Houdini 20.0 Animation

Animate cameras and lights

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Keyframing cameras and lights

  1. Click to set the selection mode to objects.

  2. In the viewer, click the camera or light you want to animate.

  3. Use the handles to position and point the camera/light.

  4. Press K to set a keyframe on the currently visible handle’s parameters.

See animation basics for more information on setting keyframes.

Animate cuts between cameras

  1. Set up the cameras in the scene.

  2. Use the Switcher tool to create a Switcher camera.

  3. Connect your other cameras to the input of the Switcher camera.

  4. Use the Switcher node’s Switch camera parameter to switch between cameras. You can set a keyframe on the parameter, or control it with an expression .

  5. Set your render node's camera to the switcher instead of a normal camera.


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