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SwizzleNode Class Reference

Swizzle node implementation. More...

#include <SwizzleNode.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for SwizzleNode:

Public Member Functions

void emitFunctionCall (const ShaderNode &node, GenContext &context, ShaderStage &stage) const override
 Emit the function call or inline source code for given node instance in the given context. More...
bool isEditable (const ShaderInput &input) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ShaderNodeImpl
virtual ~ShaderNodeImpl ()
virtual const stringgetTarget () const
virtual void initialize (const InterfaceElement &element, GenContext &context)
const stringgetName () const
 Return the name of this implementation. More...
size_t getHash () const
virtual void addInputs (ShaderNode &node, GenContext &context) const
 Add additional inputs on a node. More...
virtual void setValues (const Node &node, ShaderNode &shaderNode, GenContext &context) const
 Set values for additional inputs on a node. More...
virtual void addClassification (ShaderNode &node) const
 Add additional classifications on a node. More...
virtual void createVariables (const ShaderNode &node, GenContext &context, Shader &shader) const
virtual void emitFunctionDefinition (const ShaderNode &node, GenContext &context, ShaderStage &stage) const
 Emit function definition for the given node instance. More...
virtual void emitOutputVariables (const ShaderNode &node, GenContext &context, ShaderStage &stage) const
 Emit declaration and initialization of output variables to use in a function call. More...
virtual ShaderGraphgetGraph () const
virtual bool isEditable (const ShaderGraphInputSocket &) const

Static Public Member Functions

static ShaderNodeImplPtr create ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual string getVariableName (const ShaderInput *input) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ShaderNodeImpl
 ShaderNodeImpl ()
 Protected constructor. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ShaderNodeImpl
string _name
size_t _hash

Detailed Description

Swizzle node implementation.

Definition at line 14 of file SwizzleNode.h.

Member Function Documentation

static ShaderNodeImplPtr SwizzleNode::create ( )
void SwizzleNode::emitFunctionCall ( const ShaderNode node,
GenContext context,
ShaderStage stage 
) const

Emit the function call or inline source code for given node instance in the given context.

Reimplemented from ShaderNodeImpl.

virtual string SwizzleNode::getVariableName ( const ShaderInput input) const

Get the implementation name of the variable that supports swizzles. Allows to override that name in generated code based on the target language.

Reimplemented in SwizzleNodeMdl.

bool SwizzleNode::isEditable ( const ShaderInput input) const

Returns true if the input is editable by users. Editable inputs are allowed to be published as shader uniforms and hence must be presentable in a user interface.

Reimplemented from ShaderNodeImpl.

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