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GD_PrimPoly Class Reference

#include <GD_PrimPoly.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for GD_PrimPoly:

Public Member Functions

 GD_PrimPoly (GD_Detail *d, GA_Offset offset=GA_INVALID_OFFSET)
 ~GD_PrimPoly () override
int64 getMemoryUsage () const override
 Report memory usage. More...
void countMemory (UT_MemoryCounter &counter) const override
const GA_PrimitiveJSONgetJSON () const override
const GA_PrimitiveDefinitiongetTypeDef () const override
unsigned getOrder () const override
int evaluate (float u, UT_Vector3 &pos, unsigned du=0, int uOffset=-1) const override
bool evaluate (GA_Offset vtx, GA_AttributeRefMap &h, fpreal u, uint du=0, int uoffset=-1) const override
GD_TrimLooptrimLoop (float ustart, float ustop) const override
int breakCount () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from GD_Face
 GD_Face (GD_Detail *d, GA_Offset offset=GA_INVALID_OFFSET)
virtual ~GD_Face ()
int getBBox (UT_BoundingBox *bbox) const override
void addToBSphere (UT_BoundingSphere *bsphere) const override
void getBRect (UT_BoundingRect *brect) const override
UT_Vector3 computeNormal () const override
UT_Vector3 baryCenter () const override
bool saveH9 (std::ostream &os, bool binary, const UT_Array< GA_AttribSaveDataH9 > &prim_attribs, const UT_Array< GA_AttribSaveDataH9 > &vtx_attribs) const override
bool loadH9 (UT_IStream &is, const UT_Array< GA_AttribLoadDataH9 > &prim_attribs, const UT_Array< GA_AttribLoadDataH9 > &vtx_attribs) override
virtual void clearForDeletion ()
GD_Primitivecopy (int preserve_shared_pts=0) const override
int copy (const GD_Primitive &src, int ptindexdiff) override
virtual void addPointRefToGroup (GA_PointGroup &grp) const
bool isDegenerate () const override
 Is the primitive degenerate. More...
void setSize (GA_Size sz)
int detachPoints (GA_PointGroup &grp) override
virtual int removeRepeatedVertices (int check_order=0)
virtual GA_Size insertVertex (GA_Offset ptoff=GA_INVALID_OFFSET, GA_Size where=0)
virtual GA_Size appendVertex (GA_Offset ptoff=GA_INVALID_OFFSET)
virtual int deleteVertex (GA_Size i)
virtual GA_Size getVertexCount () const
virtual GA_Offset getVertexOffset (GA_Size index) const
UT_Vector2 getPos2 (GA_Size index) const
GA_Size findPoint (GA_Offset ptoff) const
void setVertexPoint (GA_Size i, GA_Offset ptoff)
GA_Offset vertexPoint (unsigned int i) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool isClosed () const
virtual void close (int rounded=1, int preserveShape=0)
virtual void open (int preserveShape=0, int safe=0)
int isClockwise () const
int isVisible () const override
int visibleBaryCenter (float &uctr, float &vctr) const override
void sampleEnds (int n)
virtual bool vertexApply (bool(*apply)(GA_Offset vtx, void *), void *data=0) const
virtual int cycle (int amount, int=1)
void reverse () override
virtual void validInterval (int &a, int &b) const
void validRange (fpreal64 &ua, fpreal64 &ub) const
void validRange (fpreal32 &ua, fpreal32 &ub) const
int visibleRange (fpreal64 &ua, fpreal64 &ub, fpreal64 tol=1E-4) const
int visibleRange (fpreal32 &ua, fpreal32 &ub, fpreal32 tol=1E-4F) const
virtual bool evaluateBreakSegm (int ustartidx, int ustopidx, int lod, UT_Vector3Array &pos, unsigned du=0) const
int intersectDomain (UT_Array< GD_TrimHitInfo > &hitlist, float tol=1E-4F) const
int getPoints (int numdivs, UT_Vector3Array &domain, int usebreak)
virtual void weights (unsigned short)
virtual GA_BasisgetFaceBasis ()
virtual const GA_BasisgetFaceBasis () const
virtual bool jsonLoadBasis (UT_JSONParser &p)
virtual bool jsonSaveBasis (UT_JSONWriter &w) const
virtual bool jsonLoadBasis (UT_JSONParser &p, const UT_JSONValue &v)
virtual bool jsonSaveBasis (UT_JSONValue &v) const
bool saveVertexArray (UT_JSONWriter &p, const GA_SaveMap &map) const
bool loadVertexArray (UT_JSONParser &p, const GA_LoadMap &map)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GD_Primitive
 GD_Primitive (GD_Detail *d, GA_Offset offset=GA_INVALID_OFFSET)
virtual int evaluatePoint (UT_Vector3 &pos, float u, unsigned du=0) const
GA_PrimCompat::TypeMask getPrimitiveId () const override
GD_DetailgetParent () const
virtual void transform (const UT_Matrix3 &)
bool isDegenerate () const override
 Is the primitive degenerate. More...
void reverse () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from GA_Primitive
