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CH_Group Class Reference

#include <CH_Group.h>

Public Member Functions

const UT_StringgetName () const
void getFullPath (UT_String &str) const
bool isInTree () const
bool isRoot () const
bool isEmpty () const
int getTotalEntries () const
void clear ()
void displayInfo (int indent=0) const
void makeLast ()
void changeIndex (int new_index)
CH_GroupgetParentGroup ()
int getSubGroupEntries ()
const CH_GroupListgetSubGroups ()
bool isEventualParentOf (CH_Group *other)
int findIndex (CH_Group *subgroup)
int getEntries () const
bool strictContains (const CH_Channel *chp) const
bool strictContains (const CH_ChannelRef &chref) const
bool contains (const CH_Channel *chp) const
bool contains (const CH_ChannelRef &chref) const
int strictGetChannels (CH_ChannelList &channels) const
int strictGetChanRefs (CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs) const
int getChannels (CH_ChannelList &channels) const
int getChanRefs (CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs) const
int getFullChannelPaths (UT_StringArray &channel_paths, bool use_alias=false) const
int addChannel (const CH_Channel *chp)
int addChannel (const CH_ChannelRef &chref)
int removeChannel (const CH_Channel *chp)
int removeChannel (const CH_ChannelRef &chref)
int addChannels (const CH_ChannelList &channels)
int addChannels (const CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs)
int removeChannels (const CH_ChannelList &channels)
int removeChannels (const CH_ChannelRefList &chanrefs)
void changeReferencesToNodeId (int old_id, int new_id)
void removeChannelsWithNodeId (int node_id)
unsigned getScopeFlags (unsigned flags)
void dirtyScopeFlags (unsigned flags)
void dirtySubtreeScopeFlags (unsigned flags)
bool updateScopeFlags (unsigned flags)
void dirtyAllScopeFlags ()
void save (std::ostream &os, int binary) const
bool load (UT_IStream &is)

Static Public Member Functions

static char getGroupChar ()
static int cmp (const CH_Group *a, const CH_Group *b)


class CH_Manager
class CH_UndoGroupAddRemoveChannel

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file CH_Group.h.

Member Function Documentation

int CH_Group::addChannel ( const CH_Channel chp)
int CH_Group::addChannel ( const CH_ChannelRef chref)
int CH_Group::addChannels ( const CH_ChannelList channels)
int CH_Group::addChannels ( const CH_ChannelRefList chanrefs)
void CH_Group::changeIndex ( int  new_index)
void CH_Group::changeReferencesToNodeId ( int  old_id,
int  new_id 
void CH_Group::clear ( )
static int CH_Group::cmp ( const CH_Group a,
const CH_Group b 
bool CH_Group::contains ( const CH_Channel chp) const
bool CH_Group::contains ( const CH_ChannelRef chref) const
void CH_Group::dirtyAllScopeFlags ( )
void CH_Group::dirtyScopeFlags ( unsigned  flags)
void CH_Group::dirtySubtreeScopeFlags ( unsigned  flags)
void CH_Group::displayInfo ( int  indent = 0) const
int CH_Group::findIndex ( CH_Group subgroup)
int CH_Group::getChannels ( CH_ChannelList channels) const
int CH_Group::getChanRefs ( CH_ChannelRefList chanrefs) const
int CH_Group::getEntries ( ) const

Definition at line 106 of file CH_Group.h.

int CH_Group::getFullChannelPaths ( UT_StringArray channel_paths,
bool  use_alias = false 
) const
void CH_Group::getFullPath ( UT_String str) const
static char CH_Group::getGroupChar ( )

Definition at line 69 of file CH_Group.h.

const UT_String& CH_Group::getName ( ) const

Definition at line 84 of file CH_Group.h.

CH_Group* CH_Group::getParentGroup ( )

Definition at line 99 of file CH_Group.h.

unsigned CH_Group::getScopeFlags ( unsigned  flags)
int CH_Group::getSubGroupEntries ( )

Definition at line 100 of file CH_Group.h.

const CH_GroupList& CH_Group::getSubGroups ( )

Definition at line 101 of file CH_Group.h.

int CH_Group::getTotalEntries ( ) const
bool CH_Group::isEmpty ( ) const
bool CH_Group::isEventualParentOf ( CH_Group other)
bool CH_Group::isInTree ( ) const

Definition at line 86 of file CH_Group.h.

bool CH_Group::isRoot ( ) const

Definition at line 87 of file CH_Group.h.

bool CH_Group::load ( UT_IStream is)
void CH_Group::makeLast ( )
int CH_Group::removeChannel ( const CH_Channel chp)
int CH_Group::removeChannel ( const CH_ChannelRef chref)
int CH_Group::removeChannels ( const CH_ChannelList channels)
int CH_Group::removeChannels ( const CH_ChannelRefList chanrefs)
void CH_Group::removeChannelsWithNodeId ( int  node_id)
void CH_Group::save ( std::ostream &  os,
int  binary 
) const
bool CH_Group::strictContains ( const CH_Channel chp) const
bool CH_Group::strictContains ( const CH_ChannelRef chref) const
int CH_Group::strictGetChannels ( CH_ChannelList channels) const
int CH_Group::strictGetChanRefs ( CH_ChannelRefList chanrefs) const
bool CH_Group::updateScopeFlags ( unsigned  flags)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class CH_Manager

Definition at line 65 of file CH_Group.h.

Definition at line 66 of file CH_Group.h.

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