Houdini 19.5 Shelf tools

Bones from Curve shelf tool

Allows you to create a bone chain along a curve.

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This tool is useful for creating a character’s spine or tail, as it evenly spaces bones on a curve. It could also be used to form the skeleton of a snake.

Using Bones

  1. In the viewport, press ⇥ Tab and type Path.

  2. Draw the curve in the viewport.

  3. Make sure the curve is selected, and click the Bones from Curve tool on the Characters tab.

    You can change the Kinematics to Follow Curve in the drop-down menu on the operations toolbar if you want the bones to be bound to the curve. This allows you to modify the curve and the bone chain is automatically adjusted.

  4. Name the chain of bones in the Chain Name field on the operations toolbar.

    You can also increase or decrease the Number of Bones in the chain by changing the value in the value in the operations toolbar.

For specific parameter help see the Bones node help.

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