Houdini 19.0 VEX VEX Functions json_dumps

json_dumps VEX function

Converts a VEX dictionary into a JSON string.

Since 18.5

string  json_dumps(dict d, int flags)

Converts the dictionary into a JSON-compatible string. Because JSON is not typed, but VEX dictionaries are, there are two formats to convert to. The fully-typed format has each dictionary value correspond to a map with a “type” and “value” explicitly provided, allowing full round tripping. The compact format omits this, which means when converting back guesses have to be performed, so things like vectors will become float arrays.

The possible flag values are:


Fully typed JSON on a single line.


Fully typed JSON on multiple lines.


Compact typeless JSON on a single line.


Compact typeless JSON on multiple lines.

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