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HdStPoints Class Referencefinal

#include <points.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HdStPoints:

Public Member Functions

 HF_MALLOC_TAG_NEW ("new HdStPoints")
HDST_API HdStPoints (SdfPath const &id)
HDST_API ~HdStPoints () override
HDST_API void UpdateRenderTag (HdSceneDelegate *delegate, HdRenderParam *renderParam) override
HDST_API void Sync (HdSceneDelegate *delegate, HdRenderParam *renderParam, HdDirtyBits *dirtyBits, TfToken const &reprToken) override
HDST_API void Finalize (HdRenderParam *renderParam) override
HDST_API HdDirtyBits GetInitialDirtyBitsMask () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdPoints
HD_API ~HdPoints () override
HD_API TfTokenVector constGetBuiltinPrimvarNames () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdRprim
HD_API HdRprim (SdfPath const &id)
virtual HD_API ~HdRprim ()
HD_API const
GetDrawItems (TfToken const &reprToken) const
SdfPath constGetId () const
int32_t GetPrimId () const
 Return the unique instance id. More...
HD_API void SetPrimId (int32_t primId)
 Set the unique instance id. More...
SdfPath constGetInstancerId () const
SdfPath constGetMaterialId () const
HD_API void SetMaterialId (SdfPath const &materialId)
 Sets a new material binding to be used by this rprim. More...
HdReprSelector constGetReprSelector () const
TfToken constGetRenderTag () const
TfToken GetRenderTag (HdSceneDelegate *delegate) const
 Returns the render tag associated to this rprim. More...
GfRange3d GetExtent (HdSceneDelegate *delegate) const
 Returns the bounds of the rprim in local, untransformed space. More...
HdPrimvarDescriptorVector GetPrimvarDescriptors (HdSceneDelegate *delegate, HdInterpolation interpolation) const
 Primvar Query. More...
VtValue GetPrimvar (HdSceneDelegate *delegate, const TfToken &name) const
VtValue GetIndexedPrimvar (HdSceneDelegate *delegate, const TfToken &name, VtIntArray *indices) const
HD_API VtMatrix4dArray GetInstancerTransforms (HdSceneDelegate *delegate)
HD_API bool IsDirty (HdChangeTracker &changeTracker) const
 Returns true if any dirty flags are set for this rprim. More...
bool IsVisible () const
 Is the prim itself visible. More...
HD_API void UpdateReprSelector (HdSceneDelegate *delegate, HdDirtyBits *dirtyBits)
HD_API bool CanSkipDirtyBitPropagationAndSync (HdDirtyBits bits) const
HD_API HdDirtyBits PropagateRprimDirtyBits (HdDirtyBits bits)
HD_API void InitRepr (HdSceneDelegate *delegate, TfToken const &reprToken, HdDirtyBits *dirtyBits)

Protected Member Functions

HDST_API void _InitRepr (TfToken const &reprToken, HdDirtyBits *dirtyBits) override
HDST_API HdDirtyBits _PropagateDirtyBits (HdDirtyBits bits) const override
void _UpdateRepr (HdSceneDelegate *sceneDelegate, HdRenderParam *renderParam, TfToken const &reprToken, HdDirtyBits *dirtyBitsState)
void _PopulateVertexPrimvars (HdSceneDelegate *sceneDelegate, HdRenderParam *renderParam, HdStDrawItem *drawItem, HdDirtyBits *dirtyBitsState)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HdPoints
HD_API HdPoints (SdfPath const &id)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HdRprim
HD_API HdReprSharedPtr const_GetRepr (TfToken const &reprToken) const
HD_API void _UpdateVisibility (HdSceneDelegate *sceneDelegate, HdDirtyBits *dirtyBits)
HD_API void _UpdateInstancer (HdSceneDelegate *sceneDelegate, HdDirtyBits *dirtyBits)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from HdPoints
static HD_API void ConfigureRepr (TfToken const &reprName, const HdPointsReprDesc &desc)
 Configure geometric style of drawItems for reprName. More...
- Protected Types inherited from HdPoints
using _PointsReprConfig = _ReprDescConfigs< HdPointsReprDesc >
- Protected Types inherited from HdRprim
using _ReprVector = std::vector< std::pair< TfToken, HdReprSharedPtr >>
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from HdPoints
static HD_API
_GetReprDesc (TfToken const &reprName)
- Protected Attributes inherited from HdRprim
HdRprimSharedData _sharedData
HdReprSelector _authoredReprSelector
TfToken _renderTag
_ReprVector _reprs

