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GR_UtilsVK.h File Reference
#include "GR_API.h"
#include "GR_Defines.h"
#include <UT/UT_Map.h>
#include <UT/UT_StringHolder.h>
#include <UT/UT_UniquePtr.h>
#include <UT/UT_VectorTypes.h>
#include <GT/GT_Primitive.h>
#include <GT/GT_Types.h>
#include <RV/RV_Type.h>
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class  GR_InstanceBuffer


 Utility GR methods common to all renderers.


RV_GPUType GR_Utils::getRVType (GT_Storage s)
GR_API RV_GPUType GR_Utils::getAttributeType (RV_Render *r, const char *attrib_name, const GT_DataArrayHandle &pa, const GR_DisplayOption &opts, RV_AttributeType array_type, int &out_vsize)
GR_API voidGR_Utils::fillAttribData (RV_Render *r, const char *attrib_name, const GT_DataArrayHandle &pa, const GR_DisplayOption &opts, RV_AttributeType array, bool build_string_tables=true)
GR_API GR_SelectMode GR_Utils::buildInstSelectInfo (RV_Render *r, RV_Geometry *geo, const GR_UpdateParms &p, RE_CacheVersion top_ver, GT_DataArrayHandle prim_id, GT_DataArrayHandle pnt_id, GT_DataArrayHandle vert_id, bool is_offset=true, int inst_per_prim=1, UT_Array< uint8 > *selected=nullptr)
GR_API bool GR_Utils::createOrReuseSet (RV_Render *r, UT_UniquePtr< RV_ShaderVariableSet > &set, int set_num, const RV_ShaderProgramBase *shader, bool *created=nullptr, const char *name=nullptr)
GR_API bool GR_Utils::initBuiltinBlock (RV_Render *r, UT_UniquePtr< RV_ShaderBlock > &block, const char *name, RV_ShaderVariableSet *set, const RV_ShaderProgramBase *shader)
GR_API void GR_Utils::loadAtlas (RV_Instance *inst, RV_ShaderAtlas &atlas, UT_Map< exint, RV_ShaderProgram * > &programmap)
GR_API void GR_Utils::buildCurvePrimInfo (const GT_PrimCurveMesh *cmesh, const GR_UpdateParms &p, RV_Geometry *geo, GR_GeoRender *gr, RE_CacheVersion geo_version, UT_Vector4iArray &data, UT_Int32Array *opt_curve_oder=nullptr)