virtual ~GA_Primitive ()
const char * getTypeName () const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE GA_DetailgetDetail () const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE GA_Offset getMapOffset () const
 Gets the offset of this primitive in the detail containing it. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE GA_Index getMapIndex () const
 Gets the index of this primitive in the detail containing it. More...
getIndexMap () const
 Gets the index map for primitives in the detail containing this primitive. More...
GA_Index getNum () const
void swapOffsetValue (const GA_Defragment &defrag)
 For defragmentation, we need to update the offset. More...
bool isPrimary () const
getTypeId () const
GA_PrimitiveFamilyMask getFamilyMask () const
bool isFamily (unsigned family_mask) const
bool hasLocalTransform () const
 Whether the primitive has a transform associated with it. More...
virtual void getLocalTransform (UT_Matrix3D &matrix) const
virtual void getLocalTransform4 (UT_Matrix4D &matrix) const
virtual void setLocalTransform (const UT_Matrix3D &matrix)
 Set the local transform. The default implementation does nothing. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE GA_Size getVertexCount () const
 Return the number of vertices used by this primitive. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE GA_Offset getVertexOffset (GA_Size primvertexnum) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE GA_Index getVertexIndex (GA_Size primvertexnum) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE GA_Offset getPointOffset (GA_Size i) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void setPointOffset (GA_Size i, GA_Offset ptoff)
SYS_FORCE_INLINE GA_Index getPointIndex (GA_Size i) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE UT_Vector3 getPos3 (GA_Size i) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE UT_Vector3D getPos3D (GA_Size i) const
template<typename T >
UT_Vector3T< TgetPos3T (GA_Size i) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void setPos3 (GA_Size i, const UT_Vector3 &pos) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void setPos3 (GA_Size i, const UT_Vector3D &pos) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE UT_Vector4 getPos4 (GA_Size i) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE UT_Vector4D getPos4D (GA_Size i) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void setPos4 (GA_Size i, const UT_Vector4 &pos) const
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void setPos4 (GA_Size i, const UT_Vector4D &pos) const
GA_Range getVertexRange (bool harden=false) const
 Get a range of all the vertices accessed by the primitive. More...
GA_Range getPointRange (bool harden=false) const
bool isPointUsed (GA_Offset ptoff) const
void addPointRefToGroup (GA_PointGroup &grp) const
virtual bool hasEdge (const GA_Edge &edge) const
 Method to determine if a primitive has an edge (undirected). More...
void edgeApply (GA_EdgeApplyFunc apply, void *data=nullptr) const
void edgeApplyIndex (GA_EdgeApplyIndexFunc apply, void *data=nullptr) const
virtual void iterateEdges (GA_IterateEdgesFunc apply_func) const
virtual void iterateEdgesByVertex (GA_IterateEdgesByVertexFunc apply_func) const
bool findEdgePoints (GA_Offset ptoff0, GA_Offset ptoff1, GA_Size &vtx0, GA_Size &vtx1) const
virtual bool enlargeVisibleBoundingBox (UT_BoundingBox &b, const GA_Attribute *P) const
virtual bool enlargeBoundingSphere (UT_BoundingSphere &b, const GA_Attribute *P) const
virtual void enlargePointBounds (UT_BoundingBox &box) const
void copyUnwiredForMerge (const GA_Primitive *src, const GA_MergeMap &map)
virtual void copySubclassData (const GA_Primitive *source)
virtual bool saveSharedLoadData (UT_JSONWriter &w, GA_SaveMap &save, GA_GeometryIndex *geo_index) const
virtual bool registerSharedLoadData (int load_data_type, GA_SharedDataHandlePtr item)
const GA_IntrinsicManagergetIntrinsicManager () const
virtual void getAdjacentBoundaryVertices (GA_Offset vtx, GA_Offset &prev_vtx, GA_Offset &next_vtx) const
virtual bool supportsHedge () const
virtual GA_Offset releaseVertex (GA_Offset vtx)
virtual unsigned getNumSecondaryDetails () const
 A primitive may support any number of secondary details. More...
virtual const GA_DetailgetSecondaryDetail (GA_Index i) const
virtual GA_DetailgetSecondaryDetail (GA_Index i)
