Studio Licensing is similar to Login Licensing except that the user manages the License Server instead of letting SideFX manage this for you. In most cases the IT department at the studio will manage the License Server for the studio.

Steps to setup studio licensing

Server Side Setup (sesinetd)

  1. Install the desired version of the license server component from the installer.

  2. Start sesinetd if its not already running.

    1. On the License Server machine open hkey with administrative privileges.

    2. Go to File>License Tools Services…

    3. Press Start under the section Sesinetd.


    Select the service type sesinetd should be running under. By default the service type is init.d. To use systemd you need to install the provided sesinetd.service script prior to starting sesinetd. Do not change this setting unless you are familiar with init.d and systemd.

Client Side Setup

  1. Ensure the Server Side has been setup before continuing.

  2. Install the desired version(s) of Houdini.

  3. Start hserver if its not already running.

  4. Run hserver -S <server list> on the client machine to change the server(s) used for licensing to the newly setup license server.

  5. Ready to run the desired applications.


To make updating the license server easier its recommended setting up a DNS SRV entry instead of running hserver -S on each client machine. This allows the people managing the license server to simply update the DNS record to update the client machines.

Who is this most meant for?

All customers that are not able to use Login Licensing (i.e. commercial users).

Installation And Licensing



Specific Setups