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ut_PropertyRow Class Reference

#include <UT_InfoTree.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for ut_PropertyRow:

Public Member Functions

 ut_PropertyRow ()
 ~ut_PropertyRow ()
void append (const UT_StringHolder &property)
void append (const UT_String &property)
void append (const char *property)
template<class ValType >
void append (const ValType &property)
int appendSprintf (const char *fmt,...) SYS_PRINTF_CHECK_ATTRIBUTE(2
- Public Member Functions inherited from UT_StringArray
 UT_StringArray ()
 UT_StringArray (const char **src)
 UT_StringArray (const Parent &src)
 UT_StringArray (Parent &&src) noexcept
 UT_StringArray (UT_StringArray &&src) noexcept=default
 UT_StringArray (const UT_StringArray &src)=default
UT_StringArrayoperator= (const UT_StringArray &src)=default
UT_StringArrayoperator= (UT_StringArray &&src)=default
UT_StringArrayoperator+= (const UT_StringArray &src)
exint remove (exint idx)
exint find (const UT_StringRef &str, exint s=0) const
exint sortedFind (const UT_StringRef &str, Comparator compare) const
void sort (bool forward, bool numbered)
void sort ()
void sort (Comparator compare)
template<typename Compare >
void sort (Compare is_less)
exint sortedInsert (const char *str, bool forward=true, bool numbered=true)
template<typename Compare >
void sortedInsert (const char *str, Compare is_less)
exint sortedFind (const char *str, bool forward=true, bool numbered=true) const
exint getLongestPrefixLength () const
void join (const char *sep, UT_String &result) const
void join (const char *sep, const char *sep_last, UT_String &result) const
unsigned hash () const
template<typename I >
void stableSortIndices (UT_Array< I > &indices) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from UT_Array< UT_StringHolder >
 UT_Array (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &a)
 UT_Array (UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &&a) noexcept
 Move constructor. Steals the working data from the original. More...
 UT_Array (exint capacity, exint size)
 Construct based on given capacity and size. More...
 UT_Array (exint capacity=0)
 Construct based on given capacity with a size of 0. More...
 UT_Array (std::initializer_list< UT_StringHolder > init)
 Construct with the contents of an initializer list. More...
 ~UT_Array ()
void swap (UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &other)
exint append ()
exint append (const UT_StringHolder &t)
exint append (UT_StringHolder &&t)
exint append (const UT_StringHolder &t, bool check_dup)
void append (const UT_StringHolder *pt, exint count)
void appendMultiple (const UT_StringHolder &t, exint count)
exint insert (exint index)
exint insert (const UT_StringHolder &t, exint i)
exint insert (UT_StringHolder &&t, exint i)
exint emplace_back (S &&...s)
exint uniqueSortedInsert (const UT_StringHolder &t, Comparator compare)
exint uniqueSortedInsert (const UT_StringHolder &t, ComparatorBool is_less)
exint uniqueSortedFind (const UT_StringHolder &item, Comparator compare) const
exint uniqueSortedFind (const UT_StringHolder &item, ComparatorBool is_less) const
void merge (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &other, int direction, bool allow_dups, ComparatorBool is_less)
bool hasSortedSubset (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &other, Comparator compare) const
void sortedUnion (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &other, Comparator compare)
void sortedUnion (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &other, UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &result, Comparator compare) const
void sortedIntersection (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &other, Comparator compare)
void sortedIntersection (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &other, UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &result, Comparator compare) const
void sortedSetDifference (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &other, Comparator compare)
void sortedSetDifference (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &other, UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &result, Comparator compare) const
exint heapPush (const UT_StringHolder &t, Comparator compare)
UT_StringHolder heapPop (Comparator compare)
const UT_StringHolderheapMax () const
exint concat (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &a)
 Takes another T array and concatenate it onto my end. More...
exint concat (UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &&a) noexcept
 Takes another T array and concatenate it onto my end. More...
exint multipleInsert (exint index, exint count)
 Insert an element "count" times at the given index. Return the index. More...
exint insertAt (const UT_StringHolder &t, exint index)
bool isValidIndex (exint index) const
 Return true if given index is valid. More...
exint findAndRemove (const UT_StringHolder &t)
exint removeIndex (exint index)
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void removeLast ()
void removeRange (exint begin_i, exint end_i)
 Remove the range [begin_i,end_i) of elements from the array. More...
void extractRange (exint begin_i, exint end_i, UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &dest)
exint removeIf (IsEqual is_equal)
void collapseIf (IsEqual is_equal)
 Remove all matching elements. Also sets the capacity of the array. More...
void move (exint src_idx, exint dst_idx, exint how_many)
void cycle (exint how_many)
 Cyclically shifts the entire array by how_many. More...
void constant (const UT_StringHolder &v)
 Quickly set the array to a single value. More...
void zero ()
 Zeros the array if a POD type, else trivial constructs if a class type. More...
exint find (const UT_StringHolder &t, exint s=0) const
exint sortedFind (const UT_StringHolder &t, Comparator compare) const
void reverse ()
 Reverses the array by swapping elements in mirrored locations. More...
void sort (Comparator compare)
void stdsort (ComparatorBool is_less)
 Sort using std::sort. The ComparatorBool uses the less-than semantics. More...
void stableSort (ComparatorBool is_less)
