Houdini 19.0 VEX VEX Functions agentaddclip

agentaddclip VEX function

Add a clip into an agent’s definition.

int  agentaddclip(int geohandle, int prim, string clipname, string clippath, int keepref)

This function adds a .clip or .bclip file saved from a CHOP (or generated by an Agent ROP) to the definition of the given agent primitive. Clips in an agent definition contains transform animation for driving the agent’s skeleton.

The channels within the clip should of the form transform_name:channel_name where _transform_name_ is a string matching the values returned by agenttransformnames and _channel_name_ is one of tx, ty, tz, rx, ry, rz, sx, sy, or sz. The channels starting with t denote translation, r denote rotation, and s denote scale. The resulting transforms will be treated as local transforms, such as those returned by agentlocaltransform (ie. they are relative to the corresponding parent transform in the agent’s skeleton).


A handle to the geometry to write to. Currently the only valid value is 0 or geoself, which means the current geometry in a node. (This argument may be used in the future to allow writing to other geometries.)


The primitive number of the agent primitive whose definition is to be modified.


The name to identify the clip. All clips in an agent definition must have unique names.


The filename of the .clip or .bclip file saved from a CHOP or generated by the Agent ROP. Use op:full_path_to_chop to directly refer to a CHOP in the scene.


When clippath refers to a filename on disk, this boolean flag indicates whether the external reference should be maintained when the geometry will be saved. If the reference is maintained, then the original source of the clip needs to be available when the saved geometry is used. Otherwise, a copy of the clip will be inlined when saving out the geometry so that the original clip is no longer needed.

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