Houdini 19.0 MPlay viewer

Open Images in MPlay

MPlay loads files into image sequences. Each sequence has a start frame, end frame, and playback rate. You can view multiple sequences at once in MPlay.

You can open a single image in MPlay or a sequence based on numbered filenames.

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Start MPlay from the command line

  • When you start MPlay from the command line, the files you pass as arguments are loaded as a sequence. However, if a filename includes $F, MPlay treats that filename as a pattern and loads it as a separate sequence.

Open a sequence

  • Choose File ▸ Open to discard any sequences currently open and open a new sequence.

    Choose File ▸ Merge to open a new sequence and add it to the existing sequences. See how to work with multiple open sequences .

    The open dialog includes extra controls for loading sub-sequences, reducing image sizes as you load, flipping images, etc.

Append a sequence from disk to an open sequence

  • In MPlay, choose File ▸ Append Sequence or File ▸ Prepend Sequence.

Render into an MPlay window

  • In the parameter editor of the render output driver, click the Render button. You can also click the icon located at the bottom-left corner of the viewer.


You can load a sequence as a background which will be visible through the transparent pixels of the current playing sequence. Choose Windows ▸ Display Options and click the Background tab.


MPlay automatically fits its size to the images when you open them from the command line. If you use File ▸ Open from within MPlay, it does not automatically adjust the window size. Press F to adjust the size manually.

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