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Education Licensing can be setup either with Login Licensing or Studio Licensing.

Education Licensing with login licensing

Follow the steps to setup login licensing on each lab computer. Each lab computer would additionally have API keys setup so that students do not need to worry about account credentials.


The account credentials that are used to create the API key should be the account that is login licensing only. This prevents students from accidentally installing licenses to a machine.

Education Licensing with studio licensing

Follow the steps to setup studio licensing. Education licensing is basically studio licensing but with education licenses instead of commercial licenses. Ensure the student can access the license server outside of lab computers.

In some cases a mix of login and studio licensing may be employed so that students outside of the schools network can pull licenses from the sidefx server and use the school server when on campus. Using a mixed approach does mean that your license pool will have to be divided in some way and as such should be used as a last resort.

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