Detailed Description


Definition at line 44 of file points.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HDST_API HdStPoints::HdStPoints ( SdfPath const id)
HDST_API HdStPoints::~HdStPoints ( )

Member Function Documentation

HDST_API void HdStPoints::_InitRepr ( TfToken const reprToken,
HdDirtyBits dirtyBits 

Initialize the given representation of this Rprim. This is called prior to syncing the prim, the first time the repr is used.

reprToken is the name of the representation to initalize.

dirtyBits is an in/out value. It is initialized to the dirty bits from the change tracker. InitRepr can then set additional dirty bits if additional data is required from the scene delegate when this repr is synced. InitRepr occurs before dirty bit propagation.

See HdRprim::InitRepr()

Implements HdRprim.

void HdStPoints::_PopulateVertexPrimvars ( HdSceneDelegate sceneDelegate,
HdRenderParam renderParam,
HdStDrawItem drawItem,
HdDirtyBits dirtyBitsState 
HDST_API HdDirtyBits HdStPoints::_PropagateDirtyBits ( HdDirtyBits  bits) const

This callback from Rprim gives the prim an opportunity to set additional dirty bits based on those already set. This is done before the dirty bits are passed to the scene delegate, so can be used to communicate that extra information is needed by the prim to process the changes.

The return value is the new set of dirty bits, which replaces the bits passed in.

See HdRprim::PropagateRprimDirtyBits()

Implements HdRprim.

void HdStPoints::_UpdateRepr ( HdSceneDelegate sceneDelegate,
HdRenderParam renderParam,
TfToken const reprToken,
HdDirtyBits dirtyBitsState 
HDST_API void HdStPoints::Finalize ( HdRenderParam renderParam)

Finalizes object resources. This function might not delete resources, but it should deal with resource ownership so that the rprim is deletable.

Reimplemented from HdRprim.

HDST_API HdDirtyBits HdStPoints::GetInitialDirtyBitsMask ( ) const

Returns the set of dirty bits that should be added to the change tracker for this prim, when this prim is inserted.

Implements HdRprim.

HdStPoints::HF_MALLOC_TAG_NEW ( "new HdStPoints )
HDST_API void HdStPoints::Sync ( HdSceneDelegate delegate,
HdRenderParam renderParam,
HdDirtyBits dirtyBits,
TfToken const reprToken 

Pull invalidated scene data and prepare/update the renderable representation.

This function is told which scene data to pull through the dirtyBits parameter. The first time it's called, dirtyBits comes from _GetInitialDirtyBits(), which provides initial dirty state, but after that it's driven by invalidation tracking in the scene delegate.

The contract for this function is that the prim can only pull on scene delegate buffers that are marked dirty. Scene delegates can and do implement just-in-time data schemes that mean that pulling on clean data will be at best incorrect, and at worst a crash.

This function is called in parallel from worker threads, so it needs to be threadsafe; calls into HdSceneDelegate are ok.

sceneDelegateThe data source for this geometry item.
renderParamA render delegate object that holds rendering parameters that scene geometry may use.
dirtyBitsA specifier for which scene data has changed.
reprTokenThe representation that needs to be updated. This is useful for backends that support multiple display representations for an rprim. A given representation may choose to pull on a subset of the dirty state.
dirtyBitsOn input specifies which state is dirty and can be pulled from the scene delegate. On output specifies which bits are still dirty and were not cleaned by the sync.

Implements HdRprim.

HDST_API void HdStPoints::UpdateRenderTag ( HdSceneDelegate delegate,
HdRenderParam renderParam 

Returns the identifier of this Rprim. This is both used in the RenderIndex and the SceneDelegate and acts as the associative key for the Rprim in both contexts.

Reimplemented from HdRprim.

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