GA_Index getNumSecondary (GA_Index detail) const
const GA_PrimitivegetSecondaryByIndex (GA_Index detail, GA_Index i) const
GA_PrimitivegetSecondaryByIndex (GA_Index detail, GA_Index i)
const GA_PrimitivegetSecondaryByOffset (GA_Index detail, GA_Offset o) const
GA_PrimitivegetSecondaryByOffset (GA_Index detail, GA_Offset o)
SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool isVertexListTrivial () const
bool isPointListTrivial () const
template<typename FUNCTOR >
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void forEachVertex (FUNCTOR &&functor) const
template<typename FUNCTOR >
SYS_FORCE_INLINE void forEachPoint (FUNCTOR &&functor) const
bool vertexApply (bool(*apply)(GA_Offset vtx, void *), void *data=nullptr) const
virtual void stashed (bool beingstashed, GA_Offset offset=GA_INVALID_OFFSET)
virtual void flushCEWriteCaches ()
 Copy any modified caches from the GPU back to CPU cache. More...
virtual void flushCECaches ()
virtual void stealCEBuffers (const GA_Primitive *src)
 Steal the underlying CE buffer from the source. More...
virtual bool enlargeBoundingBox (UT_BoundingRect &b, const GA_Attribute *P) const
virtual bool enlargeBoundingBox (UT_BoundingBox &b, const GA_Attribute *P) const
GA_LocalIntrinsic findIntrinsic (const UT_StringRef &nm) const
GA_LocalIntrinsic findIntrinsic (GA_GlobalIntrinsic h) const
GA_GlobalIntrinsic findGlobalIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h) const
const char * getIntrinsicName (GA_LocalIntrinsic h) const
GA_Size getIntrinsicTupleSize (GA_LocalIntrinsic h) const
GA_StorageClass getIntrinsicStorage (GA_LocalIntrinsic h) const
bool getIntrinsicReadOnly (GA_LocalIntrinsic h) const
const UT_OptionsgetIntrinsicOptions (GA_LocalIntrinsic h) const
GA_Size getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_String &val) const
GA_Size getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_StringArray &val) const
GA_Size getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_OptionsHolder &val) const
GA_Size getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Array< UT_OptionsHolder > &val) const
GA_Size getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, int64 *v, GA_Size size) const
GA_Size getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, fpreal64 *v, GA_Size sz) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, float &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, int &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Vector2 &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Vector3 &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Vector4 &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Matrix2 &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Matrix3 &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Matrix4 &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, double &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, int64 &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Vector2D &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Vector3D &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Vector4D &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Matrix2D &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Matrix3D &v) const
bool getIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, UT_Matrix4D &v) const
GA_Size setIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, const char *value)
GA_Size setIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, const UT_StringArray &value)
GA_Size setIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, const char **val, GA_Size s)
GA_Size setIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, const UT_OptionsHolder &value)
GA_Size setIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, const UT_Array< UT_OptionsHolder > &value)
GA_Size setIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, const UT_OptionsHolder *value, GA_Size s)
GA_Size setIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, const int64 val)
GA_Size setIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, const fpreal64 val)
GA_Size setIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, const int64 *val, GA_Size sz)
GA_Size setIntrinsic (GA_LocalIntrinsic h, const fpreal64 *v, GA_Size sz)
virtual fpreal calcVolume (const UT_Vector3 &refpt) const
virtual fpreal calcArea () const
virtual fpreal calcPerimeter () const

