How do I set a key?

How do I see or change the parameters that are keyed?

How do I change the animation curves?

  1. Add the parameter to the channel list.

  2. Open the animation editor.

  3. Select a segment between two keys. Choose a function from the pop-up menu at the right end of the Function text box below the graph, or type a custom expression into the Function box directly. You can also change the shape of the graph segment by clicking the available function buttons on top of the graph. See editing curves for more information.

How do I move and scale keys?

How do I make Houdini set keys automatically whenever I make a change?

How do I edit the values on a keyframe without automatically changing the keyed values?

Turn off auto-commit. See auto-key preferences.

How do I set up groups of channels so that I can key them easily?

How do I set the frame rate of my animation?

  1. Click on the left of the playbar to open the Global Animation Options window.

  2. Edit the FPS option.


Changing the frames per second will change the number of frames for the same time duration.

How do I make my animation more than 240 frames long?

  1. Click to open the Global Animation Options window.

  2. Edit the End option, then click Apply.

How do I move the pivot point of an object or move the handle away from the center of an object?


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