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XUSD_Utils.h File Reference
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class  XUSD_StageFactory
class  XUSD_SavePathInfo


typedef UT_Map< std::string,
typedef UT_Map< std::string,




SYS_VISIBILITY_EXPORT void newStageFactory (UT_Array< XUSD_StageFactory * > *factories)
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetNodePath (int nodeid, UT_StringHolder &nodepath)
HUSD_API std::string HUSDgetTag (const XUSD_DataLockPtr &datalock)
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetDataIdToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetSavePathToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetOverrideSavePathToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetSavePathIsTimeDependentToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetSaveControlToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetCreatorNodeToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetEditorNodesToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetSoloLightPathsToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetSoloGeometryPathsToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetTreatAsSopLayerToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetVolumeFilePathsToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetMaterialIdToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetHasAutoPreviewShaderToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetIsAutoCreatedShaderToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetPreviewTagsToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetPreviewDefaultValueKeyPathToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetPrimEditorNodesToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTokenHUSDgetSourceNodeToken ()
HUSD_API const TfTypeHUSDfindType (const UT_StringRef &type_name)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisDerivedType (const UsdPrim &prim, const TfType &base_type)
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDgetSpecifier (const UsdPrim &prim)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisPrimEditable (const UsdPrim &prim)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisPrimSelectable (const UsdPrim &prim, UT_Map< HUSD_Path, bool > *cache=nullptr)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisPrimHiddenInUi (const UsdPrim &prim)
HUSD_API SdfPath HUSDgetSdfPath (const UT_StringRef &path)
HUSD_API SdfPathVector HUSDgetSdfPaths (const UT_StringArray &paths)
HUSD_API const SdfPathHUSDgetHoudiniLayerInfoSdfPath ()
HUSD_API const SdfPathHUSDgetHoudiniFreeCameraSdfPath ()
HUSD_API UsdTimeCode HUSDgetUsdTimeCode (const HUSD_TimeCode &timecode)
HUSD_API UsdTimeCode HUSDgetCurrentUsdTimeCode ()
HUSD_API UsdTimeCode HUSDgetNonDefaultUsdTimeCode (const HUSD_TimeCode &timecode)
HUSD_API UsdTimeCode HUSDgetEffectiveUsdTimeCode (const HUSD_TimeCode &timecode, const UsdAttribute &attr)
HUSD_API HUSD_TimeCode HUSDgetEffectiveTimeCode (const HUSD_TimeCode &timecode, const UsdAttribute &attr)
HUSD_API SdfLayerOffset HUSDgetSdfLayerOffset (const HUSD_LayerOffset &layeroffset)
HUSD_API HUSD_LayerOffset HUSDgetLayerOffset (const SdfLayerOffset &layeroffset)
HUSD_API Usd_PrimFlagsPredicate HUSDgetUsdPrimPredicate (HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands demands)
HUSD_API UsdListPosition HUSDgetUsdListPosition (const UT_StringRef &editopstr)
HUSD_API UsdStagePopulationMask HUSDgetUsdStagePopulationMask (const HUSD_LoadMasks &load_masks)
HUSD_API SdfVariability HUSDgetSdfVariability (HUSD_Variability variability)
HUSD_API SdfSpecifier HUSDgetSdfSpecifier (const UT_StringRef &specifier, bool *valid=nullptr)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisSopLayer (const std::string &identifier)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisSopLayer (const SdfLayerHandle &layer)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisLopLayer (const std::string &identifier)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisLopLayer (const SdfLayerHandle &layer)
