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HUSD_FindPrims Class Reference

#include <HUSD_FindPrims.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HUSD_FindPrims:

Public Types


Public Member Functions

 HUSD_FindPrims (HUSD_AutoAnyLock &lock, HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands demands=HUSD_TRAVERSAL_DEFAULT_DEMANDS, bool find_point_instancer_ids=false)
 HUSD_FindPrims (HUSD_AutoAnyLock &lock, const UT_StringRef &primpath, HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands demands=HUSD_TRAVERSAL_DEFAULT_DEMANDS)
 HUSD_FindPrims (HUSD_AutoAnyLock &lock, const UT_StringArray &primpaths, HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands demands=HUSD_TRAVERSAL_DEFAULT_DEMANDS)
 HUSD_FindPrims (HUSD_AutoAnyLock &lock, const HUSD_PathSet &primpaths, HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands demands=HUSD_TRAVERSAL_DEFAULT_DEMANDS)
 ~HUSD_FindPrims ()
const HUSD_PathSetgetExpandedPathSet () const
const HUSD_PathSetgetCollectionAwarePathSet () const
const HUSD_PathSetgetExcludedPathSet (bool skipdescendants) const
const HUSD_PathSetgetMissingExplicitPathSet () const
const HUSD_PathSetgetExpandedOrMissingExplicitPathSet () const
void setTraversalDemands (HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands demands)
HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands traversalDemands () const
void setAssumeWildcardsAroundPlainTokens (bool assume)
bool assumeWildcardsAroundPlainTokens () const
void setTrackMissingExplicitPrimitives (bool track_missing)
bool trackMissingExplicitPrimitives () const
void setWarnMissingExplicitPrimitives (bool warn_missing)
bool warnMissingExplicitPrimitives () const
void setCaseSensitive (bool casesensitive)
bool caseSensitive () const
bool addPaths (const HUSD_PathSet &paths)
bool addPattern (const UT_StringRef &pattern, int nodeid, const HUSD_TimeCode &timecode)
bool addPrimitiveType (const UT_StringRef &primtype)
bool addPrimitiveKind (const UT_StringRef &primkind)
bool addPrimitivePurpose (const UT_StringRef &primpurpose)
bool addVexpression (const UT_StringRef &vexpression, int nodeid, const HUSD_TimeCode &timecode) const
bool addBoundingBox (const UT_BoundingBox &bbox, const HUSD_TimeCode &t, const UT_StringArray &purposes, BBoxContainment containment)
bool addDescendants ()
bool addAncestors ()
const UT_StringMap< UT_Array
< int64 > > & 
getPointInstancerIds () const
bool getExcludedPointInstancerIds (UT_StringMap< UT_Array< int64 >> &excludedids, const HUSD_TimeCode &timecode) const
bool getIsEmpty () const
bool getFindPointInstancerIds () const
bool getIsTimeVarying () const
bool allowInstanceProxies () const
void setAllowHoudiniLayerInfo (bool allow)
bool allowHoudiniLayerInfo () const
UT_StringHolder getSingleCollectionPath () const
UT_StringHolder getSharedRootPrim () const
const UT_StringHoldergetLastError () const

Additional Inherited Members

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 UT_NonCopyable ()=default
 ~UT_NonCopyable ()=default
 UT_NonCopyable (const UT_NonCopyable &)=delete
UT_NonCopyableoperator= (const UT_NonCopyable &)=delete

