Houdini 19.0 MPlay viewer

Control flipbooks and renders in MPlay

When you open a flipbook or render in MPlay, you can use controls in the MPlay to control the generation of the sequence to some extent.

To...Do this

Cancel the flipbook/rendering

Render the most important parts of the image first

  • Click in the image area to control which tile in the image will be rendered next.

Start a new sequence

Reusing MPlay instances

MPlay can listen for renders and flipbook requests from Houdini.

To have MPlay listen for flipbooks, start it with mplay -K or mplay -flipbook. To have MPlay listen for renders, start it with mplay -k (lowercase k) or mplay -render.

A flipbook or render will automatically start an MPlay session if no MPlay session is listening for them.

MPlay viewer