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HOM_ChopNode Class Referenceabstract

#include <HOM_ChopNode.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HOM_ChopNode:

Public Member Functions

 HOM_ChopNode ()
 HOM_ChopNode (const HOM_ChopNode &chop_node)
 ~HOM_ChopNode () override
virtual bool isBypassed ()=0
virtual void bypass (bool on)=0
virtual bool isLocked ()=0
virtual void setLocked (bool on)=0
virtual bool isDisplayFlagSet ()=0
virtual void setDisplayFlag (bool on)=0
virtual bool isAudioFlagSet ()=0
virtual void setAudioFlag (bool on)=0
virtual bool isExportFlagSet ()=0
virtual void setExportFlag (bool on)=0
virtual bool isUnloadFlagSet ()=0
virtual void setUnloadFlag (bool on)=0
virtual bool isCurrentFlagSet ()=0
virtual void setCurrentFlag (bool on)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Track > > 
tracks (int output_index=0, bool cook=true)=0
virtual HOM_Tracktrack (const char *track_name, int output_index=0, bool cook=true)=0
virtual HOM_Clipclip (int output_index=0)=0
virtual double sampleRate ()=0
virtual std::pair< double, double > sampleRange ()=0
virtual double frameToSamples (double frame)=0
virtual double samplesToFrame (double samples)=0
virtual double timeToSamples (double time)=0
virtual double samplesToTime (double samples)=0
virtual HOM_BinaryString clipData (bool binary)=0
virtual HOM_BinaryString clipData (bool binary, std::vector< std::string > parms, double start=-1, double end=-1)=0
virtual void setClipData (HOM_BinaryString source, bool binary, double offset=0, const char *rename=0)=0
virtual bool saveClip (const std::string &filename)=0
virtual bool saveClip (const std::string &filename, std::vector< std::string > parms, double start, double end)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from HOM_Node
 HOM_Node ()
 HOM_Node (const HOM_Node &node)
 ~HOM_Node () override
virtual std::vector< std::string_getArgumentAutoComplete (const char *method_name, const char *arguments, bool meta_info_only=false)=0
int __hash__ () override=0
virtual std::string __repr__ ()=0
virtual bool operator== (HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_Node > node)=0
virtual bool operator!= (HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_Node > node)=0
virtual std::string __str__ ()=0
virtual HOM_NodeInfoTree infoTree (bool verbose=false, bool debug=false, int output_index=0)=0
virtual bool isNetwork ()=0
virtual HOM_NodeTypetype ()=0
virtual HOM_NodeTypeCategorychildTypeCategory ()=0
virtual bool isFlagReadable (HOM_EnumValue &flag)=0
virtual bool isFlagWritable (HOM_EnumValue &flag)=0
virtual bool isGenericFlagSet (HOM_EnumValue &flag)=0
virtual void setGenericFlag (HOM_EnumValue &flag, bool value)=0
virtual bool isDisplayDescriptiveNameFlagSet ()=0
virtual void setDisplayDescriptiveNameFlag (bool on)=0
virtual int outputForViewFlag ()=0
virtual void setOutputForViewFlag (int output)=0
virtual int opTypeIdAsInt ()=0
virtual int objTypeAsInt ()=0
virtual HOM_Nodenode (const char *node_path)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
nodes (const std::vector< std::string > &node_paths)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
cookPathNodes ()=0
virtual HOM_NetworkMovableItemitem (const char *item_path)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr
< HOM_NetworkMovableItem > > 
items (const std::vector< std::string > &item_paths)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
glob (const char *pattern, bool ignore_case=false)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
recursiveGlob (const char *pattern, HOM_EnumValue &filter=HOM_nodeTypeFilter::NoFilter, bool include_subnets=true)=0
virtual HOM_NodecreateNode (const char *node_type_name, const char *node_name=NULL, bool run_init_scripts=true, bool load_contents=true, bool exact_type_name=false, bool force_valid_node_name=false)=0
virtual void runInitScripts ()=0
virtual void createOrMoveVisualizer (int output_index)=0
virtual int inputIndex (const char *input_name)=0
virtual int outputIndex (const char *output_name)=0
virtual void setInput (int input_index, HOM_NetworkMovableItem *item_to_become_input, int output_index=0)=0
virtual void setNamedInput (const char *input_name, HOM_NetworkMovableItem *item_to_become_input, const char *output_name)=0
virtual void setNamedInput (const char *input_name, HOM_NetworkMovableItem *item_to_become_input, int output_index)=0
virtual void setFirstInput (HOM_NetworkMovableItem *item_to_become_input, int output_index=0)=0
virtual void setNextInput (HOM_NetworkMovableItem *item_to_become_input, int output_index=0, bool unordered_only=false)=0
virtual void insertInput (int input_index, HOM_NetworkMovableItem *item_to_become_input, int output_index=0)=0
