Houdini 19.0 VEX VEX Functions clip

clip VEX function

Clip the line segment between p0 and p1.

void  clip(int &result, vector &p0, vector &p1, vector4 plane)

clip the line segment against an arbitrary 3D plane specified by the plane equation (plane.x*x + plane.y*y + plane.z*z + plane.w).

void  clip(int &result, vector &p0, vector &p1, vector min, vector max)

clip the line segment to the bounding box specified by the min and max corner points.

clip the line segment between p0 and p1.

If the line is entirely clipped out of the result will be set to 0. otherwise, the values p0 and p1 will be clipped to the constraints specified and the result will be 1.