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PRM_ParmMicroNode Class Reference

#include <PRM_ParmMicroNode.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for PRM_ParmMicroNode:

Public Member Functions

 PRM_ParmMicroNode ()
 PRM_ParmMicroNode (PRM_Parm &parm, int sub_index)
void init (PRM_Parm &parm, int sub_index)
void clearInputs () override
const char * className () const override
int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const override
 Obtain approximate memory usage. More...
void dump (std::ostream &os, const char *prefix=0, int indent_level=0) const override
 Dump contents to output stream, strictly for debugging purposes. More...
const PRM_ParmownerParm () const
PRM_ParmownerParm ()
int parmIndex () const
int subIndex () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DEP_MicroNode
 DEP_MicroNode ()
virtual ~DEP_MicroNode ()
virtual void getInputs (DEP_MicroNodeList &inputs) const
virtual void getOutputs (DEP_MicroNodeList &outputs) const
virtual void update (fpreal t)
virtual bool requiresUpdate (fpreal t) const
void propagateDirty (Visitor client_visit, bool only_outputs=false)
virtual void becameDirty (DEP_MicroNode &src, const DEP_PropagateData &propdata)
void traverseAncestorInputs (const TraverseVisitor &visitor) const
 Traverse all ancestor inputs of this micronode. More...
bool markVisitPass (int pass)
SYS_FORCE_INLINE int lastVisitPass () const
void dumpAsDOT (std::ostream &os, const char *prefix=0, int indent_level=0) const
 Dump the contents is a manner more suitable for DOT. More...
bool inheritTimeDependentFromExplicitInputs ()
bool inheritTimeInterestedFromExplicitInputs ()
bool inheritContextOptionDepsFromExplicitInputs (const UT_StringArray &ignore_deps)
void addExplicitInput (DEP_MicroNode &inp, bool check_dup)
 Methods for manipulating explicit edges. More...
void addExplicitInput (DEP_MicroNode &inp)
 Add an input that this micronode depends on. More...
void addExplicitInputs (const DEP_MicroNodeList &sources, bool check_dup=true)
 Bulk add multiple explicit inputs at once. More...
void getExplicitInputs (DEP_MicroNodeList &inputs) const
 Get list of all non-null explicit inputs. More...
int getNumExplicitInputs () const
 Get the number of non-null inputs. More...
void getExplicitOutputs (DEP_MicroNodeList &outputs) const
 Get list of all non-null explicit outputs. More...
int getNumExplicitOutputs () const
 Get the number of non-null outputs. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool isDirty () const
 Flag accessors. More...
void setDirty (bool flag, bool allow_clear=true)
 Flag accessors. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool isTimeDependent () const
 Flag accessors. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void setTimeDependent (bool time_dependent)
 Flag accessors. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool isTimeInterested () const
 Flag accessors. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void setTimeInterested (bool time_interested)
 Flag accessors. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool hasContextOptionDeps () const
 Flag accessors. More...
getContextOptionDeps () const
 Flag accessors. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void addContextOptionDeps (const DEP_ContextOptionDeps &opts)
 Flag accessors. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void addContextOptionDep (const UT_StringHolder &opt)
 Flag accessors. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void clearContextOptionDeps ()
 Flag accessors. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool isOpDataMicroNode () const
 Flag accessors. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DEP_MicroNode
typedef std::function< void(DEP_MicroNode
&, DEP_MicroNode &) > 
typedef std::function< bool(const
DEP_MicroNode &, const
DEP_MicroNode &) > 
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DEP_MicroNode
static SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool canClearDependencies ()
 Global control whether dependencies can be cleared. More...
static SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool canEvaluateExports ()
 Global control whether we can evaluate exports. More...
static SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool isSameTime (fpreal a, fpreal b)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UT_SmallObject< UT_NonCopyable >
static voidoperator new (size_t size)
 Regular new/delete operators. More...
static void operator delete (void *p, size_t size)
 Regular new/delete operators. More...
static voidoperator new (size_t, void *p)
static void operator delete (void *, void *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DEP_MicroNode
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void setIsOpDataMicroNode (bool b)
virtual bool isEvaluating () const
virtual void evaluateExports ()
virtual bool isExporting () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file PRM_ParmMicroNode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PRM_ParmMicroNode::PRM_ParmMicroNode ( )

Definition at line 30 of file PRM_ParmMicroNode.h.

PRM_ParmMicroNode::PRM_ParmMicroNode ( PRM_Parm parm,
int  sub_index 

Definition at line 36 of file PRM_ParmMicroNode.h.

Member Function Documentation

const char* PRM_ParmMicroNode::className ( ) const

Reimplemented from DEP_MicroNode.

Definition at line 45 of file PRM_ParmMicroNode.h.

void PRM_ParmMicroNode::clearInputs ( )

Clear all inputs, including any state data related to them. Default implementation just calls clearExplicitInputs() and setTimeDependent(false).

Reimplemented from DEP_MicroNode.

void PRM_ParmMicroNode::dump ( std::ostream &  os,
const char *  prefix = 0,
int  indent_level = 0 
) const

Dump contents to output stream, strictly for debugging purposes.

Reimplemented from DEP_MicroNode.

int64 PRM_ParmMicroNode::getMemoryUsage ( bool  inclusive) const

Obtain approximate memory usage.

Reimplemented from DEP_MicroNode.

void PRM_ParmMicroNode::init ( PRM_Parm parm,
int  sub_index 
const PRM_Parm& PRM_ParmMicroNode::ownerParm ( ) const

Definition at line 55 of file PRM_ParmMicroNode.h.

PRM_Parm& PRM_ParmMicroNode::ownerParm ( )

Definition at line 57 of file PRM_ParmMicroNode.h.

int PRM_ParmMicroNode::parmIndex ( ) const
int PRM_ParmMicroNode::subIndex ( ) const

Definition at line 61 of file PRM_ParmMicroNode.h.

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