HUSD_API bool HUSDshouldSaveLayerToDisk (const SdfLayerHandle &layer)
HUSD_API std::string HUSDgetLayerSaveLocation (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, bool *using_node_path=nullptr)
HUSD_API SdfPrimSpecHandle HUSDgetLayerInfoPrim (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, bool create)
HUSD_API void HUSDsetSavePath (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, const UT_StringRef &savepath, bool savepath_is_time_dependent, const UT_StringRef &overrides_savepath=UT_StringRef())
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetSavePath (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, std::string &savepath)
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetOverrideSavePath (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, std::string &savepath)
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetSavePathIsTimeDependent (const SdfLayerHandle &layer)
HUSD_API void HUSDaddVolumeLockedGeos (XUSD_Data &outdata, const SdfLayerRefPtr &layer)
HUSD_API void HUSDsetSaveControl (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, const UT_StringRef &savecontrol)
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetSaveControl (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, std::string &savecontrol)
HUSD_API void HUSDsetCreatorNode (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, int node_id)
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetCreatorNode (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, std::string &nodepath)
HUSD_API void HUSDsetSourceNode (const UsdPrim &prim, int node_id)
HUSD_API void HUSDclearEditorNodes (const SdfLayerHandle &layer)
HUSD_API void HUSDaddEditorNode (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, int node_id)
HUSD_API void HUSDsetSoloLightPaths (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, const HUSD_PathSet &paths)
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetSoloLightPaths (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, HUSD_PathSet &paths)
HUSD_API void HUSDsetSoloGeometryPaths (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, const HUSD_PathSet &paths)
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetSoloGeometryPaths (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, HUSD_PathSet &paths)
HUSD_API void HUSDsetTreatAsSopLayer (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, bool treatassoplayer)
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetTreatAsSopLayer (const SdfLayerHandle &layer)
HUSD_API void HUSDaddPrimEditorNodeId (const UsdPrim &prim, int node_id)
HUSD_API void HUSDaddPrimEditorNodeId (const SdfPrimSpecHandle &prim, int node_id)
HUSD_API void HUSDclearPrimEditorNodeIds (const UsdPrim &prim)
HUSD_API void HUSDclearPrimEditorNodeIds (const SdfPrimSpecHandle &prim)
HUSD_API void HUSDbumpPropertiesForHydra (const UsdAttributeVector &attrs)
HUSD_API void HUSDclearDataId (const UsdAttribute &attr)
HUSD_API TfToken HUSDgetParentKind (const TfToken &kind)
HUSD_API bool HUSDprimAndAllExistingAncestorsActive (const UsdStageWeakPtr &stage, const SdfPath &path)
HUSD_API SdfPrimSpecHandle HUSDcreatePrimInLayer (const UsdStageWeakPtr &stage, const SdfLayerHandle &layer, const SdfPath &path, const TfToken &kind, SdfSpecifier specifier, SdfSpecifier parent_prims_specifier, const std::string &parent_prims_type)
HUSD_API bool HUSDcopySpec (const SdfLayerHandle &srclayer, const SdfPath &srcpath, const SdfLayerHandle &destlayer, const SdfPath &destath, const SdfPath &srcroot=SdfPath(), const SdfPath &destroot=SdfPath(), const fpreal frameoffset=0.0, const fpreal frameratescale=1.0, const bool copying_into_variant=false)
HUSD_API void HUSDmodifyAssetPaths (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, const UsdUtilsModifyAssetPathFn &modifyFn)
HUSD_API bool HUSDupdateExternalReferences (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, const std::map< std::string, std::string > &pathmap)
HUSD_API void HUSDaddExternalReferencesToLayerMap (const SdfLayerRefPtr &layer, XUSD_IdentifierToLayerMap &layermap, bool recursive, bool include_placeholders=false)
