviceEvent *event) const
virtual void deleteReferences (UI_Object *to_whom)
UI_ObjectgetParent () const
void setParent (UI_Object *p)
bool isAncestor (const UI_Object *who) const
void addDependent (UI_Object *who)
bool removeDependent (UI_Object *who)
bool replaceDependent (UI_Object *who, UI_Object *with)
bool isDependent (UI_Object *who) const
bool hasDependents () const
const UI_ObjectListdependents () const
void sendEvent (const UI_Event &e) const
void distributeEvent (UI_Event *event, int upwards)
void relayEvent (UI_Event *event, UI_Object *target)
void generateEvent (UI_EventType t, UI_Object *target)
void purgeEvents (UI_EventType t, UI_Object *target, UI_EventMethod method=0)
void triggerImmediateEvent (UI_Event *event, int upwards)
int getProxyId ()
void bumpQueueCount (int dir)
void setName (const char *symbolName)
const char * getName () const
void buildFullPath (UT_WorkBuffer &string) const
void debugQueueEventsFor (const UI_Value *value, const char *name, UI_EventType t=UI_EVENT_NO_EVENT) const
const UI_ValueListvalueInterests () const
void interestedInValue (UI_Value *)
void removeValueInterest (UI_Value *)
void addKeyDelegateClientship (UI_KeyDelegate *)
void removeKeyDelegateClientship (UI_KeyDelegate *)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void handlePopupMenuEvent (UI_Event *event)
virtual int handleKeyTypeEvent (int key, UI_Event *event, BM_Viewport &viewport)
void pushCursor ()
void popCursor ()
void setCursor ()
void setCursor (const char *cursorname)
void setDefaultCursor (const char *cursorname)
void initializeUI ()
void initApplication (UI_Manager *, int, const char **) override
virtual void getUIFileName (UT_String &full_path_and_name) const
void mouseDown (UI_Event *event)
int mouseDown () const
void setViewportMask (unsigned mask)
int getClickInterest ()
void addClickInterest (int buttons)
void removeClickInterest (int buttons)
void redrawScene ()
void closeOpenUndoBlock ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AP_Interface
UI_NamedValueMapgetValueTable () const
UI_NamedObjectMapgetObjectTable () const
void processKeyBindingProxyRequests ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UI_Object
UI_ObjectListdependents ()
virtual void preTerminateCallback ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AP_Interface
static FILE * createPreferenceFile (const char *filename)
static int mapStrToInt (const char *label, const std::pair< const char *, int > *map)
static const char * mapIntToStr (int index, const std::pair< const char *, int > *map)
static void setAppExitCode (int exit_code)
static int getAppExitCode ()
static bool isAppExiting ()
 Returns true if the application is exiting. More...
static const char * getStartupDesktop ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UI_Object
static UI_ManagergetManager ()
static UI_Queue * getInputQueue ()
static int keycmp (const char *, int key)
static int keycmp (const char *, int key, const UI_HotkeyEcho &)
static void keyEcho (const char *, const UI_HotkeyEcho &)
static void actionKeyEcho (const char *, const char *custom_suffix=0)
static void toggleKeyEcho (const char *, bool new_value)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from AP_Interface
static const std::pair< const
char *, int
theFileChooserStyleMap []
 Menu items and their mapping for file chooser style preference. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from AP_Interface
static void setTheMainApplication (AP_Interface *app)
static AP_InterfacegetMainApplication ()
static void clearTheMainApplication ()
static void loadWindowGeometry (UI_Window *window, bool default_maximized, bool use_pref)
static bool getWindowGeometry (int &width, int &height, int &left, int &bottom, bool &maximized, bool use_pref)
static bool getSaveWindowGeoPref ()
static void saveWindowGeoPref ()
static bool loadWindowGeoPref (int &w, int &h, int &left, int &bottom, bool &maximized)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AP_Interface
UT_String myName
const char *constmyValueNames
UI_EventMethod constmyMethods

Detailed Description

SOP/MSS_CustomBrushState.C, and SOP/MSS_CustomBrushState.h.

Definition at line 37 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 40 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BM_SimpleState::BM_SimpleState ( BM_SceneManager &  app,
const char *  cursor,
const char *  name = 0,
const char *const vnames = 0,
UI_EventMethod const vmethods = 0 
BM_SimpleState::~BM_SimpleState ( )

Member Function Documentation

void BM_SimpleState::addClickInterest ( int  buttons)
void BM_SimpleState::beginDistributedUndoBlock ( const char *  operation,
UT_UndoBlockType  blocktype,
bool  ignore_log = false 
virtual bool BM_SimpleState::canShowStateMenu ( ) const

Definition at line 77 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

const char* BM_SimpleState::className ( ) const
void BM_SimpleState::closeOpenUndoBlock ( )
void BM_SimpleState::endDistributedUndoBlock ( bool  ignore_log = false)
virtual void BM_SimpleState::exit ( )
pure virtual
int BM_SimpleState::getClickInterest ( )
const char* BM_SimpleState::getCurrentCursor ( ) const

Definition at line 160 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

virtual const char* BM_SimpleState::getDescription ( ) const

Reimplemented in BM_State.

virtual UI_Menu* BM_SimpleState::getExtraStateMenu ( )

Reimplemented in MSS_SingleOpState.

virtual const char* BM_SimpleState::getHotkeyString ( ) const

Reimplemented in BM_State.

virtual const char* BM_SimpleState::getIconName ( ) const

Reimplemented in BM_State.

virtual const char* BM_SimpleState::getLabel ( ) const

Reimplemented in BM_State.

