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Bookmarks are markers on a single frame or range of frames on the playbar and animation editor timelines that help to organize and identify the different parts of your animation at a glance. You can create, edit, and view bookmarks on the playbar, in the bookmark editor, and in the animation editor.


See playbar for information on creating, editing and viewing bookmarks on the playbar.

Bookmark editor

To...Do this

Open a Bookmark Editor window

Choose Windows ▸ Bookmark Editor.


Click New Tab at the top of a pane and choose New Pane Tab Type ▸ Animation ▸ Bookmark Editor.


RMB click a bookmark on the playbar and choose Bookmark Editor.

Create a new bookmark

Click at the bottom left corner of the bookmark editor.

The bookmark will be created at the current time. By default, the Start frame is set to the current frame on the timeline, and the End frame is set to one second after the Start frame. For example, if the current frame on the timeline is 80 and FPS = 24, then by default, Start = 80 and End = 104.

Select multiple bookmarks

LMB drag up or down the bookmark names to select multiple bookmarks.

Hold CTRL and select multiple bookmarks.

Hold SHIFT to select multiple adjacent bookmarks.

Change the bookmark name

Double-click on the bookmark name, enter a new name, and click ENTER.

Sort bookmarks

Click the column title to sort by the field value.

Adjust the start frame, end frame and bookmark frame range

Click the Start, Length or End values, enter a new value, and click ENTER.


LMB drag the Start, Length and End values left or right.

If you are sorting the rows by Start, Length or End, the bookmark rows will be sorted automatically as you change these field values.

Display/hide bookmarks

If the bookmark is visible, will be displayed. If the bookmark is hidden, will be displayed.

To toggle the display, click /.

You can set the display for multiple bookmarks by:

  • LMB dragging up or down the visibility column to set the display for adjacent bookmarks.

  • Selecting multiple bookmarks and toggling the display.

Delete a bookmark

Select the bookmark and click at the bottom left corner of the bookmark editor.

Jump to the start or end frame of a bookmark

Click to set the current frame to the start frame of the bookmark.

Click to set the current frame to the end frame of the bookmark.

Set the playback range to a bookmark frame range

Click to set the playback range to the bookmark frame range. Click again to jump back out to the previous frame range.

This is the same functionality as double-clicking a bookmark on the playbar.

Change a bookmark color

Click the color chip beside the bookmark name to open a color palette. SHIFT click the color chip to bring up the full color editor.

You can set the color of multiple bookmark by selecting multiple bookmarks, and then choosing the color by clicking the color chip.

Bookmarks menu

New Bookmark

Creates a new bookmark at the current frame.


Opens a dialog for importing bookmarks.

Export All

Exports all bookmarks to a JSON or OTIO file.

Export Selected

Exports the selected bookmarks to a JSON or OTIO file.

Edit menu

Select All

Selects all bookmarks.

Select None

Unselects all bookmarks.


Deletes the selected bookmarks.


Makes a duplicate of the selected bookmarks. The new bookmark names will be appended with “Copy”.

Edit Properties

Brings up a Bookmark window where you can edit the bookmark Name, Start frame, End frame, Color and Comment.

Animation editor

See animation editor for information on creating, editing and viewing bookmarks in the animation editor.


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