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1 /*
2  * Copyright 2019 Side Effects Software Inc.
3  *
4  * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
5  * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
6  * You may obtain a copy of the License at
7  *
8  * http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
9  *
10  * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
11  * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
12  * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
13  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
14  * limitations under the License.
15  *
16  */
18 #ifndef __HUSD_Utils_h__
19 #define __HUSD_Utils_h__
21 #include "HUSD_API.h"
22 #include "HUSD_DataHandle.h"
23 #include "HUSD_Path.h"
24 #include <UT/UT_Function.h>
25 #include <UT/UT_IntArray.h>
26 #include <UT/UT_Lock.h>
27 #include <UT/UT_Map.h>
28 #include <UT/UT_StringHolder.h>
30 class HUSD_PathSet;
31 class HUSD_TimeCode;
32 class UT_Options;
33 class UT_String;
35 class PRM_Parm;
36 class OP_Node;
45  // This value is only used to create the scene graph tree through
46  // HUSD_PrimHandle. It should never be used to find prims to edit.
49  // This places no limitations on which prims to return, but will not
50  // return instance proxies or prototype prims.
53  // By default, place no demands on the traversal. This will even return
54  // pure "over" primitives, which may have incomplete definitions.
56 };
58 // This enum specifies how a reference or sublayer or payload file reference
59 // is stored in the referring layer. The AUTO method stores paths specified
60 // as relative paths as relative paths, and paths specified as absolute paths
61 // as absolute paths. Paths specified as Search Paths (neither relative nor
62 // absolute) are always saved as-is.
64 {
68 };
70 // This is the order of the viewport overrides layers. Note that they are
71 // ordered strongest to weakest, so the "solo" layers override the base layer,
72 // and the "custom" layer overrides the "solo" layers.
80 };
83 // Enum values that correspond to the SdfVariability values in the USD library.
87 };
89 // Enum describing possible behaviors when layers are stripped off because of
90 // a layer break operation.
95 };
97 // Enum describing the possible time sampling levels.
98 enum class HUSD_TimeSampling {
99  NONE, // no time samples; just the default value (not time varying)
100  SINGLE, // single time sample exists (value is not really time varying)
101  MULTIPLE // more than one time sample exists (value may be time varying)
102 };
104 // Callback function to be defined in the LOP library that returns a locked
105 // stage pointer for a LOP node given an "op:" prefixed path.
108 // A list of path strings that contain instance id numbers (possibly nested).
109 // Expressed with a typedef in case we decide to make this a more efficient
110 // data structure in the future.
113 // Configures the USD library for use within Houdini. The primary purpose is to
114 // set the prefered ArResolver to be the Houdini resolver. This should be
115 // called as soon as possible after loading the HUSD library.
116 HUSD_API void
119 // Set the callback function that is used by the HUSD library to resolve a
120 // LOP node path into an HUSD_LockedStagePtr. This callback is used to help
121 // populate the GusdStageCache for a USD packed primitive with a "file" path
122 // that points to a LOP node using an "op:" style path.
123 HUSD_API void
126 // Calls the GusdStageCache::SplitLopStageIdentifier method, without having to
127 // inclde the stageCache.h header, which is not allowed in the LOP library.
128 HUSD_API bool
129 HUSDsplitLopStageIdentifier(const UT_StringRef &identifier,
130  OP_Node *&lop,
131  bool &split_layers,
132  fpreal &t,
133  UT_Options &opts);
135 /// Returns true if name is a valid identifier (ie, valid component of a path).
136 HUSD_API bool
139 // Modifies the passed in string to make sure it conforms to USD primitive
140 // naming restrictions. Illegal characters are replaced by underscores.
141 HUSD_API bool
142 HUSDmakeValidUsdName(UT_String &name, bool addwarnings);
144 // Returns the name of the node passed through the HUSDmakeValidUsdName method.
145 // This saves several lines of code every time we use this pattern.
149 // Modifies the passed in string to make sure it conforms to USD primitive
150 // naming restrictions. Illegal characters are replaced by underscores. Each
151 // path component is validated separately. The returned path will always be
152 // an absolute path, prefixing "/" to any passed in relative path.
153 HUSD_API bool
154 HUSDmakeValidUsdPath(UT_String &path, bool addwarnings);
156 // As the above function, except it has the option of allowing the passed in
157 // and returned path to be a relative path.
158 HUSD_API bool
159 HUSDmakeValidUsdPath(UT_String &path, bool addwarnings, bool allow_relative);
161 // Like the above method, but accepts "defaultPrim" as well.
