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HdRendererPluginRegistry Class Referencefinal

#include <rendererPluginRegistry.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HdRendererPluginRegistry:

Public Member Functions

HD_API TfToken GetDefaultPluginId ()
HD_API HdRendererPluginGetRendererPlugin (const TfToken &pluginId)
HD_API HdRendererPluginHandle GetOrCreateRendererPlugin (const TfToken &pluginId)
CreateRenderDelegate (const TfToken &pluginId, const HdRenderSettingsMap &settingsMap={})
- Public Member Functions inherited from HfPluginRegistry
HF_API void GetPluginDescs (HfPluginDescVector *plugins)
HF_API bool GetPluginDesc (const TfToken &pluginId, HfPluginDesc *desc)
HF_API void AddPluginReference (HfPluginBase *plugin)
HF_API void ReleasePlugin (HfPluginBase *plugin)
HF_API bool IsRegisteredPlugin (const TfToken &pluginId)
HF_API TfToken GetPluginId (const HfPluginBase *plugin) const

Static Public Member Functions

static HD_API
GetInstance ()
template<typename T , typename... Bases>
static void Define ()


class TfSingleton< HdRendererPluginRegistry >

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from HfPluginRegistry
HF_API HfPluginRegistry (const TfType &pluginBaseType)
virtual HF_API ~HfPluginRegistry ()
HF_API HfPluginBaseGetPlugin (const TfToken &pluginId)
virtual HF_API void _CollectAdditionalMetadata (const PlugRegistry &plugRegistry, const TfType &pluginType)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from HfPluginRegistry
template<typename T , typename PluginBaseType , typename... Bases>
static void Define ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file rendererPluginRegistry.h.

Member Function Documentation

HD_API HdPluginRenderDelegateUniqueHandle HdRendererPluginRegistry::CreateRenderDelegate ( const TfToken pluginId,
const HdRenderSettingsMap settingsMap = {} 

Returns a render delegate created by the plugin with the given name if the plugin is supported using given initial settings. The render delegate is wrapped in a movable handle that keeps the plugin alive until the render delegate is destroyed by dropping the handle.

template<typename T , typename... Bases>
void HdRendererPluginRegistry::Define ( )

Entry point for defining an HdRendererPlugin plugin.

Definition at line 109 of file rendererPluginRegistry.h.

HD_API TfToken HdRendererPluginRegistry::GetDefaultPluginId ( )

Returns the id of plugin to use as the default

static HD_API HdRendererPluginRegistry& HdRendererPluginRegistry::GetInstance ( )

Returns the singleton registry for HdRendererPlugin

HD_API HdRendererPluginHandle HdRendererPluginRegistry::GetOrCreateRendererPlugin ( const TfToken pluginId)

Returns the renderer plugin for the given id or a null handle if not found. The plugin is wrapped in a handle that automatically increments and decrements the reference count and also stores the plugin id.

HD_API HdRendererPlugin* HdRendererPluginRegistry::GetRendererPlugin ( const TfToken pluginId)
Use GetOrCreateRendererPlugin instead.

Returns the renderer plugin for the given id or null if not found. The reference count on the returned delegate is incremented.

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Definition at line 94 of file rendererPluginRegistry.h.

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