Houdini 19.0 MPlay viewer

Play audio in MPlay

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Show or hide the audio toolbar

  • Choose View ▸ User Interface ▸ Audio bar.

Open an audio file

  • Choose Anim ▸ Load Audio.

  • In the audio toolbar, type the name of the audio file in the Audio field.

Synchronize the audio track to the animation

  • Use the Frame X at Y s control on the audio toolbar or in the Anim ▸ Load Audio dialog to synchronize frame X of the animation with Y seconds into the audio file.

    For example, if your image sequence starts at frame 50 and you want the audio to begin playing there, set the Frame to 50 and leave the audio time at 0.

Unload the audio file

  • Choose Anim ▸ Unload Audio or clear the Audio field on the audio toolbar.

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