Houdini 20.0 Reference Panes

Asset Browser

Allows you to manage assets you have downloaded from the asset store.

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The Asset Browser pane allows you to manage the assets you have downloaded from Orbolt.

How to

To...Do this

Load an asset into the scene

Drag the asset from the Asset Pane into the 3D Viewport.

Show the full asset information

Double-click the asset.

Add a new folder

Click .

Delete a folder

Select the folder you want to delete and click .

Move asset into another folder

Hold LMB on the asset and drag over the name of a folder. Make sure the name of the folder is highlighted before dropping.


You can click to open the Asset Browser Preferences and decrease the Icon Size to make dragging and dropping easier.

Search for an asset

Type the name of the asset in the Search field.


You can click to show or hide results.

Sort your assets

Choose from one of the sorting options in the menu.

Change pane preferences

Click to open the Asset Browser Preferences window.

Synchronize with asset store account

Click .

Update assets

The orange number button in the lower left corner indicates if there are any assets that have updates. Click the button to update assets. You can view the asset change logs and update assets individually.

Open the asset store in a browser window.

Click the Orbolt button.


You can drag an asset from the asset browser pane to the shelf to a create a tool.