Houdini 20.0 Networks and parameters

Modifying a node’s interface

How to change the parameter interface of a node.

There are two ways to change the interface of a node in Houdini:

The interface for editing parameters is largely identical either way. The only difference is how you open the editing window and the scope of its effects.

Networks and parameters


  • Network editor

    How to create, move, copy, and edit nodes.

  • Network navigation

    How to move around the networks and move between networks.

  • Connecting (wiring) nodes

    How to connect nodes to each other to make them work together.

  • Network types and node flags

    Flags represent some state information on the node, such as which node represents the output of the network. Different network types have different flags.

  • Badges

    Badges indicate some status information about a node. They usually appear as a row of icons below the name of the node.

  • Find nodes in a network

    How to use the Find dialog to find nodes based on various criteria.

Editing parameters

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