HUSD_API void HUSDstitchLayers (const SdfLayerHandle &strongLayer, const SdfLayerHandle &weakLayer)
HUSD_API bool HUSDaddStageTimeSample (const UsdStageWeakPtr &src, const UsdStageRefPtr &dest, const UsdTimeCode &timecode, XUSD_LayerArray &held_layers, bool force_notifiable_file_format, bool set_layer_override_save_paths, XUSD_ExistenceTracker *existence_tracker)
HUSD_API const std::stringHUSDgetStageRootLayerIdentifier ()
HUSD_API UsdStageRefPtr HUSDcreateStageInMemory (UsdStage::InitialLoadSet load, const UsdStageWeakPtr &context_stage=UsdStageWeakPtr(), int resolver_context_nodeid=OP_INVALID_ITEM_ID, const ArResolverContext *resolver_context=nullptr)
HUSD_API UsdStageRefPtr HUSDcreateStageInMemory (const HUSD_LoadMasks *load_masks, const UsdStageWeakPtr &context_stage=UsdStageWeakPtr(), int resolver_context_nodeid=OP_INVALID_ITEM_ID, const ArResolverContext *resolver_context=nullptr)
HUSD_API UsdStageRefPtr HUSDcreateStageFromRootLayer (const SdfLayerRefPtr &rootlayer, const HUSD_LoadMasks *load_masks, const UsdStageWeakPtr &context_stage)
HUSD_API void HUSDcopyMinimalRootPrimMetadata (const SdfLayerRefPtr &layer, const UsdStageWeakPtr &stage)
HUSD_API SdfLayerRefPtr HUSDcreateAnonymousLayer (const UsdStageWeakPtr &context_stage=UsdStageWeakPtr(), const std::string &tag=std::string())
HUSD_API SdfLayerRefPtr HUSDcreateAnonymousCopy (SdfLayerRefPtr srclayer, const std::string &tag=std::string())
HUSD_API SdfLayerRefPtr HUSDflattenLayerPartitions (const UsdStageWeakPtr &stage, int flatten_flags, SdfLayerRefPtrVector &explicit_layers)
HUSD_API SdfLayerRefPtr HUSDflattenLayers (const UsdStageWeakPtr &stage)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisLayerEmpty (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, const UsdStageRefPtr &compare_stage_root_prim=UsdStageRefPtr(), bool ignore_sublayers=false)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisLayerPlaceholder (const SdfLayerHandle &layer)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisLayerPlaceholder (const std::string &identifier)
HUSD_API SdfPath HUSDgetBestRefPrimPath (const UT_StringRef &reffilepath, const SdfFileFormat::FileFormatArguments &args, const UT_StringRef &refprimpath, UsdStageRefPtr &stage)
HUSD_API void HUSDclearBestRefPathCache (const std::string &layeridentifier=std::string())
HUSD_API HUSD_TimeSampling HUSDgetValueTimeSampling (const UsdAttribute &attrib)
HUSD_API HUSD_TimeSampling HUSDgetValueTimeSampling (const UsdGeomPrimvar &pvar)
HUSD_API HUSD_TimeSampling HUSDgetLocalTransformTimeSampling (const UsdPrim &pr)
HUSD_API HUSD_TimeSampling HUSDgetWorldTransformTimeSampling (const UsdPrim &pr)
HUSD_API void HUSDupdateTimeSampling (HUSD_TimeSampling &sampling, HUSD_TimeSampling new_sampling)
HUSD_API void HUSDupdateValueTimeSampling (HUSD_TimeSampling &sampling, const UsdAttribute &attrib)
HUSD_API void HUSDupdateValueTimeSampling (HUSD_TimeSampling &sampling, const UsdGeomPrimvar &primvar)
HUSD_API void HUSDupdateLocalTransformTimeSampling (HUSD_TimeSampling &sampling, const UsdPrim &prim)
HUSD_API void HUSDupdateWorldTransformTimeSampling (HUSD_TimeSampling &sampling, const UsdPrim &prim)
HUSD_API bool HUSDvalueMightBeTimeVarying (const UsdAttribute &attrib)
HUSD_API bool HUSDlocalTransformMightBeTimeVarying (const UsdPrim &prim)
HUSD_API VtValue HUSDoptionToVtValue (const UT_OptionEntry *option)
HUSD_API void HUSDgetMinimalPathsForInheritableProperty (bool skip_point_instancers, const UsdStageRefPtr &stage, XUSD_PathSet &paths)
HUSD_API void HUSDgetMinimalMostNestedPathsForInheritableProperty (const UsdStageRefPtr &stage, XUSD_PathSet &paths)
HUSD_API void HUSDgenerateUniqueTransformOpSuffix (UT_StringHolder &suffix, const UsdGeomXformable &xformable, UsdGeomXformOp::Type type=UsdGeomXformOp::TypeTransform, bool test_base_xform=false)
HUSD_API void HUSDconvertToFileFormatArguments (const UT_StringMap< UT_StringHolder > &ut_args, SdfFileFormat::FileFormatArguments &sdf_args)
