You can download the Launcher app, then use it to install, manage, and run multiple versions of Houdini. You don’t need to reinstall the launcher when you install a new build of Houdini.

Installing and starting the Launcher


  • Download the installer file from the SideFX download page and run it. Follow the prompts in the installation wizard.

  • Run Houdini Launcher from the start menu.


  • Download the Launcher disk image from the SideFX download page. Open it and drag the Launcher app into the Applications folder.

  • Run the Houdini Launcher app from the Applications folder.


  1. Download the launcher installer file from the SideFX download page.

  2. Open a shell.

  3. CD to where you downloaded the install file.

  4. Run the following line:

    chmod a+x; ./
  5. Follow the prompts.


Some of the installers may be small programs that download the rest of the data as part of the install. You can also download ISO image versions of the installers that contain all the data. This is useful if you are installing the launcher on multiple machines, or installing on a machine without Internet access.

Installation And Licensing



Specific Setups