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Use multiple viewports in MPlay

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MPlay supports up to 16 viewports, laid out 4×4, for both the Image and Graph viewers (Timeline displays all the sequences in one viewport). Each viewport can display a different sequence, and more than one viewport can show the same sequence, if desired.

The viewport layout determines how many viewports can be seen at once. You can set the number of rows and columns of viewports using the layout menu in the main bar.

The viewport layout tries to minimize the number of viewports, based on the number of sequences loaded. So if you have 2 sequences and a layout of 2×2, you’ll get a layout of 2×1, since the other two viewports would be blank. (You can force your viewport layout using the Display Options, Viewport tab, 'Show All Viewports Always').

The viewport layout can also be specified on the command line using the -V x y option.

Selecting Viewports

MPlay’s controls normally work on all viewports. However, you can also set them on a per-viewport basis.

Viewports are linked together by default. You can unlink them by pressing V. Now, only the current viewport (outlined and labeled in green) will be affected by the viewport controls. The current viewport can be changed by moving the mouse into the desired viewport and LMB clicking it, or pressing X.

Pressing V again will relink the viewports. The viewports' labels will turn yellow to indicate they are linked.

Multiple Viewports in Single Mode

Multiple viewports can be displayed in either split or single mode. Split mode is the default, which shows you all the viewports. Single mode shows one viewport, and allows you to tab between the sequences.

To toggle between split and single mode, press T.

Single mode has a strip of tabs along the bottom of the viewport (if more than 1 sequence is loaded). Clicking on a Sequence’s tab will switch to that sequence.

You can also use the tab strip to compare one image to another. ⇧ Shift + LMB click the sequence to compare to. ⇧ Shift + LMB click the sequence again to turn the diff off.

You can also reorder sequences in the tab by dragging a sequence over another tab. The sequences will be swapped.

Finally, you can remove a sequence by dragging the tab straight up until the cursor turns into an 'X'.

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