HUSD_API bool HUSDbboxMightBeTimeVarying (const UsdPrim &prim, SdfPathSet *invariantprims)

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HUSD_API void HUSDaddEditorNode ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
int  node_id 
HUSD_API void HUSDaddExternalReferencesToLayerMap ( const SdfLayerRefPtr layer,
XUSD_IdentifierToLayerMap layermap,
bool  recursive,
bool  include_placeholders = false 
HUSD_API void HUSDaddPrimEditorNodeId ( const UsdPrim prim,
int  node_id 
HUSD_API void HUSDaddPrimEditorNodeId ( const SdfPrimSpecHandle &  prim,
int  node_id 
HUSD_API bool HUSDaddStageTimeSample ( const UsdStageWeakPtr src,
const UsdStageRefPtr &  dest,
const UsdTimeCode timecode,
XUSD_LayerArray held_layers,
bool  force_notifiable_file_format,
bool  set_layer_override_save_paths,
XUSD_ExistenceTracker existence_tracker 
HUSD_API void HUSDaddVolumeLockedGeos ( XUSD_Data outdata,
const SdfLayerRefPtr layer 
HUSD_API bool HUSDbboxMightBeTimeVarying ( const UsdPrim prim,
SdfPathSet invariantprims 
HUSD_API void HUSDbumpPropertiesForHydra ( const UsdAttributeVector attrs)
HUSD_API void HUSDclearBestRefPathCache ( const std::string layeridentifier = std::string())
HUSD_API void HUSDclearDataId ( const UsdAttribute attr)
HUSD_API void HUSDclearEditorNodes ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer)
HUSD_API void HUSDclearPrimEditorNodeIds ( const UsdPrim prim)
HUSD_API void HUSDclearPrimEditorNodeIds ( const SdfPrimSpecHandle &  prim)
HUSD_API void HUSDconvertToFileFormatArguments ( const UT_StringMap< UT_StringHolder > &  ut_args,
SdfFileFormat::FileFormatArguments sdf_args 
HUSD_API void HUSDcopyMinimalRootPrimMetadata ( const SdfLayerRefPtr layer,
const UsdStageWeakPtr stage 
HUSD_API bool HUSDcopySpec ( const SdfLayerHandle &  srclayer,
const SdfPath srcpath,
const SdfLayerHandle &  destlayer,
const SdfPath destath,
const SdfPath srcroot = SdfPath(),
const SdfPath destroot = SdfPath(),
const fpreal  frameoffset = 0.0,
const fpreal  frameratescale = 1.0,
const bool  copying_into_variant = false 
HUSD_API SdfLayerRefPtr HUSDcreateAnonymousCopy ( SdfLayerRefPtr  srclayer,
const std::string tag = std::string() 
HUSD_API SdfLayerRefPtr HUSDcreateAnonymousLayer ( const UsdStageWeakPtr context_stage = UsdStageWeakPtr(),
const std::string tag = std::string() 
HUSD_API SdfPrimSpecHandle HUSDcreatePrimInLayer ( const UsdStageWeakPtr stage,
const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
const SdfPath path,
const TfToken kind,
SdfSpecifier  specifier,
SdfSpecifier  parent_prims_specifier,
const std::string parent_prims_type 
HUSD_API UsdStageRefPtr HUSDcreateStageFromRootLayer ( const SdfLayerRefPtr rootlayer,
const HUSD_LoadMasks load_masks,
const UsdStageWeakPtr context_stage 
HUSD_API UsdStageRefPtr HUSDcreateStageInMemory ( UsdStage::InitialLoadSet  load,
const UsdStageWeakPtr context_stage = UsdStageWeakPtr(),
int  resolver_context_nodeid = OP_INVALID_ITEM_ID,
const ArResolverContext resolver_context = nullptr 
HUSD_API UsdStageRefPtr HUSDcreateStageInMemory ( const HUSD_LoadMasks load_masks,
const UsdStageWeakPtr context_stage = UsdStageWeakPtr(),
int  resolver_context_nodeid = OP_INVALID_ITEM_ID,
const ArResolverContext resolver_context = nullptr 
HUSD_API const TfType& HUSDfindType ( const UT_StringRef type_name)
HUSD_API SdfLayerRefPtr HUSDflattenLayerPartitions ( const UsdStageWeakPtr stage,
int  flatten_flags,
SdfLayerRefPtrVector explicit_layers 
HUSD_API SdfLayerRefPtr HUSDflattenLayers ( const UsdStageWeakPtr stage)
HUSD_API void HUSDgenerateUniqueTransformOpSuffix ( UT_StringHolder suffix,
const UsdGeomXformable xformable,
UsdGeomXformOp::Type  type = UsdGeomXformOp::TypeTransform,
bool  test_base_xform = false 
HUSD_API SdfPath HUSDgetBestRefPrimPath ( const UT_StringRef reffilepath,
const SdfFileFormat::FileFormatArguments args,
const UT_StringRef refprimpath,
UsdStageRefPtr &  stage 
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetCreatorNode ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
std::string nodepath 
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetCreatorNodeToken ( )