void stableSortIndices (UT_Array< I > &indices, ComparatorBool is_less) const
void stableArgSort (UT_Array< I > &indices, ComparatorBool is_less) const
void stableSortByKey (const UT_Array< K > &keys, ComparatorBool is_less)
exint sortedRemoveDuplicates ()
exint sortedRemoveDuplicatesIf (CompareEqual compare_equal)
void sortAndRemoveDuplicates (ComparatorBool is_less)
UT_StringHolder selectNthLargest (exint idx, ComparatorBool is_less)
void setCapacity (exint newcapacity)
void setCapacityIfNeeded (exint mincapacity)
void bumpCapacity (exint mincapacity)
void bumpSize (exint newsize)
void bumpEntries (exint newsize)
exint capacity () const
exint size () const
exint entries () const
 Alias of size(). size() is preferred. More...
void entries (exint newsize)
 Alias of setSize(). setSize() is preferred. More...
bool isEmpty () const
 Returns true iff there are no occupied elements in the array. More...
int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive=false) const
void setSize (exint newsize)
void setSizeIfNeeded (exint minsize)
void setSizeNoInit (exint newsize)
void truncate (exint maxsize)
 Decreases, but never expands, to the given maxsize. More...
void clear ()
 Resets list to an empty list. More...
UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > & operator= (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &a)
UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > & operator= (std::initializer_list< UT_StringHolder > ilist)
 Replace the contents with those from the initializer_list ilist. More...
UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > & operator= (UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &&a)
 Move the contents of array a to this array. More...
bool operator== (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &a) const
bool operator!= (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &a) const
int isEqual (const UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &a, Comparator compare) const
UT_StringHolderoperator() (exint i)
const UT_StringHolderoperator() (exint i) const
UT_StringHolderoperator[] (exint i)
const UT_StringHolderoperator[] (exint i) const
UT_StringHolderforcedRef (exint i)
UT_StringHolder forcedGet (exint i) const
UT_StringHolderlast ()
const UT_StringHolderlast () const
exint apply (int(*apply_func)(UT_StringHolder &t, void *d), void *d)
UT_StringHolder accumulate (const UT_StringHolder &init_value, BinaryOp add) const
UT_StringHoldergetArray () const
const UT_StringHoldergetRawArray () const
UT_StringHolderarray ()
const UT_StringHolderarray () const
UT_StringHolderdata ()
const UT_StringHolderdata () const
UT_StringHolderaliasArray (UT_StringHolder *newdata)
iterator begin ()
const_iterator begin () const
iterator end ()
 End iterator. More...
const_iterator end () const
 End const iterator. Consider using it.atEnd() instead. More...
reverse_iterator rbegin ()
 Begin iterating over the array in reverse. More...
const_reverse_iterator rbegin () const
 Begin iterating over the array in reverse. More...
reverse_iterator rend ()
 End reverse iterator. More...
const_reverse_iterator rend () const
 End reverse iterator. Consider using it.atEnd() instead. More...
UT_IteratorRange< iteratorrange ()
UT_IteratorRange< const_iteratorrange () const
< reverse_iterator
rrange ()
< const_reverse_iterator
rrange () const
void removeItem (const reverse_iterator &it)
 Remove item specified by the reverse_iterator. More...
void unsafeShareData (UT_Array< UT_StringHolder > &src)
void unsafeShareData (UT_StringHolder *src, exint srcsize)
void unsafeShareData (UT_StringHolder *src, exint size, exint capacity)
void unsafeClearData ()
bool isHeapBuffer () const
 Returns true if the data used by the array was allocated on the heap. More...
bool isHeapBuffer (UT_StringHolder *data) const
exint sortedInsert (const UT_StringHolder &t, Comparator compare)
exint sortedInsert (const UT_StringHolder &t, ComparatorBool is_less)
exint index (const UT_StringHolder &t) const
exint safeIndex (const UT_StringHolder &t) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from UT_StringArray
using Parent = UT_Array< UT_StringHolder >
- Public Types inherited from UT_Array< UT_StringHolder >
typedef UT_StringHolder value_type
typedef int(* Comparator )(const UT_StringHolder *, const UT_StringHolder *)
typedef base_iterator
< UT_StringHolder, true > 
typedef base_iterator< const
UT_StringHolder, true > 
typedef base_iterator
< UT_StringHolder, false > 
typedef base_iterator< const
UT_StringHolder, false > 
typedef const_iterator traverser
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UT_Array< UT_StringHolder >
exint appendImpl (S &&s)
exint insertImpl (S &&s, exint index)
 Similar to appendImpl() but for insertion. More...
void validateEmplaceArgs (First &&first, Rest &&...rest) const
void validateEmplaceArgs () const
 Base case for validateEmplaceArgs(). More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from UT_Array< UT_StringHolder >
static constexpr
isPOD ()
static void construct (UT_StringHolder &dst, S &&...s)
static void copyConstruct (UT_StringHolder &dst, const UT_StringHolder &src)
static void copyConstructRange (UT_StringHolder *dst, const UT_StringHolder *src, exint n)
static void trivialConstruct (UT_StringHolder &dst)
 Element Constructor. More...
static void trivialConstructRange (UT_StringHolder *dst, exint n)
static SYS_FORCE_INLINE void trivialDestruct (UT_StringHolder &dst)
 Element Destructor. More...
static void trivialDestructRange (UT_StringHolder *dst, exint n)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file UT_InfoTree.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ut_PropertyRow::ut_PropertyRow ( )
ut_PropertyRow::~ut_PropertyRow ( )

Member Function Documentation

void ut_PropertyRow::append ( const UT_StringHolder property)
void ut_PropertyRow::append ( const UT_String property)
void ut_PropertyRow::append ( const char *  property)
template<class ValType >
void ut_PropertyRow::append ( const ValType &  property)

Definition at line 206 of file UT_InfoTree.h.

int ut_PropertyRow::appendSprintf ( const char *  fmt,

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