Houdini 19.5 Destruction

Visualizing fractured geometry

The RBD Exploded View is similar to the Exploded View SOP as it pushes selected geometry out from the center to allow you to better visualize how fractured geometry is broken up and constrained.

This node also allows you to visualize the difference between high-res and low-res geometry. Turning on Show Proxy Geometry will draw a white outline for the original proxy geometry, so you can see how closely the high-res geometry matches.

It also lets you visualize the network of constraints, by turning on the Show Constraints checkbox, with additional display information available in the Visualize dropdown menu.

The third checkbox allows you to view where the __Convex Hulls__are, which is useful to see if there are any areas that look really concave compared to what their collision geometry would be in Bullet.


The RBD Exploded View also has a Visualize dropdown menu with different options, which lets you change the display of the pieces and constraints. This can be very useful for debugging.

Geometry Outside Proxy

Colors areas red where your geometry is poking out beyond the proxy geometry.


Displays the fracture pieces in different colors.


Gives you a histogram of the volume distribution amongst the pieces.

Strength and stiffness constraints

Lets you visualize the strength values if you have glue constraints, and the stiffness values if you have spring constraints.

For more information, see the RBD Exploded View help page.


RBD Material Fracturing

Next steps

Introduction to Material Based Destruction

  • Getting Started

    Loading the source scene and exploring it.

  • Tutorial

    Step by step introduction to material based destruction.