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SIM_VoronoiFractureParms Class Reference

#include <SIM_VoronoiFractureParms.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for SIM_VoronoiFractureParms:

Public Member Functions

 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("minimpactx", MinImpactX)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("minimpacty", MinImpactY)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("impactscalex", ImpactScaleX)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("impactscaley", ImpactScaleY)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("minvolume", MinVolume)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("refracturedelay", RefractureDelay)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ("impactradius", ImpactRadius)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("ptsperarea", PtsPerArea)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("numpointsx", NumPointsX)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("numpointsy", NumPointsY)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("nptsperarea", NPtsPerArea)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("locationbased", LocationBased)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("usemagnetgeo", UseMagnetGeo)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("outsidepercentage", OutsidePercentage)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_B ("cuspnormals", CuspInteriorNormals)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("cuspangle", CuspInteriorNormalsAngle)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_B ("cuspouternormals", CuspExteriorNormals)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("cuspouterangle", CuspExteriorNormalsAngle)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("cutplaneoffset", CutPlaneOffset)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("cluster", Cluster)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("addclusternoise", AddClusterNoise)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ("clusterfreq", ClusterFreq)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ("clusteroffset", ClusterOffset)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ("clusterjitter", ClusterJitter)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("randomdetach", RandomDetach)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("detachseed", DetachSeed)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("detachratio", DetachRatio)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("fusedist", FuseDist)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("addinteriordetail", AddInteriorDetail)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("detailsize", DetailSize)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("intnoiseamp", IntNoiseAmp)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("intnoisetype", IntNoiseType)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ("intnoisefreq", IntNoiseFreq)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ("intnoiseoffset", IntNoiseOffset)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("intnoiseturb", IntNoiseTurb)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ("depthnoisescalebias", DepthNoiseScaleBias)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("velscale", VelScale)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("randscale", RandScale)
 GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ("velbias", VelBias)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SIM_Data
const UT_StringHoldergetDataType () const
void initialize (const SIM_SubdataBehavior &subdatabehavior)
void makeEqual (const SIM_Data *source, const SIM_SubdataBehavior &subdatabehavior)
void setParameters (const SIM_Options &parms)
void interpolate (const SIM_Data *source1, const SIM_Data *source2, fpreal interp)
int64 getMemorySize () const
bool getIsAlternateRepresentation () const
bool saveToFile (const char *filename, UT_CompressionType compressionType) const
bool saveToStream (std::ostream &os, UT_CompressionType compressionType) const
void appendFullDataPath (const SIM_Data *subdata, bool useobjectid, UT_String &datapath) const
bool loadFromFile (const char *filename)
bool loadFromStream (UT_IStream &is, bool skiptype=false)
bool getIsOfType (const UT_StringRef &datatype) const
const voidgetConstPointerToType (const UT_StringRef &datatype) const
voidgetPointerToType (const UT_StringRef &datatype)
int getNumSubData () const
 Get the number of sub-data items attached to this data. More...
const UT_StringHoldergetSubDataName (int index) const
 Get the name of the sub-data at a particular index location. More...
int getSubDataIndex (const SIM_Data *subdata) const
