Houdini 19.5 Reference Panes

Geometry Spreadsheet pane

Points/Vertices/Primitives/Detail Attributes

Choose whether to view/edit point, vertex, primitive or detail attributes.

View / Only Show Selected

View all or only selected geometry.

View / Full Precision

Display all the digits of floating point numbers. This is off by default as would makes the spreadsheet columns too wide.

View / Typed Dictionaries

Display the types of dictionary elements. This is off by default as it makes dictionaries a lot more verbose to inspect.

View / Attributes

Show or hide all attributes or switch between existing attributes.


Show or hide primitive intrinsics.

Geo Select Button

For both SOP and POP viewing, a Geo-Selection button is provided. Clicking the right mouse ( RMB) brings up a menu where the Selection Rule can be specified (just like the Selection Rules in the regular viewers' Select state). This menu also includes a checkbox labeled Auto. To use it, select regions in the spreadsheet the usual way (dragging the mouse to create a rectangular region). Only the rows are relevant to the geometry selection because they represent the points/primitives. If Auto is enabled, the geometry selection will be transferred immediately after you release the mouse button for the rectangular region. (The points/primitives are added/removed/toggled/replaced depending on the Selection Rule). If Auto is not enabled, you have to press the Geo Selection button with the left mouse ( LMB) button to apply the selection.

Viewing POPnets

When viewing a POP network in the spreadsheet, the path will always only display “/popnet1” or whatever the name of the POPNET node is. Basically, you're viewing the POPNET, and implicitly you're seeing the output of the cook POP. The browser won’t allow you to select a specific POP node to view.

POP Reset Button

(Only available when viewing a POP spreadsheet) Jump to the first frame of the range.