virtual int numOrderedInputs ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
inputs ()=0
virtual HOM_Nodeinput (int input_index)=0
virtual HOM_NodeinputFollowingOutputs (int input_index)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr
< HOM_NodeConnection > > 
inputConnections ()=0
virtual HOM_IterableList
< std::vector< HOM_ElemPtr
< HOM_NodeConnection > > > * 
inputConnectors ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
inputAncestors (bool include_ref_inputs=true, bool follow_subnets=false, bool only_used_inputs=false)=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringinputNames ()=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringinputLabels ()=0
virtual std::map< std::string,
editableInputStrings (int input_index)=0
virtual std::string editableInputString (int input_index, const char *key)=0
virtual void setEditableInputString (int input_index, const char *key, const char *value)=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringoutputNames ()=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringoutputLabels ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
outputs ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr
< HOM_NodeConnection > > 
outputConnections ()=0
virtual HOM_IterableList
< std::vector< HOM_ElemPtr
< HOM_NodeConnection > > > * 
outputConnectors ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
references (bool include_children=true)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
dependents (bool include_children=true)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
children ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
allSubChildren (bool top_down=true, bool recurse_in_locked_nodes=true)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
selectedChildren (bool include_hidden=false, bool include_hidden_support_nodes=false)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr
< HOM_NetworkMovableItem > > 
allItems ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr
< HOM_NetworkMovableItem > > 
selectedItems (bool include_hidden=false, bool include_hidden_support_nodes=false)=0
virtual int numItems (HOM_EnumValue *item_type=NULL, bool selected_only=false, bool include_hidden=false)=0
virtual void deleteItems (const std::vector< HOM_NetworkMovableItem * > &items=std::vector< HOM_NetworkMovableItem * >(), bool disable_safety_checks=false)=0
virtual void copyItemsToClipboard (const std::vector< HOM_NetworkMovableItem * > &items=std::vector< HOM_NetworkMovableItem * >())=0
virtual void pasteItemsFromClipboard (HOM_Vector2 *position=NULL)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr
< HOM_NetworkMovableItem > > 
copyItems (const std::vector< HOM_NetworkMovableItem * > &items, bool channel_reference_originals=false, bool relative_references=true, bool connect_outputs_to_multi_inputs=false)=0
virtual HOM_Nodecreator ()=0
virtual bool isInsideLockedHDA ()=0
virtual bool isEditableInsideLockedHDA ()=0
virtual bool isEditable ()=0
virtual bool isLockedHDA ()=0
virtual bool isCompiled ()=0
virtual bool isMaterialManager ()=0
virtual HOM_HDAModulehdaModule ()=0
virtual HOM_HDAViewerStateModulehdaViewerStateModule ()=0
virtual HOM_HDAModulehm ()
virtual HOM_Vector2moveToGoodPosition (bool relative_to_inputs=true, bool move_inputs=true, bool move_outputs=true, bool move_unconnected=true)=0
 SWIGOUT (%kwargs layoutChildren)
virtual void layoutChildren (const std::vector< HOM_NetworkMovableItem * > &items=std::vector< HOM_NetworkMovableItem * >(), double horizontal_spacing=-1, double vertical_spacing=-1)=0
virtual bool isCurrent ()=0
virtual void setCurrent (bool on, bool clear_all_selected=false)=0
virtual bool isHidden ()=0
virtual void hide (bool on)=0
virtual std::string comment ()=0
virtual void setComment (const char *comment)=0
virtual void appendComment (const char *comment)=0
virtual std::string creatorState ()=0
virtual void setCreatorState (const char *state)=0
virtual bool isBuiltExplicitly ()=0
virtual void setBuiltExplicitly (bool built_explicitly)=0
virtual HOM_EnumValueexpressionLanguage ()=0
virtual void setExpressionLanguage (HOM_EnumValue &language)=0
virtual HOM_Parmparm (const char *parm_path)=0
virtual HOM_ParmTupleparmTuple (const char *parm_path)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Parm > > 
globParms (const char *pattern, bool ignore_case=false, bool search_label=false, bool single_pattern=false)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Parm > > 
parms ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Parm > > 
parmsReferencingThis ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_ParmTuple > > 
parmTuples ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Parm > > 
spareParms ()=0
virtual void removeSpareParms ()=0
virtual void syncNodeVersionIfNeeded (const std::string &from_version)=0