bool buildSubDataPath (const SIM_Data *subdata, UT_String &pathto) const
const SIM_QuerygetQueryObject () const
SIM_OptionsgetUserOptions ()
const SIM_OptionsgetConstUserOptions () const
long getGuideParmVersion () const
void addGuideDep (DEP_MicroNode &src) const
virtual bool getGuideGeometryList (const SIM_RootData &root, const char *datapath, const SIM_Time &t, UT_Array< GU_ConstDetailHandle > &detailArray, UT_Array< UT_DMatrix4 > &xformArray) const
GU_ConstDetailHandle getGuideGeometry (const SIM_RootData &root, const char *datapath, UT_DMatrix4 &xform, const SIM_Time &t) const
void buildGuideOptions (SIM_Options &options, const SIM_Time &time) const
SIM_DatagetSubData (int index)
const SIM_DatagetConstSubData (int index) const
SIM_DatagetNamedSubData (const char *dataname)
const SIM_DatagetConstNamedSubData (const char *dataname) const
void filterSubData (SIM_DataArray &ncdp, UT_StringArray *names, const SIM_DataFilter &ncfilter, const char *startfrom, const SIM_DataFilter &recursefilter)
void filterConstSubData (SIM_ConstDataArray &dp, UT_StringArray *names, const SIM_DataFilter &filter, const char *startfrom, const SIM_DataFilter &recurseFilter) const
SIM_DatagetNthSubData (UT_String *name, const SIM_DataFilter &filter, int n, const char *startfrom, const SIM_DataFilter &recurseFilter)
const SIM_DatagetNthConstSubData (UT_String *name, const SIM_DataFilter &filter, int n, const char *startfrom, const SIM_DataFilter &recurseFilter) const
void forEachSubData (SIM_EachDataCallback &cb, const SIM_DataFilter &filter, const char *startfrom, const SIM_DataFilter &recurseFilter)
void forEachConstSubData (SIM_EachDataCallback &cb, const SIM_DataFilter &filter, const char *startfrom, const SIM_DataFilter &recurseFilter) const
SIM_DatacreateNamedSubData (const char *dataname, const char *datatype, int creationflags, UT_String *newdatanameptr=NULL)
SIM_DatagetOrCreateAlternateRepresentation (const char *dataname, const char *datatype) const
void interpolateSubData (const SIM_Data &source1, const SIM_Data &source2, fpreal interp, const SIM_DataFilter &interpdata, const SIM_DataFilter &recurse)
void setNamedSubData (const char *dataname, const SIM_Data *data, int setflags)
void createUniqueSubDataName (const SIM_Data *subdata, UT_String &dataname) const
void removeNamedSubData (const char *dataname)
 Remove some existing sub-data by name. More...
void removeSubData (int index)
 Remove some existing sub-data by index. More...
void moveNamedSubData (const char *oldname, const char *newname)
const UT_GuidgetUniqueId () const
long getReferenceCount () const
int getCreatorId () const
 Get the ID of the node that created this data. More...
OP_NodegetCreatorNode () const
 Use the creator ID to look up the OP_Node that created this data. More...
OP_NodegetOwnerNetwork () const
 Look up the owner node of our engine to get the DOP Network pointer. More...
const SIM_EnginegetEngine () const
 Get the engine that created us (from our data factory). More...
int getCreatorIndex () const
 Get the output index of the creator node that generated this data. More...
const SIM_TimegetCreationTime () const
 Get the creation time for this data. More...
bool getIsSelected () const
 Get the selected flag for this data. More...
void setIsSelected (bool selected) const
bool getSelectionRepresentsObject () const
void copyCreationInfoFrom (const SIM_Data *source)
OP_NodegetNodePathsRelativeTo () const
OP_NodegetOPNode (const char *path, bool addinterest) const
 Given a path relative to our creator node, return an OBJ_Node. More...
OBJ_NodegetOBJNode (const char *path, bool addinterest) const
 Given a path relative to our creator node, return an OBJ_Node. More...
SOP_NodegetSOPNode (const char *path, bool addinterest) const
 Given a path relative to our creator node, return a SOP_Node. More...
DOP_NodegetDOPNode (const char *path, bool addinterest) const
 Given a path relative to our creator node, return a DOP_Node. More...
COP2_NodegetCOP2Node (const char *path, bool addinterest) const
 Given a path relative to our creator node, return a COP2_Node. More...
CHOP_NodegetCHOPNode (const char *path, bool addinterest) const
 Given a path relative to our creator node, return a CHOP_Node. More...
void addOPInterest (OP_Node *node) const
 Adds an interest in the specified node to our engine's owner node. More...
void addError (const SIM_RootData *root, int errorcode, const char *errorparm, UT_ErrorSeverity severity) const
 Adds an error to our SIM_Engine. More...
void makeMemberDataUnique ()
virtual void makeMemberDataUniqueSubclass ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SIM_OptionsUser
 SIM_OptionsUser (SIM_Data *owner)
virtual ~SIM_OptionsUser ()
void optionChanged (const char *name)
const SIM_OptionsgetOptions () const

