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XUSD_Data Class Reference

#include <XUSD_Data.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for XUSD_Data:

Public Member Functions

 XUSD_Data (HUSD_MirroringType mirroring)
 ~XUSD_Data ()
bool isStageValid () const
UsdStageRefPtr stage () const
SdfLayerRefPtr activeLayer () const
std::set< std::stringgetStageLayersToRemoveFromLayerBreak () const
SdfLayerRefPtr createFlattenedLayer (HUSD_StripLayerResponse response) const
SdfLayerRefPtr createFlattenedStage (HUSD_StripLayerResponse response) const
const XUSD_LayerAtPathArraysourceLayers () const
const HUSD_ConstOverridesPtroverrides () const
const SdfLayerRefPtrsessionLayer (HUSD_OverridesLayerId id) const
const HUSD_LoadMasksPtrloadMasks () const
const std::stringrootLayerIdentifier () const
bool addLayer (const std::string &filepath, const SdfLayerOffset &offset, int position, XUSD_AddLayerOp add_layer_op)
bool addLayer (const XUSD_LayerAtPath &layer, int position, XUSD_AddLayerOp add_layer_op)
bool addLayers (const XUSD_LayerAtPathArray &layers)
bool addLayer ()
bool removeLayer (const std::string &filepath)
bool applyLayerBreak ()
void addTicket (const XUSD_TicketPtr &ticket)
void addTickets (const XUSD_TicketArray &tickets)
const XUSD_TicketArraytickets () const
void addReplacements (const XUSD_LayerArray &replacements)
const XUSD_LayerArrayreplacements () const
void addLockedStage (const HUSD_LockedStagePtr &stage)
void addLockedStages (const HUSD_LockedStageArray &stages)
const HUSD_LockedStageArraylockedStages () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from UT_IntrusiveRefCounter< XUSD_Data >
SYS_FORCE_INLINE UT_IntrusiveRefCounter ()
 Default constructor: Sets counter to 0. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE UT_IntrusiveRefCounter (const UT_IntrusiveRefCounter &)
 Copy constructor: Sets counter to 0. More...
UT_IntrusiveRefCounteroperator= (const UT_IntrusiveRefCounter &)
 Assignment operator: Does not modify counter. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE uint32 use_count () const
 Return current counter. More...


class ::HUSD_DataHandle

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from UT_IntrusiveRefCounter< XUSD_Data >
SYS_FORCE_INLINE ~UT_IntrusiveRefCounter ()
 Destructor: Only derived classes can destruct this. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UT_NonCopyableNS::UT_NonCopyable
 UT_NonCopyable ()=default
 ~UT_NonCopyable ()=default
 UT_NonCopyable (const UT_NonCopyable &)=delete
UT_NonCopyableoperator= (const UT_NonCopyable &)=delete

Detailed Description

Definition at line 87 of file XUSD_Data.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XUSD_Data::XUSD_Data ( HUSD_MirroringType  mirroring)
XUSD_Data::~XUSD_Data ( )

Member Function Documentation

SdfLayerRefPtr XUSD_Data::activeLayer ( ) const
bool XUSD_Data::addLayer ( const std::string filepath,
const SdfLayerOffset offset,
int  position,
XUSD_AddLayerOp  add_layer_op 
bool XUSD_Data::addLayer ( const XUSD_LayerAtPath layer,
int  position,
XUSD_AddLayerOp  add_layer_op 
bool XUSD_Data::addLayer ( )
bool XUSD_Data::addLayers ( const XUSD_LayerAtPathArray layers)
void XUSD_Data::addLockedStage ( const HUSD_LockedStagePtr stage)
void XUSD_Data::addLockedStages ( const HUSD_LockedStageArray stages)
void XUSD_Data::addReplacements ( const XUSD_LayerArray replacements)
void XUSD_Data::addTicket ( const XUSD_TicketPtr ticket)
void XUSD_Data::addTickets ( const XUSD_TicketArray tickets)
bool XUSD_Data::applyLayerBreak ( )
SdfLayerRefPtr XUSD_Data::createFlattenedLayer ( HUSD_StripLayerResponse  response) const
SdfLayerRefPtr XUSD_Data::createFlattenedStage ( HUSD_StripLayerResponse  response) const
std::set<std::string> XUSD_Data::getStageLayersToRemoveFromLayerBreak ( ) const
bool XUSD_Data::isStageValid ( ) const
const HUSD_LoadMasksPtr& XUSD_Data::loadMasks ( ) const
const HUSD_LockedStageArray& XUSD_Data::lockedStages ( ) const
const HUSD_ConstOverridesPtr& XUSD_Data::overrides ( ) const
bool XUSD_Data::removeLayer ( const std::string filepath)
const XUSD_LayerArray& XUSD_Data::replacements ( ) const
const std::string& XUSD_Data::rootLayerIdentifier ( ) const
const SdfLayerRefPtr& XUSD_Data::sessionLayer ( HUSD_OverridesLayerId  id) const
const XUSD_LayerAtPathArray& XUSD_Data::sourceLayers ( ) const
UsdStageRefPtr XUSD_Data::stage ( ) const
const XUSD_TicketArray& XUSD_Data::tickets ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ::HUSD_DataHandle

Definition at line 238 of file XUSD_Data.h.

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