virtual void setParmTemplateGroup (HOM_ParmTemplateGroup &parm_template_group, bool rename_conflicting_parms=false)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_ParmTuple > > 
parmTuplesInFolder (const std::vector< std::string > &folder_names)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Parm > > 
parmsInFolder (const std::vector< std::string > &folder_names)=0
virtual HOM_ParmTemplateGroupparmTemplateGroup ()=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringlocalVariables ()=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringlocalAttributes ()=0
virtual bool isTimeDependent ()=0
virtual void destroy (bool disable_safety_checks=false)=0
virtual void allowEditingOfContents (bool propagate=false)=0
virtual void matchCurrentDefinition ()=0
virtual bool matchesCurrentDefinition ()=0
virtual std::map< HOM_ElemPtr
< HOM_Parm >, std::string
parmAliases (bool recurse=false)=0
virtual void clearParmAliases ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_NetworkBox > > 
networkBoxes ()=0
virtual HOM_IterableList
< HOM_NetworkBox > * 
iterNetworkBoxes ()=0
virtual HOM_NetworkBoxcreateNetworkBox (const char *name=NULL)=0
virtual HOM_NetworkBoxcopyNetworkBox (HOM_NetworkBox &network_box_to_copy, const char *new_name=NULL, bool channel_reference_original=false)=0
virtual HOM_NetworkBoxfindNetworkBox (const char *name)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_NetworkBox > > 
findNetworkBoxes (const char *pattern)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_NetworkDot > > 
networkDots ()=0
virtual HOM_NetworkDotcreateNetworkDot ()=0
 SWIGOUT (%kwargs changeNodeType)
virtual HOM_NodechangeNodeType (const char *new_node_type, bool keep_name=true, bool keep_parms=true, bool keep_network_contents=true, bool force_change_on_node_type_match=false)=0
virtual bool canCreateDigitalAsset ()=0
 SWIGOUT (%kwargs createDigitalAsset)
virtual HOM_NodecreateDigitalAsset (const char *name=NULL, const char *hda_file_name=NULL, const char *description=NULL, int min_num_inputs=0, int max_num_inputs=0, bool compress_contents=false, const char *comment=NULL, const char *version=NULL, bool save_as_embedded=false, bool ignore_external_references=false, bool compile_asset=false, bool change_node_type=true, bool create_backup=true, const char *install_path=NULL)=0
 SWIGOUT (%kwargs createCompiledDigitalAsset)
virtual void createCompiledDigitalAsset (const char *name=NULL, const char *hda_file_name=NULL, const char *description=NULL)=0
virtual HOM_NodecollapseIntoSubnet (const std::vector< HOM_NetworkMovableItem * > &child_items, const char *subnet_name=NULL, const char *subnet_type=NULL)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr
< HOM_NetworkMovableItem > > 
extractAndDelete ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr
< HOM_SubnetIndirectInput > > 
indirectInputs ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
subnetOutputs ()=0
virtual bool isSubNetwork ()=0
virtual void setUserData (const char *name, const std::string &value)=0
virtual hboost::any boostAnyUserData (const char *name)=0
virtual void destroyUserData (const char *name)=0
virtual void clearUserDataDict ()=0
virtual std::map< std::string,
userDataDict ()=0
virtual void selectNextVisibleWorkItem ()=0
virtual void selectPreviousVisibleWorkItem ()=0
virtual void setCurrentTOPPage (int page)=0
virtual void setOpaqueCachedUserData (const char *name, void *opaque_py_object)=0
virtual voidopaqueCachedUserData (const char *name)=0
virtual void destroyCachedUserData (const char *name)=0
virtual void clearCachedUserDataDict ()=0
virtual std::map< std::string,
cachedUserDataDict ()=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringdataBlockKeys (const char *blocktype=nullptr)=0
virtual std::string dataBlockType (const char *key)=0
virtual HOM_BinaryString dataBlock (const char *key)=0
virtual void setDataBlock (const char *key, const char *data, const char *blocktype)=0
virtual std::string asCode (bool brief=false, bool recurse=false, bool save_channels_only=false, bool save_creation_commands=true, bool save_keys_in_frames=false, bool save_outgoing_wires=false, bool save_parm_values_only=false, bool save_spare_parms=true, const char *function_name=NULL)=0
virtual bool canGenerateCookCode (bool check_parent=false, bool check_auto_shader=true)=0
virtual HOM_NodecookCodeGeneratorNode ()=0
virtual std::string cookCodeLanguage ()=0
virtual bool supportsMultiCookCodeContexts ()=0
virtual void saveCookCodeToFile (const char *file_name, bool skip_header=false, const char *context_name=NULL)=0
void saveCodeToFile (const char *file_name, bool skip_header=false, const char *context_name=NULL)
virtual void saveCompiledCookCodeToFile (const char *file_name, const char *context_name=NULL)=0
