Houdini 18.5 MPlay viewer

Save images from MPlay

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Save the sequence in the current viewport

  • Choose File ▸ Save Sequence As

Save the sequence in a specific viewport

  • Press on the viewport and choose Save.

  • Select the sequence and click the Save sequence button in the sequence list .

The following save options are available in the file menu:

Save Frame As

Saves the image at the current frame.

Save Sequence As

Save the entire sequence, or a portion of the entire sequence. The $F variable should be used to specify the frame number location. Zero padding can be added to the frame numbers by specifying a digit right after the $F variable - $F4 will always use at least 4 digits (image0001.jpg).

Save Preview

Unlike the other two save methods, this saves the image exactly how it appears in the viewport, with all color corrections, the background image, cropping and proxy scaling applied (the pan and zoom is ignored). The image is always saved as an 8bit RGB image.

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