BM_SimpleState* BM_SimpleState::getSavedState ( )

Definition at line 153 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

const BM_SimpleState* BM_SimpleState::getSavedState ( ) const

Definition at line 155 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

virtual UI_Menu* BM_SimpleState::getSelectorMenu ( )

Reimplemented in MSS_SingleOpState.

virtual UI_Menu* BM_SimpleState::getStateMenu ( int  ortho = 0)
virtual UI_Feel* BM_SimpleState::getToolbox ( int  index) const
virtual int BM_SimpleState::getToolboxCount ( ) const
virtual void BM_SimpleState::getUIFileName ( UT_String full_path_and_name) const

Reimplemented in HDK_Sample::MSS_BrushHairLen.

unsigned int BM_SimpleState::getViewportMask ( ) const

Definition at line 165 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

virtual UI_Feel* BM_SimpleState::getVolatileToolbox ( int  index) const
virtual int BM_SimpleState::getVolatileToolboxCount ( ) const
BM_Viewport* BM_SimpleState::getVolatileViewport ( ) const

Definition at line 138 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

virtual int BM_SimpleState::handleKeyEvent ( int  key,
UI_Event event 
virtual int BM_SimpleState::handleKeyTypeEvent ( int  key,
UI_Event event,
BM_Viewport &  viewport 
virtual int BM_SimpleState::handleMouseEvent ( UI_Event event)
pure virtual
virtual int BM_SimpleState::handleParameterEvent ( UI_Event event)

Reimplemented in BM_ParmState, and MSS_BrushBaseState.

virtual void BM_SimpleState::handlePopupMenuEvent ( UI_Event event)
bool BM_SimpleState::inDistributedUndoBlock ( )
void BM_SimpleState::initApplication ( UI_Manager uims,
int  argc,
const char **  argv 

Initialize this object. This method is intended to be overriden by subclasses since the base class implementation is empty. The subclass typically calls readUIFile() here to create the interface which populates the object and value symbols.

Reimplemented from AP_Interface.

Reimplemented in MSS_SingleOpState.

void BM_SimpleState::initializeUI ( )
virtual void BM_SimpleState::interrupt ( BM_SimpleState = 0)
virtual int BM_SimpleState::isHandle ( ) const
pure virtual

Implemented in BM_State.

virtual int BM_SimpleState::isModifier ( ) const

Reimplemented in BM_State.

Definition at line 144 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

virtual bool BM_SimpleState::isOverlay ( ) const

Reimplemented in BM_State.

void BM_SimpleState::mouseDown ( UI_Event event)
int BM_SimpleState::mouseDown ( ) const

Definition at line 217 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

virtual void BM_SimpleState::onBeginRMBMenu ( UI_Event )

Definition at line 70 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

virtual void BM_SimpleState::overlayRender ( RE_Render r,
int  x,
int  y 
void BM_SimpleState::popCursor ( )
void BM_SimpleState::pushCursor ( )
void BM_SimpleState::redrawScene ( )
void BM_SimpleState::removeClickInterest ( int  buttons)
virtual void BM_SimpleState::render ( RE_Render r,
int  x,
int  y 

Reimplemented in BM_State.

virtual const char* BM_SimpleState::replaceCursor ( const char *  newcursor)

Reimplemented in BM_State.

virtual void BM_SimpleState::resume ( BM_SimpleState = 0)
BM_SceneManager& BM_SimpleState::sceneManager ( )

Definition at line 147 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

const BM_SceneManager& BM_SimpleState::sceneManager ( ) const

Definition at line 148 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

void BM_SimpleState::setCursor ( )
void BM_SimpleState::setCursor ( const char *  cursorname)
void BM_SimpleState::setDefaultCursor ( const char *  cursorname)
void BM_SimpleState::setSavedState ( BM_SimpleState state)

Definition at line 151 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

void BM_SimpleState::setViewportMask ( unsigned  mask)

Definition at line 220 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

void BM_SimpleState::setVolatileViewport ( BM_Viewport *  view)

Definition at line 136 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

const UT_UndoWorkerFinder<BM_SimpleState>& BM_SimpleState::undoWorkerFinder ( ) const

Definition at line 167 of file BM_SimpleState.h.

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