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file HUSD_FindPrims.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 65 of file HUSD_FindPrims.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HUSD_FindPrims::HUSD_FindPrims ( HUSD_AutoAnyLock lock,
HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands  demands = HUSD_TRAVERSAL_DEFAULT_DEMANDS,
bool  find_point_instancer_ids = false 
HUSD_FindPrims::HUSD_FindPrims ( HUSD_AutoAnyLock lock,
const UT_StringRef primpath,
HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands  demands = HUSD_TRAVERSAL_DEFAULT_DEMANDS 
HUSD_FindPrims::HUSD_FindPrims ( HUSD_AutoAnyLock lock,
const UT_StringArray primpaths,
HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands  demands = HUSD_TRAVERSAL_DEFAULT_DEMANDS 
HUSD_FindPrims::HUSD_FindPrims ( HUSD_AutoAnyLock lock,
const HUSD_PathSet primpaths,
HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands  demands = HUSD_TRAVERSAL_DEFAULT_DEMANDS 
HUSD_FindPrims::~HUSD_FindPrims ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool HUSD_FindPrims::addAncestors ( )
bool HUSD_FindPrims::addBoundingBox ( const UT_BoundingBox bbox,
const HUSD_TimeCode t,
const UT_StringArray purposes,
BBoxContainment  containment 
bool HUSD_FindPrims::addDescendants ( )
bool HUSD_FindPrims::addPaths ( const HUSD_PathSet paths)
bool HUSD_FindPrims::addPattern ( const UT_StringRef pattern,
int  nodeid,
const HUSD_TimeCode timecode 
bool HUSD_FindPrims::addPrimitiveKind ( const UT_StringRef primkind)
bool HUSD_FindPrims::addPrimitivePurpose ( const UT_StringRef primpurpose)
bool HUSD_FindPrims::addPrimitiveType ( const UT_StringRef primtype)
bool HUSD_FindPrims::addVexpression ( const UT_StringRef vexpression,
int  nodeid,
const HUSD_TimeCode timecode 
) const
bool HUSD_FindPrims::allowHoudiniLayerInfo ( ) const
bool HUSD_FindPrims::allowInstanceProxies ( ) const
bool HUSD_FindPrims::assumeWildcardsAroundPlainTokens ( ) const
bool HUSD_FindPrims::caseSensitive ( ) const
const HUSD_PathSet& HUSD_FindPrims::getCollectionAwarePathSet ( ) const
const HUSD_PathSet& HUSD_FindPrims::getExcludedPathSet ( bool  skipdescendants) const
bool HUSD_FindPrims::getExcludedPointInstancerIds ( UT_StringMap< UT_Array< int64 >> &  excludedids,
const HUSD_TimeCode timecode 
) const
const HUSD_PathSet& HUSD_FindPrims::getExpandedOrMissingExplicitPathSet ( ) const
const HUSD_PathSet& HUSD_FindPrims::getExpandedPathSet ( ) const
bool HUSD_FindPrims::getFindPointInstancerIds ( ) const
bool HUSD_FindPrims::getIsEmpty ( ) const
bool HUSD_FindPrims::getIsTimeVarying ( ) const
const UT_StringHolder& HUSD_FindPrims::getLastError ( ) const

Return a string describing the last error generated by a failed call to this object's methods.

Definition at line 138 of file HUSD_FindPrims.h.

const HUSD_PathSet& HUSD_FindPrims::getMissingExplicitPathSet ( ) const
const UT_StringMap<UT_Array<int64> >& HUSD_FindPrims::getPointInstancerIds ( ) const
UT_StringHolder HUSD_FindPrims::getSharedRootPrim ( ) const

Returns the path to the most nested primitive that is the shared root primitive of every primitive in our expanded set. If the shared root prim is the absolute root, we return an empty string.

UT_StringHolder HUSD_FindPrims::getSingleCollectionPath ( ) const

Returns a collection path, if only a single collection was added. Returns an empty string, if primitive target consists of more than a single collection.

void HUSD_FindPrims::setAllowHoudiniLayerInfo ( bool  allow)

Generally speaking, HUSD_FindPrims will never return the HoudiniLayerInfo prim. But there are some circumstances where we may wish to allow it.

void HUSD_FindPrims::setAssumeWildcardsAroundPlainTokens ( bool  assume)
void HUSD_FindPrims::setCaseSensitive ( bool  casesensitive)
void HUSD_FindPrims::setTrackMissingExplicitPrimitives ( bool  track_missing)
void HUSD_FindPrims::setTraversalDemands ( HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands  demands)
void HUSD_FindPrims::setWarnMissingExplicitPrimitives ( bool  warn_missing)
bool HUSD_FindPrims::trackMissingExplicitPrimitives ( ) const
HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands HUSD_FindPrims::traversalDemands ( ) const
bool HUSD_FindPrims::warnMissingExplicitPrimitives ( ) const

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