Houdini 20.0 Networks and parameters

Pattern matching in parameters

An explanation of the special characters available in pattern-matching parameters.

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String patterns

You can use string patterns anywhere an expression function needs a name (such as a parameter or node name) to match multiple things at once.


Matches any string.


Matches any single character.


Matches any of the characters between the square brackets. This does not support character ranges using a hyphen (you cannot do [a-z]).


Removes strings matching pattern from the previous match.


Matches attribute, object group, channel group, and/or bundle (depending on context).



Matches everything beginning with “geo”.


Matches everything beginning with “geo” or “Geo”.


Matches everything that has any character followed by “eo” and then any number of characters.

* ^geo1

Matches everything except the string “geo1”.

Numeric patterns in the Group node


  • Separate multiple patterns with spaces. Commas are not allowed as separator characters.

Networks and parameters


  • Network editor

    How to create, move, copy, and edit nodes.

  • Network navigation

    How to move around the networks and move between networks.

  • Connecting (wiring) nodes

    How to connect nodes to each other to make them work together.

  • Network types and node flags

    Flags represent some state information on the node, such as which node represents the output of the network. Different network types have different flags.

  • Badges

    Badges indicate some status information about a node. They usually appear as a row of icons below the name of the node.

  • Find nodes in a network

    How to use the Find dialog to find nodes based on various criteria.

Editing parameters

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