Houdini 19.0 VEX VEX Functions replace_match

replace_match VEX function

Replaces the matched string pattern with another pattern.

string  replace_match(string str, string pattern_from, string pattern_to)

If the string matches pattern_from, it is replaced with pattern_to with the matching wildcards substituted in.

The pattern can use wildcards such as str* or str?, similar to the match function. The wildcards may also be referred to with an index (e.g. (2)) to allow reordering.


// Returns "carol is my name";
string s = replace_match("bob is my name", "bob*", "carol*");

// Returns "a-b";
s = replace_match("a_to_b", "*_to_*", "*-*");

// Swaps the matched wildcards, returning "b_to_a";
s = replace_match("a_to_b", "*_to_*", "*(1)_to_*(0)");
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