HUSD_API UsdTimeCode HUSDgetCurrentUsdTimeCode ( )
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetDataIdToken ( )
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetEditorNodesToken ( )
HUSD_API HUSD_TimeCode HUSDgetEffectiveTimeCode ( const HUSD_TimeCode timecode,
const UsdAttribute attr 
HUSD_API UsdTimeCode HUSDgetEffectiveUsdTimeCode ( const HUSD_TimeCode timecode,
const UsdAttribute attr 
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetHasAutoPreviewShaderToken ( )
HUSD_API const SdfPath& HUSDgetHoudiniFreeCameraSdfPath ( )
HUSD_API const SdfPath& HUSDgetHoudiniLayerInfoSdfPath ( )
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetIsAutoCreatedShaderToken ( )
HUSD_API SdfPrimSpecHandle HUSDgetLayerInfoPrim ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
bool  create 
HUSD_API HUSD_LayerOffset HUSDgetLayerOffset ( const SdfLayerOffset layeroffset)
HUSD_API std::string HUSDgetLayerSaveLocation ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
bool *  using_node_path = nullptr 
HUSD_API HUSD_TimeSampling HUSDgetLocalTransformTimeSampling ( const UsdPrim pr)
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetMaterialIdToken ( )
HUSD_API void HUSDgetMinimalMostNestedPathsForInheritableProperty ( const UsdStageRefPtr &  stage,
XUSD_PathSet paths 
HUSD_API void HUSDgetMinimalPathsForInheritableProperty ( bool  skip_point_instancers,
const UsdStageRefPtr &  stage,
XUSD_PathSet paths 
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetNodePath ( int  nodeid,
UT_StringHolder nodepath 
HUSD_API UsdTimeCode HUSDgetNonDefaultUsdTimeCode ( const HUSD_TimeCode timecode)
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetOverrideSavePath ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
std::string savepath 
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetOverrideSavePathToken ( )
HUSD_API TfToken HUSDgetParentKind ( const TfToken kind)
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetPreviewDefaultValueKeyPathToken ( )
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetPreviewTagsToken ( )
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetPrimEditorNodesToken ( )
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetSaveControl ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
std::string savecontrol 
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetSaveControlToken ( )
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetSavePath ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
std::string savepath 
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetSavePathIsTimeDependent ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer)
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetSavePathIsTimeDependentToken ( )
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetSavePathToken ( )
HUSD_API SdfLayerOffset HUSDgetSdfLayerOffset ( const HUSD_LayerOffset layeroffset)
HUSD_API SdfPath HUSDgetSdfPath ( const UT_StringRef path)
HUSD_API SdfPathVector HUSDgetSdfPaths ( const UT_StringArray paths)
HUSD_API SdfSpecifier HUSDgetSdfSpecifier ( const UT_StringRef specifier,
bool *  valid = nullptr 
HUSD_API SdfVariability HUSDgetSdfVariability ( HUSD_Variability  variability)
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetSoloGeometryPaths ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
HUSD_PathSet paths 
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetSoloGeometryPathsToken ( )
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetSoloLightPaths ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
HUSD_PathSet paths 
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetSoloLightPathsToken ( )
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetSourceNodeToken ( )
HUSD_API UT_StringHolder HUSDgetSpecifier ( const UsdPrim prim)
HUSD_API const std::string& HUSDgetStageRootLayerIdentifier ( )
HUSD_API std::string HUSDgetTag ( const XUSD_DataLockPtr datalock)
HUSD_API bool HUSDgetTreatAsSopLayer ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer)
