The tree view shows a hierarchical list of all nodes in the scene. This view does not show how nodes are connected (like the network editor , but gives you quick access to them by name.

There are several ways to access the tree view:

To...Do this

Filter the display

  • Click one of the icons at the top of the pane to limit the display to a certain type of node.

    If a node that should be visible is inside a subnet, the parents of the node will be visible, even if they would otherwise be filtered out.

  • Hold ⇧ Shift and click to turn on more than one icon at a time.

  • Click the icon again to go back to showing all nodes.

Show a menu of commands for a node

  • Press RMB on the node’s name in the tree.

Show information about a node

  • Press MMB on the node’s name in the tree.

Automatically go into container nodes when you click them

  • By default, selecting a node view will select the node in any linked Network panes. If you turn on the Auto-Dive button, selecting the operator will instead display the node’s contents in any linked Network panes.