Static Public Member Functions

static GD_PrimPolybuild (GD_Detail *d, int npts, int closed=0, int appendPts=1)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GA_Primitive
primCompatMaskFromTypeId (int type_id)

Protected Member Functions

bool savePrivateH9 (std::ostream &, bool binary) const override
bool loadPrivateH9 (UT_IStream &) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GD_Face
GA_DereferenceStatus dereferencePoint (GA_Offset point, bool dry_run=false) override
GA_DereferenceStatus dereferencePoints (const GA_RangeMemberQuery &pt_q, bool dry_run=false) override
virtual bool validate () const
int multipleInsert (unsigned int where, unsigned int count, unsigned int appendPoints=1)
virtual void swapVertexOffsets (const GA_Defragment &defrag)
 Defragmentation. More...
virtual int64 getBaseMemoryUsage () const
 Report approximate memory usage for myVertexList (exclusive) More...
virtual void countBaseMemory (UT_MemoryCounter &counter) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GA_Primitive
SYS_FORCE_INLINE GA_Primitive (GA_Detail &detail, GA_Offset offset=GA_INVALID_OFFSET)
void setNumVertices (GA_Size nvertices)
GA_Offset allocateVertex (GA_Offset point=GA_INVALID_OFFSET)
 allocateVertex() will call wireVertex() if the point given is not -1 More...
void destroyVertex (GA_Offset vertex)
void wireVertex (GA_Offset vertex, GA_Offset point)
void registerVertex (GA_Offset vertex)
SYS_FORCE_INLINE int64 getBaseMemoryUsage () const
 Report approximate memory usage for myVertexList for subclasses. More...
void countBaseMemory (UT_MemoryCounter &counter) const
void copyVertexListForMerge (const GA_OffsetListRef &src_vertices, const GA_MergeMap &map)

Static Protected Member Functions

registerIntrinsics (GA_PrimitiveDefinition &definition)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from GD_Face
registerIntrinsics (GA_PrimitiveDefinition &definition)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from GD_Primitive
registerIntrinsics (GA_PrimitiveDefinition &definition)


class GD_PrimitiveFactory
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const GD_PrimPoly &d)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from GA_Primitive
- Static Public Attributes inherited from GD_Primitive
static const UT_Array
< GA_AttribSaveDataH9 > & 
 Convience objects to pass as arguments to saveH9()/loadH9(). More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from GA_Primitive
GA_OffsetList myVertexList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file GD_PrimPoly.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GD_PrimPoly::GD_PrimPoly ( GD_Detail d,
GA_Offset  offset = GA_INVALID_OFFSET 

Definition at line 26 of file GD_PrimPoly.h.

GD_PrimPoly::~GD_PrimPoly ( )

Definition at line 29 of file GD_PrimPoly.h.

Member Function Documentation

int GD_PrimPoly::breakCount ( ) const

Implements GD_Face.

static GD_PrimPoly* GD_PrimPoly::build ( GD_Detail d,
int  npts,
int  closed = 0,
int  appendPts = 1 
void GD_PrimPoly::countMemory ( UT_MemoryCounter counter) const

Count memory usage using a UT_MemoryCounter in order to count shared memory correctly. NOTE: This should always include sizeof(*this).

Reimplemented from GA_Primitive.

int GD_PrimPoly::evaluate ( float  u,
UT_Vector3 pos,
unsigned  du = 0,
int  uOffset = -1 
) const

Implements GD_Face.

bool GD_PrimPoly::evaluate ( GA_Offset  vtx,
GA_AttributeRefMap h,
fpreal  u,
uint  du = 0,
int  uoffset = -1 
) const

Evaluate the face at the given u position, storing the result in the vertex given by vtx.

vtx- Vertex to store evaluated result
h- Handle of attributes to evaluate
u- Parametric evaluation position
du- Derivative
uoffset- Basis offset

Implements GD_Face.

const GA_PrimitiveJSON* GD_PrimPoly::getJSON ( ) const

This method returns the JSON interface for saving/loading the primitive If the method returns a NULL pointer, then the primitive will not be saved to geometry files (and thus cannot be loaded).

Implements GA_Primitive.

int64 GD_PrimPoly::getMemoryUsage ( ) const

Report memory usage.

Reimplemented from GA_Primitive.

unsigned GD_PrimPoly::getOrder ( ) const

Implements GD_Face.

const GA_PrimitiveDefinition& GD_PrimPoly::getTypeDef ( ) const

Implements GA_Primitive.

bool GD_PrimPoly::loadPrivateH9 ( UT_IStream )

Implements GD_Face.

static GA_IntrinsicManager::Registrar GD_PrimPoly::registerIntrinsics ( GA_PrimitiveDefinition definition)

All subclasses should call this method to register the poly intrinsics.

See Also

Definition at line 69 of file GD_PrimPoly.h.

bool GD_PrimPoly::savePrivateH9 ( std::ostream &  ,
bool  binary 
) const

Implements GD_Face.

GD_TrimLoop* GD_PrimPoly::trimLoop ( float  ustart,
float  ustop 
) const

Implements GD_Face.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class GD_PrimitiveFactory

Definition at line 88 of file GD_PrimPoly.h.

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const GD_PrimPoly d 

Definition at line 80 of file GD_PrimPoly.h.

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