void saveToCompiledVexFile (const char *file_name, const char *context_name=NULL)
virtual void cook (bool force=false, const std::vector< double > frame_range=std::vector< double >())=0
virtual void _cookNoInterruptInternal (bool force=false, const std::vector< double > frame_range=std::vector< double >())=0
virtual bool needsToCook ()=0
 Determine if this node to cook at the current evaluation time. More...
virtual bool needsToCook (double time)=0
 Determine if this node to cook at the given time. More...
virtual int cookCount ()=0
virtual void updateParmStates ()=0
virtual std::string deleteScript ()=0
virtual void setDeleteScript (const std::string &script_text, HOM_EnumValue &language=HOM_scriptLanguage::Python)=0
virtual HOM_StickyNotecreateStickyNote (const char *name=NULL)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_StickyNote > > 
stickyNotes ()=0
virtual HOM_IterableList
< HOM_StickyNote > * 
iterStickyNotes ()=0
virtual HOM_StickyNotecopyStickyNote (HOM_StickyNote &sticky_note_to_copy, const char *new_name=NULL)=0
virtual HOM_StickyNotefindStickyNote (const char *name)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_StickyNote > > 
findStickyNotes (const char *pattern)=0
virtual HOM_NodeGroupaddNodeGroup (const char *name=NULL)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_NodeGroup > > 
nodeGroups ()=0
virtual HOM_NodeGroupnodeGroup (const char *name)=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringerrors ()=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringwarnings ()=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringmessages ()=0
virtual std::string motionEffectsNetworkPath ()=0
virtual HOM_NodefindOrCreateMotionEffectsNetwork (bool create=true)=0
virtual void saveItemsToFile (const std::vector< HOM_NetworkMovableItem * > &items, const char *file_name, bool save_hda_fallbacks=false)=0
virtual void loadItemsFromFile (const char *file_name, bool ignore_load_warnings=false)=0
virtual void addOpaqueEventCallback (const std::vector< HOM_EnumValue * > &event_types, void *py_callback)=0
virtual void addOpaqueParmCallback (void *py_callback, const std::vector< std::string > &names)=0
virtual void removeOpaqueEventCallback (const std::vector< HOM_EnumValue * > &event_types, void *py_callback)=0
virtual void removeAllEventCallbacks ()=0
virtual std::vector< std::pair
< std::vector< HOM_EnumValue * >
, void * > > 
opaqueEventCallbacks ()=0
virtual double stampValue (const char *name, double default_value)=0
virtual std::string stampValue (const char *name, const char *default_value)=0
virtual void_asVoidPointer ()=0
virtual HOM_DopSimulationsimulation ()=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_Node > > 
findNodesThatProcessedObject (HOM_DopObject &dop_object)=0
virtual HOM_BinaryString _parmClipData (double start, double end, bool binary=true, bool use_blosc_compression=true, double sample_rate=0, bool scoped_only=false)=0
virtual void _setParmClipData (HOM_BinaryString data, bool binary=true, bool blosc_compressed=true, double sample_rate=0, double start=HOM_MIN_NEGATIVE_DOUBLE)=0
virtual void _saveParmClip (std::string file_name, double start, double end, double sample_rate=0, bool scoped_only=false)=0
virtual void _loadParmClip (std::string file_name, double sample_rate=0, double start=HOM_MIN_NEGATIVE_DOUBLE)=0
virtual int __creationTime ()=0
virtual int __modificationTime ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from HOM_NetworkMovableItem
 HOM_NetworkMovableItem (HOM_EnumValue &network_item_type)
 HOM_NetworkMovableItem (const HOM_NetworkMovableItem &src)
 ~HOM_NetworkMovableItem () override
virtual std::string name ()=0
virtual void setName (const char *name, bool unique_name=false)=0
virtual int digitsInName ()=0
virtual std::string path ()=0
virtual std::string relativePathTo (HOM_NetworkMovableItem &base_item)=0
virtual bool isSelected ()=0
virtual void setSelected (bool on, bool clear_all_selected=false, bool show_asset_if_selected=false)=0
virtual HOM_Color color ()=0
virtual void setColor (HOM_Color &color)=0
virtual HOM_Vector2 size ()=0
virtual HOM_Vector2 position ()=0
virtual void setPosition (const std::vector< double > &position)=0
virtual void move (const std::vector< double > &amount)=0
virtual HOM_Nodeparent ()=0
virtual HOM_NetworkBoxparentNetworkBox ()=0
virtual int64 sessionId ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from HOM_NetworkItem
 HOM_NetworkItem (HOM_EnumValue &network_item_type)
 HOM_NetworkItem (const HOM_NetworkItem &src)
virtual ~HOM_NetworkItem ()
HOM_EnumValuenetworkItemType ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file HOM_ChopNode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HOM_ChopNode::HOM_ChopNode ( )

