Houdini 19.0 VEX VEX Functions agentclipstarttime

agentclipstarttime VEX function

Returns the start time (in seconds) of an agent’s animation clip.

Since 18.0

float  agentclipstarttime(<geometry>geometry, int prim, string clipname)

Returns 0 if prim is out of range or is not an agent primitive, or if clipname is not one of the agent’s animation clips.


When running in the context of a node (such as a wrangle SOP), this argument can be an integer representing the input number (starting at 0) to read the geometry from.

Alternatively, the argument can be a string specifying a geometry file (for example, a .bgeo) to read from. When running inside Houdini, this can be an op:/path/to/sop reference.


The primitive number.


The name of the animation clip.

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