162 HUSD_API bool
165 // Ensures the given primitive path is unique and does not conflict
166 // with any existing primitives on the stage given by the lock.
167 // If suffix is given, if the given path is colliding, the new path
168 // will use it along with a digit to disambiguate it.
169 // Returns true if given path had to be changed; false otherwise.
170 HUSD_API bool
172  const UT_StringRef &suffix = UT_StringRef());
174 // Returns the path of the node passed through the HUSDmakeValidUsdPath method.
175 // This saves several lines of code every time we use this pattern.
179 // Modifies the passed in string to make sure it conforms to USD property
180 // naming restrictions. This includes allowing multiple nested namespaces
181 // in the name. Illegal characters are replaced by underscores.
182 HUSD_API bool
183 HUSDmakeValidUsdPropertyName(UT_String &name, bool addwarnings);
185 // Modifies the passed in string to make sure it conforms to USD variant
186 // naming restrictions. Note that these are different from normal primitive
187 // naming conventions, as defined in SdfSchemaBase::IsValidVariantIdentifier:
188 // One or more letter, number, '_', '|', or '-', with an optional leading '.'
189 // Illegal characters are replaced by underscores.
190 HUSD_API bool
191 HUSDmakeValidVariantName(UT_String &name, bool addwarnings);
193 // Modifies the passed in string to make sure it conforms to USD primitive
194 // naming restrictions. Leading slashes are thrown away. Illegal characters
195 // are considered an error and cause this function to return false.
196 HUSD_API bool
197 HUSDmakeValidDefaultPrim(UT_String &default_prim, bool addwarnings);
199 // Returns primitive name, given the primitive path.
201 HUSDgetUsdName(const UT_StringRef &primpath);
203 // Returns primitive's parent path, given the primitive path.
205 HUSDgetUsdParentPath(const UT_StringRef &primpath);
207 // Modifies the provided path set so that if all the children of a prim are
208 // in the set, the children are removed, and the parent prim is put in the
209 // set instead. This procedure is applied recursively. This converts some
210 // parameters to USD types then calls the XUSD_Utils version of this method.
211 HUSD_API void
213  bool skip_point_instancers,
214  const HUSD_AutoAnyLock &lock,
215  HUSD_PathSet &paths);
217 // Return the primary alias for the specified USD primitive type.
219 HUSDgetPrimTypeAlias(const UT_StringRef &primtype);
221 // If layers are stripped during a flatten operation, this function handles
222 // the error creation based on the requested response. Returns true of the
223 // requested response is to generate an error, which usually means we should
224 // also stop processing.
225 HUSD_API bool
228 /// Enum of USD transform operation types.
229 /// Note, they need to correspond to UsdGeomXformOp::Type enum.
230 enum class HUSD_XformType {
231  Invalid,
232  Translate,
233  Scale,
236  Orient,
237  Transform
238 };
240 /// Enum of rotation axis.
241 enum class HUSD_XformAxis { X, Y, Z };
243 /// Enum of rotation order.
244 enum class HUSD_XformAxisOrder { XYZ, XZY, YXZ, YZX, ZXY, ZYX };
246 /// @{ Functions for obtaining transform name, suffix, and type.
248  UT_StringHolder &xform_namesuffix,
249  const UT_StringRef& xform_fullname);
253  const UT_StringRef &xform_namesuffix);
255  UT_StringHolder *xform_type = nullptr,
256  UT_StringHolder *xform_name = nullptr);
257 /// @}
259 /// @{ Manipulate collection paths and components. The individual components
260 /// must be validated (see HUSDmakeValidName and HUSDmakeValidPath) before
261 /// calling these methods.
263  const UT_StringRef &collection_name);
265  UT_StringHolder &collection_name,
266  const UT_StringRef &collection_path);
268 /// @}
270 /// @{ Create property paths from their components. The individual components
271 /// must be validated (see HUSDmakeValidName and HUSDmakeValidPath) before
272 /// calling these methods.
274  const UT_StringRef &property_name);
276  const UT_StringRef &attribute_name);
278  const UT_StringRef &relationship_name);
279 /// @}
281 /// Returns the attribute name of the given primvar
284 /// Returns the string name of the Usd Sdf type best suited for the parameter.
287 /// Returns the time code at which to author an attribute value.
289  const HUSD_TimeCode &timecode,
290  HUSD_TimeSampling time_sampling);
292 /// Returns true if there are more than one time samples.
