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HUSD_LockedStageRegistry Class Reference

#include <HUSD_LockedStageRegistry.h>

Public Member Functions

HUSD_LockedStagePtr getLockedStage (OP_Node *node, const HUSD_DataHandle &data, bool strip_layers, fpreal t, HUSD_StripLayerResponse response)
void clearLockedStage (OP_Node *node, const OP_Context &context)
void clearLockedStage (OP_Node *node)

Static Public Member Functions

static HUSD_LockedStageRegistrygetInstance ()
static void packedUSDTracker (const GU_PackedImpl *prim, bool create)
static void exitCallback (void *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file HUSD_LockedStageRegistry.h.

Member Function Documentation

void HUSD_LockedStageRegistry::clearLockedStage ( OP_Node node,
const OP_Context context 
void HUSD_LockedStageRegistry::clearLockedStage ( OP_Node node)
static void HUSD_LockedStageRegistry::exitCallback ( void )
static HUSD_LockedStageRegistry& HUSD_LockedStageRegistry::getInstance ( )
HUSD_LockedStagePtr HUSD_LockedStageRegistry::getLockedStage ( OP_Node node,
const HUSD_DataHandle data,
bool  strip_layers,
fpreal  t,
HUSD_StripLayerResponse  response 
static void HUSD_LockedStageRegistry::packedUSDTracker ( const GU_PackedImpl prim,
bool  create 

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