Protected Member Functions

 SIM_VoronoiFractureParms (const SIM_DataFactory *factory)
 ~SIM_VoronoiFractureParms () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SIM_Data
 SIM_Data (const SIM_DataFactory *factory)
virtual ~SIM_Data ()
void handleModification (int code=-1)
void setNeedsToRecalculateMemorySize () const
void deleteQueryObjectIfNotBuilding () const
 Deletes the query object for this data, if there is one. More...
void deleteGuideObjectIfNotBuilding () const
 Delete the guide geometry for this data, if it exists. More...
void initAlternateRepresentation () const
void setNeedsInitialization (bool needsinit) const
 Flags an alternate representation subdata as requiring initialization. More...
bool getNeedsInitialization () const
 Tests whether an alternate representation requires initialization. More...
bool saveOptionPacket (std::ostream &os, const char *name, const SIM_Options *opts) const
bool loadOptionPacket (UT_IStream &is, const char *name, SIM_Options *opts) const
bool getIsDoingSimplifiedSaveLoad () const
void initializeFromParmDefaults ()
void setSelectionRepresentsObject (bool representsobject)
virtual void setNeedsInitializationSubclass (bool needsinit) const
virtual void initializeSubclass ()
virtual void makeEqualSubclass (const SIM_Data *source)
virtual void saveSubclass (std::ostream &os) const
virtual void saveIOSubclass (std::ostream &os, SIM_DataThreadedIO *io) const
virtual bool loadSubclass (UT_IStream &is)
virtual bool loadIOSubclass (UT_IStream &is, SIM_DataThreadedIO *io)
virtual SIM_QuerycreateQueryObjectSubclass () const
virtual long getGuideParmVersionSubclass () const
virtual SIM_GuidecreateGuideObjectSubclass () const
virtual void buildGuideGeometrySubclass (const SIM_RootData &root, const SIM_Options &options, const GU_DetailHandle &gdh, UT_DMatrix4 *xform, const SIM_Time &t) const
virtual void setParametersSubclass (const SIM_Options &parms)
virtual void setNamedSubDataSubclass (const char *dataname, const SIM_Data *data)
virtual void removeNamedSubDataSubclass (const char *dataname)
virtual void interpolateSubclass (const SIM_Data *source1, const SIM_Data *source2, fpreal interp)
virtual int64 getMemorySizeSubclass () const
virtual void handleModificationSubclass (int code)
virtual bool getIsAlternateRepresentationSubclass () const
virtual void initAlternateRepresentationSubclass (const SIM_Data &)
virtual voidgetCastToType (const UT_StringRef &datatype) const
virtual const UT_StringHoldergetDataTypeSubclass () const
const SIM_DatagetAlternateRepresentationOf () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SIM_OptionsUser
SIM_OptionsgetOptions ()
virtual void optionChangedSubclass (const char *name)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SIM_Data
static bool getDataTypeFromFile (const char *filename, UT_String &datatype)
static bool getDataTypeFromStream (UT_IStream &is, UT_String &datatype)
static const voidcastConstPointerToType (const SIM_Data *data, const UT_StringRef &datatype)
static voidcastPointerToType (SIM_Data *data, const UT_StringRef &datatype)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SIM_Data
static const PRM_TemplategetEmptyTemplateList ()
static const SIM_DopDescriptiongetEmptyDopDescription ()
 A DOP description that says not to create an automatic DOP. More...
static void getDataTypeSuperclasses (UT_StringArray &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file SIM_VoronoiFractureParms.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::SIM_VoronoiFractureParms ( const SIM_DataFactory factory)
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::~SIM_VoronoiFractureParms ( )

Member Function Documentation

SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_B ( "cuspnormals"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_B ( "cuspouternormals"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "minimpactx"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "minimpacty"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "impactscalex"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "impactscaley"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "minvolume"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "refracturedelay"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "nptsperarea"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "outsidepercentage"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "cuspangle"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "cuspouterangle"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "cutplaneoffset"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "detachseed"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "detachratio"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "fusedist"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "detailsize"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "intnoiseamp"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "velscale"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "randscale"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_F ( "velbias"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "ptsperarea"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "numpointsx"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "numpointsy"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "locationbased"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "usemagnetgeo"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "cluster"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "addclusternoise"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "randomdetach"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "addinteriordetail"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "intnoisetype"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "intnoiseturb"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_I ( "depthnoisescalebias"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ( "impactradius"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ( "clusterfreq"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ( "clusteroffset"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ( "clusterjitter"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ( "intnoisefreq"  ,
SIM_VoronoiFractureParms::GETSET_DATA_FUNCS_V3 ( "intnoiseoffset"  ,

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