Definition at line 27 of file HOM_ChopNode.h.

HOM_ChopNode::HOM_ChopNode ( const HOM_ChopNode chop_node)

Definition at line 30 of file HOM_ChopNode.h.

HOM_ChopNode::~HOM_ChopNode ( )

Definition at line 34 of file HOM_ChopNode.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void HOM_ChopNode::bypass ( bool  on)
pure virtual
virtual HOM_Clip* HOM_ChopNode::clip ( int  output_index = 0)
pure virtual
virtual HOM_BinaryString HOM_ChopNode::clipData ( bool  binary)
pure virtual
virtual HOM_BinaryString HOM_ChopNode::clipData ( bool  binary,
std::vector< std::string parms,
double  start = -1,
double  end = -1 
pure virtual
virtual double HOM_ChopNode::frameToSamples ( double  frame)
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_ChopNode::isAudioFlagSet ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_ChopNode::isBypassed ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_ChopNode::isCurrentFlagSet ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_ChopNode::isDisplayFlagSet ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_ChopNode::isExportFlagSet ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_ChopNode::isLocked ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_ChopNode::isUnloadFlagSet ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::pair<double, double> HOM_ChopNode::sampleRange ( )
pure virtual
virtual double HOM_ChopNode::sampleRate ( )
pure virtual
virtual double HOM_ChopNode::samplesToFrame ( double  samples)
pure virtual
virtual double HOM_ChopNode::samplesToTime ( double  samples)
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_ChopNode::saveClip ( const std::string filename)
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_ChopNode::saveClip ( const std::string filename,
std::vector< std::string parms,
double  start,
double  end 
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_ChopNode::setAudioFlag ( bool  on)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_ChopNode::setClipData ( HOM_BinaryString  source,
bool  binary,
double  offset = 0,
const char *  rename = 0 
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_ChopNode::setCurrentFlag ( bool  on)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_ChopNode::setDisplayFlag ( bool  on)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_ChopNode::setExportFlag ( bool  on)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_ChopNode::setLocked ( bool  on)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_ChopNode::setUnloadFlag ( bool  on)
pure virtual
virtual double HOM_ChopNode::timeToSamples ( double  time)
pure virtual
virtual HOM_Track* HOM_ChopNode::track ( const char *  track_name,
int  output_index = 0,
bool  cook = true 
pure virtual
virtual std::vector<HOM_ElemPtr<HOM_Track> > HOM_ChopNode::tracks ( int  output_index = 0,
bool  cook = true 
pure virtual

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