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What’s new Viewport, user interface, and scripting

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OpenGL viewer

  • Display of uniform fog, volumetric fog.

  • You can now resize viewports within viewers by dragging the dividers between them. You can even resize multiple viewports at once by dragging an intersection.

  • 10× faster high-quality lighting of large scenes with many lights.

  • Default zoom on background image.

  • Improved support for OpenColorIO (OCIO).

  • The OpenGL render node now uses 64-bit precision. This prevents vertex warping on geometry very far from the origin.

  • More accurate color correction.

  • DDS 8-bit image importing.

  • OCIO view synchronization with MPlay.

  • Improved MPlay display of two-channel images.

  • MPlay now sets images to the OpenColorIO Scene-Linear colorspace by default (instead of “unknown”).

  • The OpenGL scene view now supports depth of field and Bokeh in all lighting modes. Turn Camera depth of field on in the display options and look through a camera to see depth of field in the scene view.

  • The OpenGL view now supports volumetric light and shadow effects through a view-only volume attached to the frustum of the camera.

  • When you lock the viewer to a camera, the view menu now has a red background (in addition to the lock icon on the right side) to give more noticeable feedback that changing the view will move/rotate the camera.

  • The OpenGL view now displays lighting and shadows through volume objects.

  • Hidden Line Invisible shading mode no longer obscures the background image.

  • The GlTF ROP no longer writes string attributes not supported by the glTF specification. Fixed a crash when exporting vertex attributes that need to be promoted in some geometry.

User interface

  • Wire nodes together quickly in the network editor by holding J and drawing over them.

  • You can now move the cursor right using the ⇥ Tab key in spreadsheets.

  • To resize brushes in the viewport, hold ⌃ Ctrl + ⇧ Shift and drag with LMB.

Python scripting

  • You can now build custom handles using Python. The current API is very low-level. Future versions of Houdini will have higher-level APIs to make it easier to create your own custom handles.

  • New Drawable Python API for drawing guides/UI in the viewer.

  • “Gadget” Drawable can draw line, face, and point guides in the viewer.

  • States can now find primitives/points under the mouse much more efficiently than doing a ray intersection.

  • Production-ready support for Python 3.7.

  • You can now create dynamic radial menus where the contents of the menu are generated by a script.

  • You can now assign custom radial menus to hotkeys in the network editor. The network editor now includes a default navigation radial menu bound to the N key.

New expression functions

New VEX functions

What’s new in Houdini 18.5