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tools Directory Reference
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file  Activate.h [code]
 Implementation of topological activation/deactivation.
file  ChangeBackground.h [code]
 Efficient multi-threaded replacement of the background values in tree.
file  Clip.h [code]
 Functions to clip a grid against a bounding box, a camera frustum, or another grid's active voxel topology.
file  Composite.h [code]
 Functions to efficiently perform various compositing operations on grids.
file  Count.h [code]
 Functions to count tiles, nodes or voxels in a grid.
file  Dense.h [code]
 This file defines a simple dense grid and efficient converters to and from VDB grids.
file  DenseSparseTools.h [code]
file  Diagnostics.h [code]
 Various diagnostic tools to identify potential issues with for example narrow-band level sets or fog volumes.
file  FastSweeping.h [code]
 Defined the six functions {fog,sdf}To{Sdf,Ext,SdfAndExt} in addition to the two functions maskSdf and dilateSdf. Sdf denotes a signed-distance field (i.e. negative values are inside), fog is a scalar fog volume (i.e. higher values are inside), and Ext is a field (of arbitrary type) that is extended off the iso-surface. All these functions are implemented with the methods in the class named FastSweeping.
file  Filter.h [code]
 Filtering of VDB volumes. All operations can optionally be masked with another grid that acts as an alpha-mask. By default, filtering operations do not modify the topology of the input tree and thus do not process active tiles. However Filter::setProcessTiles can be used to process active tiles, densifying them on demand when necessary.
file  FindActiveValues.h [code]
 Finds the active values and tiles in a tree that intersects a bounding box. Methods are provided that count the number of active values and tiles, test for the existence of active values and tiles, and return a list of the active tiles that intersect a bbox.
file  GridOperators.h [code]
 Apply an operator to an input grid to produce an output grid with the same active voxel topology but a potentially different value type.
file  GridTransformer.h [code]
file  Interpolation.h [code]
file  LevelSetAdvect.h [code]
 Hyperbolic advection of narrow-band level sets.
file  LevelSetFilter.h [code]
 Performs various types of level set deformations with interface tracking. These unrestricted deformations include surface smoothing (e.g., Laplacian flow), filtering (e.g., mean value) and morphological operations (e.g., morphological opening). All these operations can optionally be masked with another grid that acts as an alpha-mask.
file  LevelSetFracture.h [code]
 Divide volumes represented by level set grids into multiple, disjoint pieces by intersecting them with one or more "cutter" volumes, also represented by level sets.
file  LevelSetMeasure.h [code]
file  LevelSetMorph.h [code]
 Shape morphology of level sets. Morphing from a source narrow-band level sets to a target narrow-band level set.
file  LevelSetPlatonic.h [code]
 Generate a narrow-band level sets of the five platonic solids.
file  LevelSetRebuild.h [code]
file  LevelSetSphere.h [code]
 Generate a narrow-band level set of sphere.
file  LevelSetTracker.h [code]
 Performs multi-threaded interface tracking of narrow band level sets. This is the building-block for most level set computations that involve dynamic topology, e.g. advection.
file  LevelSetUtil.h [code]
 Miscellaneous utility methods that operate primarily or exclusively on level set grids.
file  Mask.h [code]
 Construct boolean mask grids from grids of arbitrary type.
file  Merge.h [code]
 Functions to efficiently merge grids.
file  MeshToVolume.h [code]
 Convert polygonal meshes that consist of quads and/or triangles into signed or unsigned distance field volumes.
file  Morphology.h [code]
 Implementation of morphological dilation and erosion.
file  MultiResGrid.h [code]
 Multi-resolution grid that contains LoD sequences of trees with powers of two refinements.
file  NodeVisitor.h [code]
 Implementation of a depth-first node visitor.
file  ParticleAtlas.h [code]
 Space-partitioning acceleration structure for particles, points with radius. Partitions particle indices into voxels to accelerate range and nearest neighbor searches.
file  ParticlesToLevelSet.h [code]
 Rasterize particles with position, radius and velocity into either a boolean mask grid or a narrow-band level set grid.
file  PointAdvect.h [code]
 Class PointAdvect advects points (with position) in a static velocity field.
file  PointIndexGrid.h [code]
 Space-partitioning acceleration structure for points. Partitions the points into voxels to accelerate range and nearest neighbor searches.
file  PointPartitioner.h [code]
 Spatially partitions points using a parallel radix-based sorting algorithm.
file  PointScatter.h [code]
 We offer three different algorithms (each in its own class) for scattering of points in active voxels:
file  PointsToMask.h [code]
 This tool produces a grid where every voxel that contains a point is active. It employs thread-local storage for best performance.
file  PoissonSolver.h [code]
 Solve Poisson's equation ∇2x = b for x, where b is a vector comprising the values of all of the active voxels in a grid.
file  PotentialFlow.h [code]
 Tools for creating potential flow fields through solving Laplace's equation.
file  Prune.h [code]
 Defined various multi-threaded utility functions for trees.
file  RayIntersector.h [code]
 Accelerated intersection of a ray with a narrow-band level set or a generic (e.g. density) volume. This will of course be useful for respectively surface and volume rendering.
file  RayTracer.h [code]
 Defines two simple but multithreaded renders, a level-set ray tracer and a volume render. To support these renders we also define perspective and orthographic cameras (both designed to mimic a Houdini camera), a Film class and some rather naive shaders.
file  SignedFloodFill.h [code]
 Propagate the signs of distance values from the active voxels in the narrow band to the inactive values outside the narrow band.
file  Statistics.h [code]
 Functions to efficiently compute histograms, extrema (min/max) and statistics (mean, variance, etc.) of grid values.
file  TopologyToLevelSet.h [code]
 This tool generates a narrow-band signed distance field / level set from the interface between active and inactive voxels in a vdb grid.
file  ValueTransformer.h [code]
file  VectorTransformer.h [code]
file  VelocityFields.h [code]
 Defines two simple wrapper classes for advection velocity fields as well as VelocitySampler and VelocityIntegrator.
file  VolumeAdvect.h [code]
 Sparse hyperbolic advection of volumes, e.g. a density or velocity (vs a level set interface).
file  VolumeToMesh.h [code]
 Extract polygonal surfaces from scalar volumes.
file  VolumeToSpheres.h [code]
 Fill a closed level set or fog volume with adaptively-sized spheres.