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Hybrid rig


  • Phase 1 of the new, comprehensive KineFX rigging framework for animation.

    • New foundation for procedural SOP rigging, retargeting, and more.

    • New procedural retargeting toolset.

      Retargeting animation. Character model courtesy of Christophe Desse.
    • New SOP joint hierarchies (skeletons) made of regular SOP points and edge geometry.

    • Full-access to the entire SOP arsenal of nodes for rigging and motion editing.

  • Physics-based full body IK solver with control over center-of-mass with the new Full Body IK SOP node, and additional configuration capabilities with the new Configure Joints SOP and Configure Full Body IK Targets SOP.

  • New Adapt to Terrain SOP node for conforming whole characters to smooth and irregular terrain surfaces.

  • New Stabilize Joint SOP node for stabilizing joints and removing jitter.

  • New non-destructive motion editing with MotionClips.

    Motion sequencing
  • Updated capture layer painting capabilities.

  • Collision-detection is now available for SOP rigs and characters.

    Collision detection. Character model courtesy of Christophe Desse.
  • New specialized Character Rig Tree View pane for visualizing and editing hierarchies.

  • Updated Pose Library pane now supports the capture and application of SOP poses.

  • New extensive I/O (input/output) capabilities for motion capture, FBX, and agents.

  • New Dynamic Warp CHOP brings motion warping capabilities to CHOPS.


Auto Rigs

Redesigned Autorigs pane with new HDA-based creation workflow.

What’s new in Houdini 18.5