293 HUSD_API bool HUSDisTimeVarying(HUSD_TimeSampling time_sampling);
295 /// Returns true if there is at least one time sample.
296 HUSD_API bool HUSDisTimeSampled(HUSD_TimeSampling time_sampling);
298 /// Set a parameter value from the value of a USD property.
300  const UT_StringRef &primpath,
301  const UT_StringRef &attribname,
302  const HUSD_TimeCode &tc,
303  PRM_Parm &parm,
304  HUSD_TimeSampling &timesampling);
306 /// Split the found prims into shade and geo prims.
307 /// The parms control whether materials bound to geo prims are included
308 /// in the shade prims, and if so, whether to include material's surface
309 /// shader rather than material itself, if the material has no interface
310 /// input attributes (ie, is not particularly editable).
312  const HUSD_AutoAnyLock &anylock,
313  const HUSD_PathSet &primpaths,
314  UT_StringArray &shadeprimpaths,
315  UT_StringArray &geoprimpaths,
316  bool include_bound_materials = true,
317  bool use_shader_for_mat_with_no_inputs = true);
319 /// Gets a list of primitives that are siblings or ancestors (or siblings
320 /// of ancestors) of any of the provided prims, and are also have any
321 /// of these prims as direct or indirect sources (via UsdConnectableAPI).
322 /// This method will work for materials, light filters, or any other
323 /// connectable prim type.
325  const HUSD_AutoAnyLock &anylock,
326  const UT_StringArray &modified_primpaths);
327 /// Bump metadata on a USD primitive to force a hydra update.
329  const HUSD_AutoWriteLock &writelock,
330  const UT_StringArray &bump_primpaths);
332 /// Return a lock object that should be obtained by any code that is going
333 /// to call a USD method that reloads a layer, and by any code that needs to
334 /// be protected against layers being reloaded on another thread. This exists
335 /// primarily to protect background render delegate update threads from
336 /// reload calls happening while reading from the viewport stage.
339 /// Takes the root layer of the USD file at path and searches for all
340 /// referenced asset paths in that layer, replacing them with the
341 /// return value of modifyFn. The resulting layer is saved at the path
342 /// specified by dest. If path and dest are the same, it overwrites
343 /// the file at path.
344 HUSD_API void
346  const UT_Function<UT_StringHolder(UT_StringHolder)> &modifyFn,
347  const UT_StringHolder &dest);
349 #endif
HUSD_API void HUSDgetMinimalPathsForInheritableProperty(bool skip_point_instancers, const HUSD_AutoAnyLock &lock, HUSD_PathSet &paths)
HUSD_API bool HUSDmakeValidDefaultPrim(UT_String &default_prim, bool addwarnings)
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDmakePropertyPath(const UT_StringRef &prim_path, const UT_StringRef &property_name)
HUSD_LockedStagePtr(* HUSD_LopStageResolver)(const UT_StringRef &path)
Definition: HUSD_Utils.h:106
HUSD_API void HUSDinitialize()
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDgetValidUsdPath(OP_Node &node)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisValidUsdName(const UT_StringRef &name)
Returns true if name is a valid identifier (ie, valid component of a path).
GLsizei const GLchar *const * path
Definition: glcorearb.h:3341
HUSD_API bool HUSDsetParmFromProperty(HUSD_AutoAnyLock &lock, const UT_StringRef &primpath, const UT_StringRef &attribname, const HUSD_TimeCode &tc, PRM_Parm &parm, HUSD_TimeSampling &timesampling)
Set a parameter value from the value of a USD property.
HUSD_API void HUSDsetLopStageResolver(HUSD_LopStageResolver resolver)
#define HUSD_API
Definition: HUSD_API.h:32
HUSD_API bool HUSDmakeValidUsdPropertyName(UT_String &name, bool addwarnings)
HUSD_API bool HUSDmakeValidUsdPath(UT_String &path, bool addwarnings)
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDgetUsdName(const UT_StringRef &primpath)
Definition: HUSD_Utils.h:38
Enum of rotation axis.