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetTreatAsSopLayerToken ( )
HUSD_API UsdListPosition HUSDgetUsdListPosition ( const UT_StringRef editopstr)
HUSD_API Usd_PrimFlagsPredicate HUSDgetUsdPrimPredicate ( HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands  demands)
HUSD_API UsdStagePopulationMask HUSDgetUsdStagePopulationMask ( const HUSD_LoadMasks load_masks)
HUSD_API UsdTimeCode HUSDgetUsdTimeCode ( const HUSD_TimeCode timecode)
HUSD_API HUSD_TimeSampling HUSDgetValueTimeSampling ( const UsdAttribute attrib)
HUSD_API HUSD_TimeSampling HUSDgetValueTimeSampling ( const UsdGeomPrimvar pvar)
HUSD_API const TfToken& HUSDgetVolumeFilePathsToken ( )
HUSD_API HUSD_TimeSampling HUSDgetWorldTransformTimeSampling ( const UsdPrim pr)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisDerivedType ( const UsdPrim prim,
const TfType base_type 
HUSD_API bool HUSDisLayerEmpty ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
const UsdStageRefPtr &  compare_stage_root_prim = UsdStageRefPtr(),
bool  ignore_sublayers = false 
HUSD_API bool HUSDisLayerPlaceholder ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisLayerPlaceholder ( const std::string identifier)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisLopLayer ( const std::string identifier)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisLopLayer ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisPrimEditable ( const UsdPrim prim)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisPrimHiddenInUi ( const UsdPrim prim)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisPrimSelectable ( const UsdPrim prim,
UT_Map< HUSD_Path, bool > *  cache = nullptr 
HUSD_API bool HUSDisSopLayer ( const std::string identifier)
HUSD_API bool HUSDisSopLayer ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer)
HUSD_API bool HUSDlocalTransformMightBeTimeVarying ( const UsdPrim prim)
HUSD_API void HUSDmodifyAssetPaths ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
const UsdUtilsModifyAssetPathFn modifyFn 
HUSD_API VtValue HUSDoptionToVtValue ( const UT_OptionEntry option)
HUSD_API bool HUSDprimAndAllExistingAncestorsActive ( const UsdStageWeakPtr stage,
const SdfPath path 
HUSD_API void HUSDsetCreatorNode ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
int  node_id 
HUSD_API void HUSDsetSaveControl ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
const UT_StringRef savecontrol 
HUSD_API void HUSDsetSavePath ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
const UT_StringRef savepath,
bool  savepath_is_time_dependent,
const UT_StringRef overrides_savepath = UT_StringRef() 
HUSD_API void HUSDsetSoloGeometryPaths ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
const HUSD_PathSet paths 
HUSD_API void HUSDsetSoloLightPaths ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
const HUSD_PathSet paths 
HUSD_API void HUSDsetSourceNode ( const UsdPrim prim,
int  node_id 
HUSD_API void HUSDsetTreatAsSopLayer ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
bool  treatassoplayer 
HUSD_API bool HUSDshouldSaveLayerToDisk ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer)
HUSD_API void HUSDstitchLayers ( const SdfLayerHandle &  strongLayer,
const SdfLayerHandle &  weakLayer 
HUSD_API bool HUSDupdateExternalReferences ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
const std::map< std::string, std::string > &  pathmap 
HUSD_API void HUSDupdateLocalTransformTimeSampling ( HUSD_TimeSampling sampling,
const UsdPrim prim 
HUSD_API void HUSDupdateTimeSampling ( HUSD_TimeSampling sampling,
HUSD_TimeSampling  new_sampling 
HUSD_API void HUSDupdateValueTimeSampling ( HUSD_TimeSampling sampling,
const UsdAttribute attrib 
HUSD_API void HUSDupdateValueTimeSampling ( HUSD_TimeSampling sampling,
const UsdGeomPrimvar primvar 
HUSD_API void HUSDupdateWorldTransformTimeSampling ( HUSD_TimeSampling sampling,
const UsdPrim prim 
HUSD_API bool HUSDvalueMightBeTimeVarying ( const UsdAttribute attrib)
SYS_VISIBILITY_EXPORT void newStageFactory ( UT_Array< XUSD_StageFactory * > *  factories)