Houdini 19.5 Character Object-level characters

Make a character into a digital asset

  1. Select all character nodes in the network editor.

  2. Press RMB on empty space and choose Collapse, or press ⇧ Shift + C to put the nodes inside a subnet.

  3. Press RMB on the subnet node and choose Create Digital Asset.

  4. Choose an internal name and human-readable label for the asset. Choose the library in which to save the asset (Save to library) and the scope in which to make the asset available (Install library to) See how to create a digital asset for information on these options.

  5. Click Accept.

    Houdini automatically opens the type properties window for the asset.

  6. In the type properties window, set up the asset’s user interface by promoting parameters you want to be editable to the asset. Lock other parameters that shouldn’t change.

  7. Inside the asset, select all nodes except the character root node, and lock all Scale and Pivot parameters.

  8. Turn off the Selectable flag on all non-control nodes (such as bones).

  9. In the type properties window, turn on Hide default subnet parameters to hide the default transform tab for the asset.

Object-level characters