Definition: HUSD_Utils.h:241
Definition: HUSD_Utils.h:73
Definition: HUSD_Utils.h:84
UT_StringSet HUSD_InstanceSelection
Definition: HUSD_Utils.h:111
HUSD_API UT_Lock & HUSDgetLayerReloadLock()
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDmakeCollectionPath(const UT_StringRef &prim_path, const UT_StringRef &collection_name)
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDgetUsdParentPath(const UT_StringRef &primpath)
Definition: HUSD_Utils.h:230
HUSD_API bool HUSDmakeValidUsdName(UT_String &name, bool addwarnings)
Definition: HUSD_Utils.h:98
HUSD_API UT_StringArray HUSDgetConnectedPrimsToBumpForHydra(const HUSD_AutoAnyLock &anylock, const UT_StringArray &modified_primpaths)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisValidCollectionPath(const UT_StringRef &path)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisXformAttribute(const UT_StringRef &attr, UT_StringHolder *xform_type=nullptr, UT_StringHolder *xform_name=nullptr)
Functions for obtaining transform name, suffix, and type.
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDmakeRelationshipPath(const UT_StringRef &prim_path, const UT_StringRef &relationship_name)
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDgetXformSuffix(const UT_StringRef &xform_fullname)
Functions for obtaining transform name, suffix, and type.
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetXformTypeAndSuffix(HUSD_XformType &xform_type, UT_StringHolder &xform_namesuffix, const UT_StringRef &xform_fullname)
Functions for obtaining transform name, suffix, and type.
HUSD_API bool HUSDsplitCollectionPath(UT_StringHolder &prim_path, UT_StringHolder &collection_name, const UT_StringRef &collection_path)
Definition: HUSD_Utils.h:91
HUSD_API HUSD_TimeCode HUSDgetEffectiveTimeCode(const HUSD_TimeCode &timecode, HUSD_TimeSampling time_sampling)
Returns the time code at which to author an attribute value.
HUSD_API bool HUSDisTimeVarying(HUSD_TimeSampling time_sampling)
Returns true if there are more than one time samples.
GLuint const GLchar * name
Definition: glcorearb.h:786
std::function< T > UT_Function
Definition: UT_Function.h:37
HUSD_API bool HUSDmakeValidUsdPathOrDefaultPrim(UT_String &path, bool addwarnings)
HUSD_API bool HUSDpartitionShadePrims(const HUSD_AutoAnyLock &anylock, const HUSD_PathSet &primpaths, UT_StringArray &shadeprimpaths, UT_StringArray &geoprimpaths, bool include_bound_materials=true, bool use_shader_for_mat_with_no_inputs=true)
GLdouble t
Definition: glad.h:2397
A map of string to various well defined value types.
Definition: UT_Options.h:84
HUSD_API bool HUSDmakeValidVariantName(UT_String &name, bool addwarnings)
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDmakeAttributePath(const UT_StringRef &prim_path, const UT_StringRef &attribute_name)
HUSD_API bool HUSDsplitLopStageIdentifier(const UT_StringRef &identifier, OP_Node *&lop, bool &split_layers, fpreal &t, UT_Options &opts)
fpreal64 fpreal
Definition: SYS_Types.h:277
UT_SharedPtr< HUSD_LockedStage > HUSD_LockedStagePtr
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDgetXformName(HUSD_XformType xform_type, const UT_StringRef &xform_namesuffix)
Functions for obtaining transform name, suffix, and type.
Enum of rotation order.
Definition: HUSD_Utils.h:244
HUSD_API void HUSDmodifyAssetPaths(const UT_StringHolder &path, const UT_Function< UT_StringHolder(UT_StringHolder)> &modifyFn, const UT_StringHolder &dest)
Definition: HUSD_Utils.h:63
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDgetPrimvarAttribName(const UT_StringRef &primvar)
Returns the attribute name of the given primvar.
HUSD_API bool HUSDapplyStripLayerResponse(HUSD_StripLayerResponse response)
HUSD_API HUSD_XformType HUSDgetXformType(const UT_StringRef &xform_fullname)
Functions for obtaining transform name, suffix, and type.
HUSD_API bool HUSDisTimeSampled(HUSD_TimeSampling time_sampling)
Returns true if there is at least one time sample.
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDgetPrimTypeAlias(const UT_StringRef &primtype)
HUSD_API bool HUSDmakeUniqueUsdPath(UT_String &path, const HUSD_AutoAnyLock &lock, const UT_StringRef &suffix=UT_StringRef())
HUSD_API bool HUSDbumpPrimsForHydra(const HUSD_AutoWriteLock &writelock, const UT_StringArray &bump_primpaths)
Bump metadata on a USD primitive to force a hydra update.
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDgetValidUsdName(OP_Node &node)
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDgetAttribTypeName(const PI_EditScriptedParm &p)
Returns the string name of the Usd Sdf type best suited for the parameter.